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1PLSD known to be homologous to the ALD52 carrying an acetyl

1PLSD known to be homologous to the ALD52 carrying an acetyl


Know More about 1P-LSD 1P-LSD, known to be homologous to the ...

1P-LSD Blotter 100mcg


EI-mass spectra of the acetylated derivatives of 12 and 16

Table 1 . 1 H and 13 C NMR data for ETH-LAD hemitartrate in .

Fig. 1. Structures of some a -pyrrolidinophenones.

It is still elusive how these interactions results in psychedelic experience. Theoretical knowledge suggest that this 1P-LSD to be prodrug of LSD.

Fig. 4. Extended molecular mass region of the EI spectrum of compound 3 .

Fig. 6. 13 C NMR spectrum of MPBP in the existing salt form.

Part I: Analytical and behavioural characterization of 1-propionyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide (1P-LSD)

Part I: Analytical and behavioural characterization of 1-propionyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide (1P-LSD)

Table 1 Relative peak areas and quantification ions (m/z) of metabolites normalized

TABLE 1 1 H and 13 C NMR data for LSM-775 hemitartrate in d

Abb. 10. Strukturen von EPPP (3) und dem Hydrolyseprodukt/der Vorstufe

Figure 8. Effects of AL-LAD (A) and LSZ (B)


Fig. 4. LC/MS data of an extract of the serum sample.

Fig. 2. (a) The chromatogram of the white paste material. (

Fig. 9. NOESY spectrum of 6 with trace and cross peaks for 2-

Fig. 4. Product ion (ESI) mass spectra and presumable fragmentation of metabolites

Fig. 4. Product ion mass spectra of the immonium ion from 1 and product

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Fig. 2. CI mass spectra (70 eV) of the three regioisomeric fluoroamphetamines

Fig. 1. EI (a and b) and ESI (c and d

Fig. 2. LC–MS/MS EIC chromatograms of monohydroxylated (a and

5-HT2A receptor - Chromosome& ...

Structures of already known phenyl- and benzyl-piperazines.

1A-LSD (ALD-52) Blotter 100mcg

1p Lsd Micros chemistry


Figure 2. DAD data and HPLC retention times for three synthesized positional isomers of methoxydiphenidine

AL-LAD - AL-LAD on blotter paper

Fig. 5. 1 H NMR spectra (inferior: after D 2 O exchange

Hey there, depending on how closely you follow this project you may be aware that

Fig. 3. EI-MS-spectra of isomeric N,N-dimethylfluorocathinones

Abb. 16. ATR-IR: α-Brom-3',4

Figure 4. Schematic showing examples of by-products formed during the acidic hydrolysis of

Virola - Image: Virola carinata embryo



Figure 7. Relationship of the compounds discussed in this perspective to synthesis routes. [

5-HT3 receptor - Figure 2. The subunits are assembled as a pentamer (

The above and Hammilton bringing Strobamine to my attention inspired a reprise as thus:

Bromo-DragonFLY - Image: Packet of 4BDF powder

Hydrophobicity scales - Image: Hydrophobicity scale based on contact angle

Psychedelic drug - Image: Synthetic mescaline powder i 2001e 0151 ccby 3

Psychedelic drug - LSD is widely known as a psychedelic drug and often features psychedelic artwork

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Vesicular monoamine transporter - A second hydrogen atom binds from inside the vesicle to the transporter

Designer drug - A package of recreational drugs disguised in "bath salts" packaging.


Hallucinogen - One "Blotter" sheet of 900 LSD doses.

Even reminds me a bit of nocaine or phenmetrazine.

Tryptophanase - Tryptophanase tetramer, E.Coli

Fig. 3. Initial inhibition screening results using 10 mM each of the inhibitor.

TiHKAL - Cover of TIHKAL, 1st ed.

Convention on Psychotropic Substances - Article 32 makes an exception for peyote and other wild psychotropic

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Convention on Psychotropic Substances - Despite its well-known presence in the rave scene,

Halothane - Packaging of ICI Fluothane (their trade name for halothane)

Convention on Psychotropic Substances - The Convention allows only medical and scientific uses of these substances

Hallucinogen - Datura

Fig 6. The carbonyl group is completely coplanar with the adjacent aromatic ring

Convention on Psychotropic Substances - Psilocybin mushrooms are not controlled by the Convention, but the

Hallucinogen - Salvia divinorum

Psychedelic drug - Doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

Hydrophobicity scales - Image: Simulation system in hydrophobicity calculation

Fig. 4 Reconstructed ion chromatograms with the given ions of a reference compound mixture of

Datura metel - Datura metel

Regulation of therapeutic goods - Methylphenidate, in the form of Ritalin pills

Folker Westphal | Dr. rer. nat. | Section "Narcotics and Toxicology" | ResearchGate

Advanced Construction Techniques

Prepulse inhibition - PPI and startle reflex apparatus for mice

Halothane - A meter for measuring halothane. This was used to measure the amount of

Conditioned place preference - Knockout mice are used to demonstrate behavioural or physiological differences


Fig. 4. Michaelis-Menten plot (left part) of the deamination of

5-MeO-aMT - Tabs of gelatin containing 5-MeO-AMT.

Brugmansia - Image: Angel Trumpets shrub Brugmansia suaveolens


Datura metel - Datura metel plant

1P Control Panel

Desmanthus - Desmanthus bicornutus

Psilocybe aucklandii - Image: Psilocybe aucklandii

Virola - Image: Virola elongata fruit


The Design of Everyday Things - Image: The Design of Everyday Things (cover 1988

l.a Rafael m3s2 Aa7 1p

Hyoscyamus niger - Image: Белена чёрная KR 01

Spiritual uses[edit]


Cryptomeria - Cryptomeria japonica: (left) shoot with mature cones and immature male cones

Mental image - Image: MR TMR

Post Extras: ...

Datura metel - Image: Datura metel Blanco 1.34 cropped