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Hot Wheels 2000 NISSAN SKYLINE H/T GT-X HW Road Trippin MT FUJI

... represents the Mt. Fuji Touge Road in Japan. Even the card art looks fantastic. Overall, that red and white combination, the national colors of Japan, ...

01. Megane Trophy Renault

Classic Chevy Nomad - 15 Road Trippin Packaged.JPG

2015 HW Raod Trippin BP

HW-Road Trippin'-2015-17-Custom '56 Ford Truck..jpg

Hot Wheels Road Trippin' Series '69 Dodge Charger- Alligator Ave.

HW-Road Trippin'-2015-11-'47 Fleetline.jpg

First of all, any cars in the road trippin series for this moment doesn't have a rubber tires and this is surely not a factory fault or an error as this in ...

State Route 190

05. Custom '64 Galaxie 500

current, 19:52, September 7, 2014 ...

Hot Wheels 2015 Road Tripping Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X

3 For Sale

Cool Classics - 2015

I've never picked up any of the HW Road Trippin' cars until I saw these. It's not that I haven't liked any, but I was more of a Cool Classics fan, ...

K4 Great Ocean Road

... '57 Chevy ...

2014 HW Road Trippin'

3 For Sale

HW Road Trippin SR 12 BP

Hot Wheels Road Trippin 2015 Toyota 2000GT VW Scirocco GT24 Woodie

Cool Classics - 2015

State Route 375 – Is a state highway in south-central Nevada in the United States and run near the top-secret Area 51 government base and was officially ...

2014 Hot Wheels Hw Road Trippin' (31/32) Highway 212 - Tesla

Thanks Minh.

HW Road Trippin SR 360 BP

Hot Wheels Road Trippin' Series. 2014

Details zu Hot Wheels Road Trippin´ - ´47 / 1947 Chevy Fleetline "Pan-American Highway" OVP

Time for another Road Trippin' casting! This time around I have the '70 Chevelle SS Wagon representing the A1A Florida Coast Highway. And if you know me, ...

First Look: Hot Wheels HW Road Trippin' '83 Chevy Silverado…

Road Trippin Batch D:

hot wheels 2015 road trippin toyota 2000 gt

Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-X (Kaido Racer) - 2015 HW Road Trippin': Mt. Fuji Touge Road (Walmart Exclusive)

Hot Wheels '40's Woodie - 2015 HW Road Trippin': Road 14 Turquoise Trail (Walmart Exclusive)

'56 Ford F-100 - 2014 Hot Wheels "Road Trippin" #hotwheels

... 2015 HW Road Trippin' lineup! There's no real reason behind it, but I just like everything about it! The Mt. Fuji graphics on the side of the container ...

Road Trippin 2014

Hot Wheels Neet Streeter - 2015 HW Road Trippin': Road 14 Turquoise Trail (Walmart Exclusive)

Hot Wheels Riveted - 2015 HW Road Trippin': K4 Great Ocean Road (Walmart Exclusive) - YouTube

HW-Road Trippin'-2104-22-'83 Chevy Silverado.jpg

Julian's Hot Wheels Blog

HW-Road Trippin'-2015-17-Custom '56 Ford Truck.jpg

Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X (2015 Road Trippin')

HW-Road Trippin'-2104-13-'69 Dodge Charger.jpg

#32 Acura NSX – satin blue pr5bk/yw-rim

Hot Wheels Road Trippin´ - Mx48 Turbo "oberalp Pass" Neu/ovp

Neet Streeter (y)

This Toyota surpassed my expectations as far as its looks goes. I really like that dark gray paint job along with the deco, not bad at all!

HW-Road Trippin'-2015-11-'47 Fleetline..jpg

Hot Wheels HW Road Trippin' Hiway Hauler 2 Black/Green#27/32

Anyways, both of these cars are from the HW Road Trippin' series and they are both metal/metal! Posted by Julian's Hot Wheels ...

State Route 375 | Hot Wheels | Pinterest | Road trippin, Diecast and Wheels

WALMART haul in HONOLULU feat. HOT WHEELS ROAD TRIPPIN' series cars!!!! - YouTube

HW-Road Trippin'-2104-29-'09 Corvette ZR1.jpg

current, 01:02, June 3, 2015 ...

Acura NSX - 2014 Hot Wheels "Road Trippin" #hotwheels | #diecast |

Neet Streeter (z)

"Route 66" 1957 Chrysler 300 - 2014 Hot Wheels Walmart "Road Trippin"

HW-Road Trippin'-2104-23-1982 Dodge Rampage.jpg

HW-Road Trippin'-2104-01-1-4 Mile Coupe.jpg

This 2 models is gonna be a big hit this year, once these cars with their art work fixed in any series, they are totally solid in Hot Wheels history.

Tail Dragger (bg)

2014 Hot Wheels Hw Road Trippin' (31/32) Highway 212 - Tesla

Hot Wheels 2015 Wal-Mart Road Trippin' 2/21 Switchback K4 Great Ocean

Custom '56 Ford Truck (DFL50)

'76 Chevy Monza - 2014 Hot Wheels "Road Trippin" #HotWheels | #

'40s Woodie (as)

'56 Ford Truck (bi)

#12 Classic Nomad – mf green and yellow – sp5yw (Great Ocean Highway)

current, 18:58, April 26, 2015 ...

"Highway 1" '66 Chevy Nova - 2014 Hot Wheels Walmart "Road Trippin

Hot Wheels Acura NSX (HW Road Trippin' Series)

HW-Road Trippin'-2104-30-Dodge Charger Drift.jpg

Hot Wheels Hw Road Trippin Custom Cadillac Fleetwood 4/32 Route 66

Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X (2015 Road Trippin')


Dodge Rampage - 2014 Hot Wheels "Road Trippin" #HotWheels | #toys |

Hot Wheels Road Trippin' - Route 66

02/32 - "Grizzly Crossing" Neet Streeter - 2014 Hot Wheels "Highway

2014 HOT WHEELS ROAD TRIPPIN' '49 Drag Merc State ...

Custom '56 Ford F-100 (p)

Custom Cadillac Fleetwood, 2014 HW Road Trippin' ...

'70 Chevelle SS Wagon (q)

2008 Tesla Roadster (Sport) (k)

Brand New Hot Wheels Road Trippin!


Hot Wheels - HW Road Trippin' - 32/32 - Acura NSX

1978 Dodge Red Express Truck - 2014 Hot Wheels - Road Trippin' - #hotwheels

... 2014 HW Road Trippin' series. That time around it was green whereas this time it's yellow. I personally like the green one better but this one is still ...

Hot Wheels Road Trippin Cars from Mattel


Switchback - 2015 Hot Wheels - Road Trippin' #hotwheels | #diecast | #

Hot Wheels Mégane Trophy Renault Sport - 2015 HW Road Trippin': Oberalp Pass (Walmart Exclusive)

Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Acura NSX & Hiway Hauler 2 (HW Road Trippin' Series)

Hot Wheels Hw Road Trippin' Oberalp Pass - Megane Trophy Renault Sport 1/21

Hot Wheels Road Trippin' Series. 2014