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10 Smartest Animals in the World Ant species Insects and Animal

10 Smartest Animals in the World Ant species Insects and Animal



Photo: A leaf-cutter ant carrying leaf


With 250,000 brain cells in its tiny head, the ant is believed to be the smartest insect.

macro shot of two ants

10 Most Intelligent Animals

Ants talk by smell

30 Best Award Winning Wildlife Photography examples around the world | Read full article: ...

WEIRD and AWESOME Ant Species ! Epic Wildlife

10. Ants. Smartest Animal Breeds

Myrmarachne Assimilis is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Top 10 Most

10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World. 10. Ant. Advertisements

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Bulldog ant

Employees differ in dimension from 4 to 8 millimeters long. They have one node and also can be found in a selection of shades including black, brown, ...

super creatures

Animals. Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals

Portia labiata

Workers are 2.2 to 3 millimeters long with one node. They are black-brown with very long legs and antennae. These types of ants are non-discriminatory ...


Some #Ant Species Act As Paramedics During Battles

Red Ants on tree

10 Smartest Animals in the World

10. Some ants make their own antibiotics.

10 Intelligent Creatures That Are Evolving To The Modern World

Myrmarachne melanotarsa

Ants are known for their social and organized behavior. Their intelligence is best described as strategic and methodical. Territorial nature of ants is ...

Ant species cultivates coffee for accommodation

ant macro

Big Forest Ant

Australian Ant...The ant fauna of Australia is especially large and diverse.


Red Ant And The Egg

The 3 Smartest Insects in the World #bees #ants #termites

closeup of an ant

ants · Small AnimalsCute AnimalsAntsAnimal ...

A few species of ant are pirates that enslave other ants

Big Forest Ant

Antzilla - Ep. 5

who is the smartest one 10 pictures 10

Male worker carpenter ant from below

5.) They're very aggressive.

Bulldog Ant, one of the 10 deadlist creatures on earth, evolving from wasps.

The Smartest Ants In The World

The Smartest Animals on the Planet: Extraordinary Tales of the Natural World's Cleverest Creatures: Sally Boysen, Deborah Custance: 9781554074563: ...

Carpenter ant Tanzania crop.jpg

How Small Is an Ant's Brain Compared to an Elephant's Brain? | Wonderopolis

More info: wikipedia

One record belongs to the common American field ant, which can bear up to 5,000

Are Ants Intelligent?

Amazing Insect Mimics

People-and-Animals - Archive 2012 - Animal of Interest - Fire Ant

A fish-hook ant spotted in Cambodia in 2007: These ants live in large

Argentine ants. “

Ants look just like termites, and the two are commonly perplexed– specifically by anxious home owners. Nevertheless, ants have a narrow “waist” between the ...

Ants are very smart creatures and when it time for war with colonies they exhibit their bright sides. They have spies, skirmishers, and will even put their ...

Asian needle ant

Argentine ants

Bullet Ants


amazing animal foto : new species of blind, subterranean, predatory ant, Martialis heureka

Spiders are among the smallest creatures to possess a proportionately high level of intelligence. Especially the White-Mustached Portia spiders.

Although these ants could live within, they obtain their name because they make their nests in or under cracks in pavement. They are commonly found in the ...

Odorous house Ants

A Polyergus breviceps queen with a Formica argentea slave (Credit: Visuals Unlimited/NPL

Ants nurse wounded warriors back to health: Study, World News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

Matabele ant

These sorts of ants rate high as architectural bugs. As a result of such huge selection, their physical description could be wide.

mosquito. “

Ants tearing their prey apart on the ground.


The titan beetle can be the size of a human hand.

Most DANGEROUS Bugs Around The World!


(A pillage ant, the newly-discovered species of slave-making ant. Photo: Bernhard Seifert)

ant facts

10 Animals That Continue To Live After Their Heads Are Cut Off

Ants Have Designated Toilet Areas in Their Nests | Smart News | Smithsonian

James Waters and his students amassed more than 2,000 specimens on the Providence College campus,

apps for farmers. Humans aren't the only intelligent creatures on Earth.

Zoologger: The world's smartest insect. By Michael Marshall. Which way? Species: Bombus terrestris

ant lifting insect leg