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1st Cavalry

105th Cavalry Regiment crest

Members of Troop C, 1st Squadron, 105th Cavalry Regiment, block the path of

A Soldier from 1st Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment in a Stryker Combat Vehicle takes part

105th Cavalry Spur Ride, Sgt Joseph Bures

Headquarters Troop, 1-105th Cavalry stands in formation behind the unit's colors at the

1st Squadron, 108th Cavalry Regiment

ARMY 1st Squadron 105th Aviation Cavalry MILITARY PATCH Comanche Troop VELCRO

105th Cavalry Regiment - Image: 105Cavalry Regt COA

KHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan – U.S. Army Lt. Col. Thomas T. Sutton,

U.S. paratroopers, assigned to 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade,

Bravo Troop's Senior Leaders

105th Cavalry Spur Ride

A U.S. Army officer from the 82nd Airborne Division in March 2009.


Capt. Karl Hanson unfurls Bravo Troop's guidon as the Watertown-based soldiers took over


112th cavalry regiment

We can't see it but it's there in the air. Just enough to make one shiver. A not entirely unpleasant aroma of oiled leather and horse sweat.

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73rd Cavalry Regiment Patch United States Army 73rd Cavalry Regiment military patch Insignia - "HONOR

Spc. Chase Gorse, a scout rifleman with Troop C, 1st Battalion, 105th

105th Cavalry Regiment Unit Crest (Out in Front)

that we can't smell, but we see it behind the horses, sweetening the green grass.

1st Squadron 105th Aviation Cavalry Regiment Desert Patch

Circa 1970s US Army C Troop 1st Squadron 17th Air Cavalry Regiment Patch

Cavalry scouts with Troop C, 1st Squadron, 105th Cavalry, 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat

32nd Cavalry Regiment Unit Crest (Victory or Death)

U.S. Army Spc. Bruce Holmes of A Troop, 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment

192nd Cavalry Regiment Patch

113th Cavalry Regiment Unit Crest (We Maintain)

108th Armored Cavalry Regiment Patch - Version A

Pvt. Philip Trier, a scout rifleman with Troop C, 1st Battalion, 105th

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106th Cavalry Regiment Patch

US Army - Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division Embroidered Patch -

3RD ACR US Army Cavalry Regiment Headhunter Longknife MFO 59 RARE Challenge Coin

11th Cavalry DI

US Army 1st Squadron 113th Air Cavalry Color Patch

John M. Morgan, the commanding officer of Ft. Brown. An 1893 graduate of West Point, Morgan served in both infantry and cavalry units, ...

104th Cavalry Regiment. 104CavalryRegtCOA.jpg

8th Cavalry Regiment Patch

105th Military Police Battalion Patch

105th cav

Adding to this unseen stew of odors, there's a manly musk of wool jodhpurs and felt hats. And since soldiers will be soldiers

107th Armored Cavalry Regiment Patch

US Army HHT 1st Squadron 7th Cavalry Regiment Patch

Wetzl is a signals intelligence specialist deployed with Bulldog Troop, 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment. Photo by Staff Sgt. Andrew Smith.

110th cav

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Air Cavalry US Army Vietnam 312th Military Inteligence Battalion 1st Air Cavalry

U.S. Army Soldiers of Bravo Troop, Regimental Support Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment provide security

All red brown or are some blacks? Note also that one of the four clarinet players holds a smaller high E-flat clarinet, which despite its size, ...

73rd Cavalry Regiment Unit Crest (Honor, Fidelity, Courage)

has an instrument that is technically more military than musical. Just to the left of his horse's head we can see the hilt of his cavalry saber.

15th Cavalry Regiment

New York Army National Guard Maj. Todd Balog is on duty in the Afghanistan war


Soldiers salute their fallen brothers in arms -CavHooah.com

3rd Armored Division Unit Crest (Spearhead)

US Army F Troop 1st Squadron 7th Cavalry Regiment BANDITS Patch

Eau Claire WI Leader 2 August 1923

U.S. Army 1st. Sgt. Patrick Lockett of Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 4th Squadron

308th Cavalry Regiment Patch

Cavalry insertion

5th Cavalry

US Army HHT 1st Squadron 7th CAVALRY Regiment Patch

U.S. Army soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division mine-sweeping near a Baghdad highway in October 2009.


U.S. Army 7th Cavalry Regiment Unit Crest (Garry Owen)

116th Cavalry Regiment Patch

Regiments[edit]. 105th Cavalry ...

1st Cavalry Challenge Coin Ft Hood Texas TX United States Army US Fort First Cav

U.S. Soldiers with 2nd Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment receive a lesson on German driving law

Challenge Coin US Army 1st Cavalry Division Military Police First Team LARGE

... 170603-O-QS269-277 ...

106th Cavalry Group. 106CavalryRegtCOA.jpg

BUFFALO, NY--Marchers from the Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 2nd Squadron,

PATCH - US 5th INFANTRY Regiment 1st CAVALRY Division patch

Sgt. 1st Class Tyson Regier, assigned to 1st Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment ,

Distinctive Unit Insignia

Second Lt. Bryce Edwards, Spc. Gabriel Holley, and Spc. Branden Precord

BEAUTIFUL 1st Cavalry Division First Team Fort Hood Texas US Army Challenge Coin

SHARP OIF XI 1st Cavalry 101st Airborne 25th Infantry USACAPOC US Challenge Coin

US Army 6th Cavalry Brigade - Distinctive Unit Insignia / Crest Pin

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Christian Staszkow, Recruiting Retention Battalion cavalry scout and recruiting

US ARMY - 3rd CAVALRY REGIMENT / BRAVE RIFLES 1996 150 years Challenge Coin

ARMY 1st Squadron 7th Air Cavalry Aviation Attack Regiment Echo Troop Military Patch BOUNTY HUNTER

People join the #NationalGuard for different reasons. Whatever your motivation is, you're becoming a part of something great. Start your journey: h…

U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Christopher Valverde (right), a paratrooper with 1st Squadron

278th Cavalry Regiment Patch