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11 12 x 6 14 inch DOUGLAS Masting Axe with Original Paint AX

11 12 x 6 14 inch DOUGLAS Masting Axe with Original Paint AX


Summer 2015 Tool Sale

hatchets: drop forged shingling half hatchet w/ octagon poll, struck on both cheeks, G+; belt/cruise hatchet w/ lower lug, F. – G. Sold For 30.00 ...

... W. Brady (William, Mt. Joy & Lancaster City), 9” side broad axe ...

... Rare marking, J.B. Stohler 2-X-2 (John Beamesdorfer, Scheafferstown, Pa.., circa late 1860-80) 9 ½” broad squaring axe w/ original ...

side broad axe w/ 12” edge w/ upper & lower lugs, double over-strike, G+ Sold For 150.00 ...

18 inch Boy Scout Tomahawk Throwing Camp Hatchet suitable for young adult & adult throwers. customized for the Boy Scouts of The united states.

Antique HEWING BROAD AXE Pennsylvania Pattern DANIEL SIMMONS & CO Handle c.1848

... partial original paint, Vg. Sold For 90.00 ...

Axe has unusual construction raised chip deflector weld, upper & lower lugs w/ chip guards. This axe has been sand blasted, ...

Double Bevel Mast Axe by DOUGLAS AXE MFD. BY W HUNT

... Stohler X-branded (John Beamesdorfer, Scheafferstown, Pa.., circa late 1860-80) broad hewing hatchet w/ upper & lower lugs, G.; unsigned small kitchen ...

... axe” odd looking pick-hatchet for loosening hardened sugar in grocer's barrels, replaced handle, G.; J. Stortz & Son, Phila.

Son of James Hoar, working 1851-84) felling axe, missing handle, P.; L. Stoudt (above noted) felling axe, missing handle G.; L.W.S. (attributed ...

19848103_3.jpg (1024×787)

German Military Surplus 1950's Hand Axe, Like New

... mast maker's axe, signed I.P in heart (*? Northampton area) w/ period handle, F. – G.; D-Brua (Daniel, Paradise Twp., Lancaster Co., circa?) felling axe ...

Old decorated axe from Nijverdal, Netherlands

Antique Vintage Broad Head Axe Hewing Hatchet Head Tool Hammer Green Paint 5" L

German Military Surplus 1950's Hand Axe, Like New | Backpack Kit Shit | Pinterest | Hand axe, Military surplus and Axe

Gransfors Bruks Ancient Collection Two-Lugged Bearded Axe

(Photo & Photo 2)

11 1/2 x 6 1/4 inch DOUGLAS Masting Axe with Original Paint

Antique Blacksmith Made Large Hewing BROAD AXE Ax with Handle


Originally Posted by Exeter ...

Off Set Hand Forged Antique Hatchet Broad Ax Hunt Douglas Co Axe Primitive USA

Diminutive Goosewing Axe, 13 inch edge. 23 inches overall. Unmarked.

Goosewing axe head & adz head both needing handles.

does anybody have any ideas on a good hatchet for camping. was thinking of the sog or the cold steel tactical tomahawks.

Photos of the True Temper Kelly Perfect with a Jersey head.

Gransfors Hunters Axe

Vintage Large Blacksmith Hand Forged Broad Hewing Axe PRD2609

Originally Posted by topop101 ...

Premium SOG Voodoo Black Tactical Tomahawk Axe and a Blue Stone Sharpener Combo


Vintage Antique Ship Builders Adze/ Nice Original Style Handle Woodworking Tool

LTD Shipwright Axe Broad Ax St. John N.B.

Vintage U.S.A. Council Tools El Lobo, 4" hatchet, 2 lb. head, with original handle, (Sold).

Our 5 Favorite Axes. (Please, Don't Hang Them Over Your Fireplace.)

Antique PLUMB CHAMPION AXE EMBOSSED All Original Wood Handle Ax Tool Old Vtg

Wetterlings 3 1/2 lb that I restored. I custom made the handle for it too.

Timberline Bush Pilot Survival Hatchet: Axes and Saws | Free Shipping at L.L.Bean

Vintage Simmons hewing axe antique wood working tool primitive 12 1/2 by 8 1

MS71 14" sweep Spofford brace; with the Fray and model number 114 markings, it's in usual as found condition and sound worker shape; an uncommon size for ...

