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1960 CBS Radio Network original vintage advertisement Featuring

1960 CBS Radio Network original vintage advertisement Featuring


1967 CBS Radio Network Vintage Advertisement If by AdVintageCom

1960 CBS Radio Network original vintage advertisement. Featuring well known radio personality, Arthur Godfrey

1965 Ad CBS Broadcasting Radio Station Arthur Godfrey - ORIGINAL ADVERTISING TM6

1965 Ad CBS Radio Station Bob Hope Rosemary Clooney - ORIGINAL ADVERTISING TM6

1960 Ad Vintage Philco Reverb Stereo Phonograph Patrice Munsel Model 1720 YMM4

1960 Ad Vintage Toshiba Transistor Radio Three-Way Portable Battery AC YMMA2

1960 Ad Vintage Toshiba Transistor Radio Model 7TP-30 6TP-394 AM/FM

CBS Radio Ad 1967. Edwards, Townsend, Wallace, Cronkite

1946 Ad American Broadcasting ABC Radio Walter Winchell - ORIGINAL SEP4

CBS Radio ad of the mid-1960s featuring Frank Gifford as one of the network's

1929 Ad RCA Radiola Radio-Victor Corporation America Cabinet Music Evening HB2

CBS News Roster 1957--click to enlarge

Photograph of a man singing, superimposed on an illustration of a microphone and accompanied by

1947 Ad Marian Anderson Black Singer RCA Victor Records - ORIGINAL TM1

Magnecord radio engineer ad from 1952 in the reel2ReelTexas.com vintage tape recorder collectione tape ...

This Vitalis hair tonic ad featuring Frank Gifford ran in “Sports Illustrated,” October

1960 7Up Soda original vintage advertisement. Featuring the Kingston Trio singing for 7Up.

Photograph of a man smiling, superimposed on an illustration of a microphone and accompanied by .

1967 CBS Radio News Advertisement AD Walter Cronkite Mike Wallace Townsend Mars…

1946 Ad Radio Corp. America RCA Television Helicopter - ORIGINAL TCE1

1929 Victor Radio original vintage advertisement. Features the Victor Radio Console R-32 model

1956 Camel Cigarettes original vintage advertisement. Featuring celebrity endorsement by Hollywood star Rock Hudson.

1950s Philco 3-Way Portable Radios Vintage Ad Rough Rider Leather Radio 1956 Vintage Advertisement Print Retro Electronics Wall Art Decor

CBS Radio Stations Ad 8/3/77

1946 Chesterfield Cigarettes original vintage advertisement. Featuring endorsement by Claudette Colbert, star of International

1949 Motorola Portables Ad Radio Phonograph Television Electronics Vintage Advertisement Art Retro Technology Yellow Wall Art Decor

... advertisement tied into new Philco Radios ...

1952 Ad RCA Victor Record Changer Radio America - ORIGINAL ADVERTISING TM3

December Bride is an American sitcom that aired on the CBS from 1954 to 1959,

CBS print advertisement featuring illustration by Andy Warhol. The ad is titled: 'Living

August 7-14 1960 edition of the Radio Times featuring Eric Sykes Richard Watts and


Ma Perkins CBS Radio Network (1957)

“Radio Dial” was a publication detailing Cincinnati radio listings. This 1931 photo features · “

On the Lower Frequencies: Norman Corwin, Colorblindness, and the “Golden Age” of U.S. Radio

Transformer Corp · Vintage Electronics

Young Sound ...

Retro Admiral Transistor Radio Ad Vintage Radio by AdVintageCom

The Original Amateur Hour

1960 Sylvania TV Ad "reflection-free"


Ad featuring Linn Sheldon for "Popeye,Barnaby and Friends" from December 1960..The "Brand New" Popeye Cartoons were the King Features Made for TV cartoons ...

The Romance of Helen Trent CBS Radio Network (1957)

Detroit Free Press January 17, ...

