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15thcenturymedieval CategoryMedieval Jewelry AJU t

15thcenturymedieval CategoryMedieval Jewelry AJU t


Blanche - Category:Medieval Jewelry - AJU

Stanley Lechtzin, Torque #25 F, electroformed silver gilt, pearls, 1989. Jewelry Design

6th Century

French Antique 14K Yellow Gold 3.0 Carat Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Diamond Solitaire Wedding Ring Y235-

Stanley Lechtzin, Torque 22-D neckpiece, 1971, sterling silver, polyester resin

Ancient Gilt Silver Brooch - Category:Medieval Jewelry - AJU

Gold Earring 400-500 Kerch, Ukraine

Plate, Loop, and Tongue of Belt Buckle

7-8th C. Equal-Arm Brooch Copper alloy Dimensions: Overall: 2

Multicolored Gemstone Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver (2.5mm)

The Alfred Jewel. Anglo-Saxon jewels at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Gold Bangles, Jewelry Design, Gold Bracelets

At least they weren't Visigoths in their taste in jewelry. Vandal gold and glass necklace. From the Czékeburial site, around 300 AD or early century ...

HEZA EARRINGS 14k Gold & Onyx by STANMORENYC on Etsy, $215.00. Jewelry Design

A gold ring, post medieval - probably early 15th century.

Antique Victorian Gold Filled GF Aquamarine Glass Pearl Heart Festoon Necklace

Necklace with Pearls, Sapphires, and Plasma Early Byzantine early 5th century 69 cm (

Designs for Pendant Jewels by Hans Holbein .jpg

Renaissance Jewelry, Girdle Renaissance, Belt Renaissance, Tudor Girdle, Tudor Belt, Jeweled

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Bronze fiblua germanic - Category:Medieval Jewelry - AJU

Anglo-Saxon amber necklace AD 450-550 From a female burial at Linton Heath

The Ashmolean Museum: Anglo-Saxon male and female burial. Necklace, amber and glass beads. Photograph by Lindsay Kerr.

How Much Do You Know About Necklace Styles?

bezel set to the max

Birdfibulaevisigothicbronzeandpasteinlay6thcentury - Category:Medieval Jewelry - AJU

Imperial Crown of the Ottonian dynasty, made in Germany, 2nd half of the 10th

French heart & dagger brooch, 15th century

AN00035987 001 l - Category:Medieval Jewelry - AJU

How Much Do You Know About Necklace Styles?

Twelve Medallions Mounted as a Necklace

1993 MMA Ancient Early Greek Gold Jewelry Museum Replica or Reproduction Earrings from History/ Archaeological Jewelry. $48.00, via Etsy.

Bow Fibula, 500-550 Frankish, 6th century silver gilt and niello, Overall

missing linx bracelet by evamarcus on Etsy, $389.00

Test your jewelry IQ!

Made To Order Shield Me Riveted Sterling Silver and by Kerdan, $185.00

Decorative Periods

Image detail for -Boucheron - Antique Jewelry University

Germanic fibula

Medallion: The Last Supper, late 1400s France, 15th century

Crown of Princess Blanche, daughter of Henry IV, initially belonged to Anna, daughter

Anglo-Saxon Archaeology: London Bent copper alloy brooch from London; dating AD 600

Jewelled disc brooch, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 500-600C Anglo-Saxon

Medieval Mans Star Ring C.13th-15th Century Size 13 (22.8mm)

600 - 800 A.D British Found Anglo Saxon Period Au Solid Gold & Red Garnet Ring

Harness Pendant with Confronted Beasts century Visigothic

Silver teplets. Viking age.

В эпоху, именуемую Великим переселением народов , варварские племена проникали в Империю не только в

Chromatics Bloc Ring Neutral

Medieval amethyst cabochon ring, circa 14th - 15th century from Berganza London Hatton Garden

Visigothic votive crown and cross. Made of gold, precious stones, nacre, pearls

A pair of Ostrogothic gold earrings, VI c. A.D. I would totally wear these

gold & garnet buckle

Medieval magical engraved ring, circa 14th-15 | Ref 21744

Have a look at what the British Museum put up! "In Anglo-Saxon art there is always more than meets the eye."

Archeologie Maastricht Na een archeologische opgraving worden vondsten gewassen, genummerd, onderzocht en gedocumenteerd.

Knights Templar Knight Cross Medieval Reenactor Antique Brass Pendant Necklace

Holy Crown of Hungary - A Szent Korona elölről 2 - Crown jewels - Wikipedia

Bow Brooch Date: late 6th–early 7th century Geography: Made in, Central

File:Germanic fibula.jpg

Natural Pearl and Diamond Aigrette Pin

Bronze, 10.71 grams, 61 mm. Circa 6th century AD. A cast bronze

Bergdorf Goodman, Jewelry Design, Fashion Show, Windows, Art, Searching, Art Background, Kunst, Search

Histoire : reliquaire du cœur d'Anne de Bretagne


Crown box, leather, Germany 14th century

Late Anglo-Saxon / Viking 'Cloison Sunburst' Enamelled Plate Brooch Gilt copper-

Billiment - Category:Medieval Jewelry - AJU

Constanza of Aragon, 13th c.

This type of Anglo-Saxon brooch was normally worn as a pair and this example was found in close proximity to the identical brooch recorded as SWYOR (it ...


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archaicwonder: “ The Milton Brooch, Anglo-Saxon, Century AD The Milton Jewel is one of the finest examples of Anglo-Saxon brooches of the period, ...

Strap End

do Imperio Austro-Hungaro

Jewelry Design

9th c. Anglo-Saxon Trewhiddle style Gold finger-ring consisting of a plain

Copper alloy small long brooch (AN1983.389) - one of a pair Grave

EPOCH 7th century MEDIA Gold, precious stones SIZE N/A LOCATION France - Paris

Anglo-Saxon Beads

Tibetan Sword (Ral Gri) Dated: 14th–16th century Culture: Tibetan or

This is a Zentangle. Art and meditation at once.

One more, in color.

Hanging button sculptures by artist Augusto Esquivel. Using thousands of buttons.

Comb case and lid

jewellery | sotheby's l11223lot66gbben

Tweezers, century, made in Niederbreisig, Frankish, Copper alloy; Dimensions: Overall (with ring): 3 x x in. x x 1 cm) without ring: 3 x x in. x x 1 cm)

Tweezers | Frankish | The Met


andalusian 15th c. Horse Bridle or Belt Ornaments

Apparently weddings are now held at tretower court.

Aiguilettes (also spelled: aguillette, aiglet or aglets) are needle like dress ornaments

Telpënár – the Silver Fire » Cedarlore Forge

Sword (Ral gri) Tibetan or Chinese (14th–16th century) back

Drawing of leather case for spoon which unscrews into three pieces; case depicted closed and

New Inn, Peasenhall

Čachtice Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I got a cross like this at the iron market in Port au Prince, Haiti