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20 Funny Honest Logos of Famous Brands Nintendo Nothing to

20 Funny Honest Logos of Famous Brands Nintendo Nothing to


20 Funny Honest Logos of Famous Brands - Nintendo = Nothing to do

20 Funny Logos of Famous Brands

20 Funny Logos of Famous Brands

20 Funny Logos of Famous Brands

Dunkin' Donuts

20 Funny Logos of Famous Brands

20 Funny Honest Logos of Famous Brands - Apple = Appearance Costs

NyQuil - Slip into a nice coma for a few hours.

Famous Brands with Honest Taglines [21 pictures]

20 Funny Honest Logos of Famous Brands - Captain Morgan = Crawling in the Morning

Funny and Honest Brand Slogans By Clif Dickens. The last one is SO true!

20 Funny Logos of Famous Brands


mtv funny honest logo What if Logos Told the Truth?

Budweiser – beer, the stuff that makes a real man stand out.

... 30 Honest Logos Of Famous Companies

olympics funny honest logo What if Logos Told the Truth?

Honest Brand Slogans :

below is a look at some of the graphics from viktor hertz's first series of 'honest logos':

honest logos, part II

Burger King – certainly not the most balanced meal out there.

You can't help but “bury” you teeth in the creamy chocolate. Even in imagination. Yum!

You can find more logos here

Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz: A Homage to Playboy

The cigar brand is so hazardous for the human health that it should be named “Cancer” instead of 'Camel'.

Last year, Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz recreated well-known brand logos and altered them to be a bit more accurate as to what they stand for, ...

40 Honest Advertising Slogans That'll Make You Laugh

Nintendo Still Not Ready For VR, Not Enough “Truly Fun” Experiences

One of the more welcome features of the vastly improved eShop of last generation was the introduction of sales on Nintendo's digital storefront.

Google allows people to search so extensively that they keep goofing around. Google logo should have been 'Goofing'.

An original slogan, it describes the product perfectly. M&M's are a chocolate drop in hard candy shell. Protected by its shell, the chocolate may melt, ...

Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz (Part II)



30 Honest Logos Of Famous Companies · 17 Famous Ad Slogans That Work For Condom Brands As Well

Viktor Hertz created a project called Honest Logos that fetures honest versions of famous logos like Camel, Microsoft and more.

Optical Underground sign

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During a live Twitch presentation in Tokyo this morning, Sega announced that a download-only selection of 15 titles under the name SEGA AGES will be making ...


Honest Brand Slogans :


Back in January we were treated to a 15-minute Nintendo Direct Mini, complete with reveals and new details for the likes of Dark Souls: Remastered and Mario ...

Honest Brand Slogans :


Honest Brand Slogans :

Honest slogans would probably not gain as much revenue, but they are for sure, much more interesting than you can imagine.

starbucks funny honest logo What if Logos Told the Truth?

Nintendo Selects.jpg

10 WTF Facts About Famous Brands You Didn't Know

Honest Brand Slogans :

Using an already known motto, Nintendo 64 uses a very popular advertising technique to for its product slogan, challenging potential customers to buy.

Available to pre-order from: Amazon Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

More than ever though, I think Nintendo finally understands the need for 3rd party support on their console and with a new president running the show, ...

Arcade Archives Mario Bros.


17 hidden images in sports logos you won't be able to unsee

9 Honest Slogans Don't Sell Well, But Will Make you Laugh | WordPress Echo for ThisIsIons.com

Dillon on May 24

It's been a long wait since the last broadcast on 14th January, but we finally have a date and time for the next Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Using a popular advertising technique of claiming to be the best in the market, this slogan keeps with the customers. When people think of tractor brands, ...

canon see what we mean

We're heavily dependent on the popular search engine which answers all our queries, from the silliest to the most serious. But only a few know that the name ...


Switch Japan.jpg

Black Hole

It also owns 34% of Moët Hennessy, which owns brands including Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Hennessy. It sells its products in over 180 countries and ...

That's all for Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo has yet to share all its information on Switch - for example, it is still to talk in detail about its online plans and the Switch's Virtual Console ...

However, the individual parts of the logo spells out the letter of the company name.

Nintendo Fanboy Rant

Brawl, Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City and Mario Kart Wii will lose their online multiplayer, matchmaking and leaderboard support.

I think it's supposed to mean that, "good fortune can come to you, regardless of station" -- so why not this?

logos with honest slogans (20)

Chick-Fil-A We didn't invent the Chicken, just a teenage

tumblr_mvx97jEkuW1r9pgsuo1_500. Honesty ...

The Meaning of 35 Famous Brand Names (Infographic)


Zip Lash - Nintendo 3DS Standard Edition: Nintendo of America: Video Games

The Official Nintendo Seal, because "Look, guy. I'm going through a real messy divorce, and every morning I come to work to this huge pile of kids games.

In total, there are 30 funny, intriguing, unbelievable and amazing stories about the biggest brands we all know (but not everything) today. Check them out!

Insomniac PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The majority of EA games are competition games: racing games, sports games, battle games. They are a challenge, a competition for each user to come out ...

Register your physical game collection on the switch for myNintendo gold points/Free eShop credit

Here's another quote: "An intimate church community is one that provides a safe place for people to be honest and vulnerable with each other.

Nintendo Switch TVCM 協力・対戦篇

Famous Brand Logo Names Replaced with their Font Names by McCauley Creative

Overall, Nintendo has many techniques to keep the Pokemon series well and alive. They can apply these techniques, and significantly prolong the life of the ...

You know him as Weird Al, and his tweets are as goofy-smart as his song parodies. Take this one for example: “I've memorized all the digits of pi.

... Famous Brand Logo Names Replaced with their Font Names by McCauley Creative ...

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