On the left, a suited man seated before a microphone, smiling and holding a

1953 Nescafé Instant Coffee original vintage advertisement. With endorsement from Mr. Saturday Night,

Jay Hernandez

1924 Ad Shepard-Potter Thermiodyne Six Tube Radio Receiver Plattsburgh New SCA4

When Charlie Chaplin finally allowed the world to hear his voice after 20 years of mime, he chose CBS's airwaves to do it on.

1949 Ad Promoting CBS Stars

Lucy & Desi appear in 1952 Philip Morris ad.

Jesse Jones - Houston Radio Pioneer

... Broadcasting System (CBS)—were launched, and they soon began to dominate the airwaves. In 1926, they owned 6.4 percent of U.S. broadcasting stations; ...

Early 1950s print ad for Alan Freed's radio show on Cleveland's WJW, sponsored by the

Americas new Cars

WJW-TV 8 ad for "Bozo" in December 1960..Ed Fisher, Longtime radio personality, was said to have been Cleveland's Bozo.

Peggy Lee's Bio-Discography: A Date With Peggy Lee / The Rexall Show (On The Radio, Part IV)

Frank Gifford, football star for the New York Giants, appeared in Lucky Strike cigarette

Frank Gifford, former New York Giants football star, appears in early 1960s magazine ad

1963 CBS Radio Network Ad "Iron ...



Original 1950s advert in American magazine advertising GENERAL ELECTRIC black & white television featuring celebrity -

TV Guide Ad for The second version of the timeless NBC special, "Peter Pan" starring Mary Martin on Thursday December 8, 1960..Notice the typo at the bottom ...


Vintage Transistor Radio Ad 1958 Motorola Power-8 by AdVintageCom

... studio staff, including station manager Gerald King and announcer Bill Ray. kfwb32 1927 advertisement ...

Jay Harmon – Personality

Vintage TV Guide ad for Karen's 1975 TV series


Sunday, November 8, 1963. A DETROIT RADIO BACK-PAGE AD

The Magic Land Of Allakazam, though not a news dept production, was unscripted,

... of CBS listeners. Although Rexall was not the manufacturer of the item that the show's hostess was promoted in this as, the product was probably sold at ...

In this newspaper ad, Carolyn Crawford is denoted having been the named winner, previous year, of the WCHB Talent Contest in 1963.

Priscilla Barnes and Debra Clinger in The American Girls

img2130 ed2 History of WCCO Radio

Children's programming and the debut of ABC Sports (1960–1965)[edit]

Television gave us Pettycoat Junction to JFK's assassination

Buffalo Stories archives. “

Jingles clásicos CBS Radio - ABC Radio - NBC Radio (Catchy Jingles) - YouTube

1931 Majestic - Re-Mastered catalog ad print

From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Library and Archives


Myra Waldo, who died at the age of 88 in 2004, worked on special projects for the Macmillan Publishing Company in the late 1960s. From 1968 to 1972, ...

Amazon.com: Hogan's Heroes - The Complete 2nd Season: Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Robert Clary, Richard Dawson, Ivan Dixon, Larry Hovis, ...

One of the magazines that David Gleason has made available on his American Radio History site

For its 25th anniversary on August 20, 1945, WWJ claimed the titles of "World's First Station" and where "commercial radio broadcasting began".

It almost looks like an old advert for Ma Bell, but was the logo for WBRC owner Bell Radio Corp. back in the '20s.

This 1960 ad promotes a Seven Arts TV syndication package featuring “Rebel Without a Cause

Photographs of a thoughtful man and woman, accompanied by extensive copy, including the slogan. Advertisement for the Mutual Black Network, featuring ...

The June 1, 1922 cover of RCA's equipment catalog showcased the emerging home market.

Have Gun Will Travel 103, The Oddsnebraska, Old Time Radio OTR

ABC FLYER featuring Zippo with Maria Danza! (back)

ABC Circle A logo (1957–62)

Vintage TV Guide Ad

Network Radio's Fateful Thanksgiving of 1960

I ...