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1961 George York James Latham Officers Court Youths Trail Killing

1961 George York James Latham Officers Court Youths Trail Killing


1961 George York James Latham Officers Court Youths Trail Killing Press Photo

1987 Press Photo Actors Hanna Cox, Dennis Farina, Julia Roberts in "Crime Story

George York and James Latham 1961 Press Photo James Douglas Latham George Ronald York

1961 Press Photo Sheriff Milton Galyardt leads George York and James Latham to - Historic Images

1989 Press Photo Scene from the Corky Witnesses a Crime Episode of Life Goes On

1960 Press Photo Beverly AadlandMrs Florence Aadland& Carole Tregoff

1965 Boston Vincent Flemmi Crime Scene Officers on Scene Press Photo

Jfk/oswald assassination original/rare/one of a kind 1963 press photos

1961 George York James Latham Officers Court Youths Trail Killing Press Photo | crimes | Pinterest | Press photo

KANSAS BOUND --- Smiling George York, Jacksonville, Fla., and James Latham, Mauriceville, Tex., will be tried at Sharon Springs.

NEARER TO THE GALLOWS --- George Ronald York, 22, left, and James Douglas Latham, 23, have their sixth appointment with the Kansas hangman at Lansing ...

Ottis Toole, Associated Press Wire Photo

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George York and James Latham - Spree killers who met while they were both privates in the U.S. Army, York and Latham killed seven people over the period of ...


Althea Ottavio and Gene Reed

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Emile York Campbell of Panama City, Fla., has spent 50 years coming to grips with the 1961 murders committed by her brother, George Ronald York, and James ...

Mathew Brady - Franklin Pierce - alternate crop.jpg

Charles Latham

#Eunji with Other Cast Crime Scene Press Photo #정은지 #Apink

1961 Press Photo Council for Kenneth Chapin, Lawrence R Cohen at State House

The Battle Within: Sexual Assault in America's Military Mary Calvert

1961 Press Photo Ruth Frances Wright at Sheriff's Station, Los Angeles - Historic Images

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Charles Manson's De-Evolution

1961 Press Photo Lawrence Nutley Charged in Murder of Sheriff's Deputy

Robert Gordon Latham

Samuel L. Mitchill

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Paolo Pellegrin - THE CRESCENT, 30 August 2012 - Rochester, New York, USA - Police officers search a house for an armed suspect in northeast Rochester

June 3, 1961: Soviet Premier Khrushchev tries to intimidate U.S. President Kennedy

George Clinton Jr.

1961 Press Photo Steve Dobson confessed to a murder he didn't commit

1960 Press Photo Finch Murder Witness Lindholm In Trial Attorney Grant Cooper - Historic Images

1961 Press Photo Custody Trial Donna Baker to Remain with Mr,Mrs Leo Baker

United Press International, December 17, 1961

Robert Latham Brown

Mohawk Dr. Triple Homicide: 3 young adults shot and killed in a Jupiter, FL home on Super Bowl Sunday; 1 also shot but survived

1961 Press Photo Chester 'Rocky' Weger, Accused Murderer of 3 Women in Court

1961 Press Photo Ann Darlington, Strangled - Historic Images

Salina Journal newspaper archives

1961 Press Photo Spade Cooley Guilty in Murder of Wife - RRV31889 - Historic Images

1961 Press Photo George Kent Attorney

1961 Press Photo Ex Policeman Allan Brinn In Police Scandal Trial

... left, Chief Investigator J.C. Patrick, pouncing, right, Associated Press Wire Photo, June 11, 1961, finding victims of George York and James Latham, ...

Gettysburg Times newspaper archives

Joseph Jordan


... Tweet this · 447 notes · ramirezbundydahmer: “George York, 18, and James Latham ...

United Press International, December 17, 1961

The two were arrested on January 2, 1960 in Las Vegas and then executed by hanging on April 14, 1965. For the five years the two remained on death row they ...

Figure 5. Hendrick ter Brugghen, David Playing the Harp, 1623.

Portrait of Slt Jenson Photo of Cdr Jenson on HMCS Micmac Photo of Latham Jenson receiving the Queen's Jubilee medal

Bakersfield Californian newspaper archives

Personality and public image

Andrew Cunanan

Gordon Stewart


He exudes a 'bleakness' of the human spirit on a path to destruction because of self-hatred and ...

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Joplin Globe newspaper archives

Barry Williams

Myers, the black 18-year old shot and killed by a St. Louis police officer last week, is also no Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis or any ...

The Killing of Sister George Susannah York ...

Volume 59

June 16, 1961: Soviet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defects to the West

As an individual, I doubt if I could possibly go through it again." -ROGER MARIS, commenting about his historic 1961 season ...

Crying 2. “

... hanged in America for 28 years, when he went to the gallows in the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla, for triple child murder, on January 5, ...

James Lees-Milne | The Esoteric Curiosa

In 1915, the courthouse in Riverside CA. recorded the deed of the house at 3356 Lemon Street in the names of Mine, Sumi, and Yoshizo Harada, the three minor ...

Lima News newspaper archives

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin at the Yalta Conference, February 1945

Carl Panzram

13. Sir Thomas Bodley, from the original by Cornelius Jansen, in the Bodleian Gallery, Oxford, engraved by H. T. Ryall; in Lodge, op. cit., iv, no. 6.

Joe York is a documentary filmmaker and radio producer. With more than a two dozen films to his credit. Joe is the author ofWith Signs Following: ...

Christopher Latham Sholes

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Winston Graham, 1945, around the time he wrote The Forgotten Story and Ross Poldark (thanks to Jim Dring)

Bryan Sorendino

Latham, New York

Increase Mather painted by John van der Spriett, 1688. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Nixon shows his papers to an East German officer to cross between the sectors of the divided City of Berlin, 1963

Murlin Mackie Bowlin

the officer warns Myra Savage to avoid the press so they won't harass her… but it's this very attention she seeks, and the hidden glee secretly washes over ...

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