Antique Broad Axe Head Primitive Blacksmith 6.7Lbs. 11 1/4inches Tall

Antique Germantown hatchet Ax axe Nov. 18th 1884 2lb Hammer Head Nail Pull Nice

... crossed fire axes & dagger, partial original paint id present Sold For 60.00 ...

Antique Masting Axe Wm Beatty And Son Chester, PA 6 1/2" By

ANTIQUE BROAD HEAD 6" AXE HEAD - No. 5 Hewing 3 - 4 lbs

Clearly it is time I investigated the links between the SwaStika, the double AXE and the OX.

Old Vtg Antique L. & I.j. White Ship Builder Masting Broad Head Axe It Tool


... Lancaster Boro, circa 1797?) lg. mast-maker's axe, strike is early form w/ embossed letters, F. – G.; unsigned unusual hewing/”chip breaker” axe w/ ...

Made by Vaughan in the 30s, in damn near perfect shape. The boy is only two but this will be his first axe when the time is right.

Rare Axe Vintage BBB Stamp Visible Hammer Antique Tools Scarce Copper Tone Ax A1

Large Broad Axe, UNDERHILL EDGE TOOL CO., NASHUA, N.H (12656)

old primitive rusty iron axe ax head logging farm antique rusty tool 3 3/4

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REVIEW: Best Made 26" Unfinished Hudson Bay Axe

The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, August 03, 1902, Second Section, Page 5, Image 15 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress

Cook, Arthur B.: Zeus: a study in ancient religion (Band 3,1): Zeus god of the dark sky (earthquake, clouds, wind, dew, rain, meteorits): Text and notes ...

W. HUNT MF'D by DOUGLAS AXE 11 1/2-inch broad axe head, very good.

Antique Vintage Tool MWH CO Ax Axe Head - Marshall Wells Hardware Company 9 1/

g^\ boreboard 5 LASSFED FHOAY OCTOBER 4, 985 ENRY HAEFER iluef ish and

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Old Antique Vintage Underhill Boston Broad Ax Hewing Axe Head 3 lb 10 oz

Tomahawk - American made tomahawk

Project management for construction and civil engg. | Mortgage Loan | Loans

Simmons Very Large 4 Lb Broad Head / Hewing AXE AX Hatchet

[Original Japanese Manuscript Report on the Otsu Incident (11 May 1891), an Assassination Attempt on the Russian Heir to the Throne, Nicholas Alexandrovich ...

Viking sword hilts and axes

At NADA, a Fresh Crop of Young Talent

Old COLLINS BRUSH HOOK AXE TOOL BILLHOOK Big Vintage Antique ShortHandle Ax Head

French Cast Iron 12-livre Smoothbore Muzzleloading Gun, salvaged from the Machault with fleur-de-lys on the barrel and a large letter P on the cascable, ...

Designs and Math for Self Sufficient Living 1981 | Anaerobic Digestion | Wind Power

1930-1950; Embury #2 “Air Pilot” tubular kerosene lantern with green/gray paint, 7 ½”d, 13 ¾”h; Gen-Tex molded plastic fireman's helmet, 14”x 12”x 6 ½” Sold ...

Bridge Construction Manual | Deep Foundation | Professional Certification

14-FricUy, April RED BANK REGISTER DILEMMA "The Shark," an original

View Full Record · Postcard

j Rehearsing For Red Cross Finds Rotarians' Big Show Next Week More Than 130 Men tmd Women Respond to Firet Call - PDF


Peeps into the Past

Antique No.5 Broad Head 6" Hewing Axe Head

[Original Japanese Manuscript Report on the Otsu Incident (11 May 1891), an Assassination Attempt on the Russian Heir to the Throne, Nicholas Alexandrovich ...

Unmarked Double Bit Axe Head Weighs 3lbs 12oz. Free Shipping

Zoomracks ll: an integrated productivity tool ihals fun to use. Now wilh malh.

In 1935, firefighter Vernon Blunt painted it fire engine red, pinstriped it, and added 24-karat gold leaf.

11, 2013 by Dryden Observer - issuu

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Cook, Arthur B.: Zeus: a study in ancient religion (Band 3,1): Zeus god of the dark sky (earthquake, clouds, wind, dew, rain, meteorits): Text and notes ...

(New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, February 08, 1891, Page 11, Image 11 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress