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10K in Z Nation Favourite TV Shows t TVs and Movie

10K in Z Nation Favourite TV Shows t TVs and Movie


in Z Nation. Find this Pin and more on Favourite TV Shows ...

ZNation: 10k and Doc. This is a surprisingly fun and entertaining zombie apocalypse TV

Z Nation on

10K from Z Nation

Cuando encuentras a alguien que está preparado para el apocalipsis zombie.

10k is an adorable, naive baby.

Who did this, The is horrible, The others are true -Z NATION

nat zang aka z nation!

Nat Zang - Z Nation - awesome and getting awesomer

The television vulture is watching the Z Nation TV show on Syfy: canceled or season

Movie tv · Nat Zang as 10K in Z Nation.

'Z Nation: Murphy's Miracle' -- Courtesy of Syfy. '

Z Nation

"Z Nation" Recap: Episode "Full Metal Zombie". Find this Pin and more on Favorite T.V. Shows ...

No Mercy is supposedly a season premier but it seems to exist for no other reason that to introduce a new antagonist - The Man. It is set up as a flashback ...

Photo: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z 4/Syfy

If you're going to begin the fourth season of your post-apocalyptic zombie show with a title card reading, “Two years later...things have gotten worse,” ...

Season 2

Nat Zang · Normal MenZ NationTv ...

z nation 10k - Nat Zang

Mack Thompson

Doc is adorable for an old man, he has to be my favorite character [other than and ofc Murphy]. I think if he died I'd stop watching Z Nation.

Z-Nation: The Best Zombie Show You've Probably Never Heard Of

You probably wouldn't recognize Keith Allan without his makeup. but he's Murphy from SyFy's Z Nation.

Z Nation

Nat Zang and Anastasia Baranova ! Z nation

Nat Zang as 10K on 'Z Nation' - Courtesy of Syfy

Z Nation renewed for a third season of throwing zombies at the ... -

Z Nation Renewed Season 4 Syfy

Z Nation Cosplay Music Video (War)

After a puzzling premiere (one big flashback), "Z Nation" is back on track with "A New Mission". We catch up with the gang after the fallout of season 2.

Nat Zang

Z Nation - 10K T-Shirt

Z Nation: Keith Allan Interview Exclusive

Z Nation

Kellita Smith

Z nation 10k/Vasquez vine

Gracie Gillam

After Roberta and Murphy escape Zona, the rest of season 4 is spent following Roberta around as she attempts to make sense of her apocalyptic Black Rainbow ...


"Z Nation" returns with a vengance during it's two hour season premiere. When we last saw Team Bite Mark, 10K was missing. Warren, Addy and Doc watch from ...

It looks like our team might get a little well deserved R&R when they are ambushed by the Zeros and La Reina. Dr Kurian's head (in a box) led them to the ...

Z Nation - "White Light"

'The Mummy': Critics calling first “Dark Universe” movie Tom Cruise's worst by Joey Click

Mack being devoured by Zombies

'The Man' in 'Z Nation: No Mercy' — Courtesy of Syfy.

'Little Red and the WolfZ' chronicled 10K's escape from Murphy's right hand man, while exploring the effect Merch killing herself had on Murphy in his ...

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Z Nation Actors - Then And Now 2018

Carly McFadden.JPG

Z Nation - Season 3

I'll confess I wasn't an instant convert to Z Nation. I had to watch the first three episodes twice (with a gap of months in between) before I found myself ...

Z Nation 401 Recap: It looks like someone needs a hug

If you aren't watching television to be entertained, then what the heck are you doing watching television? It seems like such a simple question with such a ...

Z Nation 'We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon'


Keith Allan Interview is the one of the series' star actors, shown here with

Z Nation: Season 3 Photos


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ZNation Episode 12 Recap: Zombies Love Viagra

Exclusive: Z Nation's Pisay Pao Talks What's Ahead for Cassandra this Season - Dread Central

Z nation - 10K Tri-blend T-Shirt

Syfy - Watch Full Episodes | Z Nation 401 Recap: It looks like someone needs a hugZ Nation 401 Recap: It looks like someone needs a hug

ZNation Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Stuck In Corporate Retreat Hell

Z nation - 10K Men's Baseball ¾ T-Shirt

"All Good Things Must Come To An End" closes out an excellent sophomore season of "Z Nation". The episode begins with Citizen Z frantically trying to ...

'Z Nation' 2017 Season 4: Lucy Ages Fast As Show Makes Odd Promise [Opinion]

'Z Nation' season 3 cast: House'-like Murphy, Doc, and 10K stun in comedy-horror show

10k portrait - z nation Men's Baseball ¾ T-Shirt

First, let me get one thing out of the way. I would be lying to you if I said Z Nation wasn't terrible. I'd also be lying to you if I said ...

Z Nation Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Crisis Of Faith

Z Nation is set three years after the zombie apocalypse, and follows the exploits of a band of survivors as they attempt to escort the only human known to ...

Keith Allan deserves a lot of credit for his work as Murphy, turning a character that could've been a two-note jerk into a man dripping with vulnerability, ...


With a season finale entitled "Everyone Dies In The End" we pretty much know what to expect. But more on that later.This episode FINALLY brings Team ...

via SYFY

Z Nation - "Zombie Baby Daddy"

Z Nation The Collector 3

That's the company's time-honoured business model: to churn out low-budget, straight-to-video versions of the year's most lucrative movies and franchises, ...


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Z Nation

Z Nation - Season 1

Z Nation Season 2 Episode 13 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

Having been able to enjoy Z-Nation for what it was, I was excited for the opportunity to check out the screener for season 2's first episode.

Next the crew heads for NewMerica but later abandons the idea to follow Warren. Mad Z's are on the loose. They're due to a mutation of the zombie virus.

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