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39 Aoi Kizuki joshi puroresu dreams t

39 Aoi Kizuki joshi puroresu dreams t


39 - Aoi Kizuki

Title History

Dramatic Dream Team - Daisuke Sasaki

Tsukushi in September 2010

Mio Shirai

Tsukushi and Tsukasa Fujimoto, the Dropkickers, in April 2012

BJW NEWS ~ The full event card was released for the 5/15 show in Hamamatsu. The show is set to feature several outside talent competing and the Yokohama 6 ...

Syuri - Syuri in May 2016


Aoi Kizuki - Oklahoma Roll (7:05) * Tsubasa Kuragaki def. Moeka Haruhi - Hayabusa Style Falcon Arrow (8:35) * (W)Hiroyo.

Leon (Japanese wrestler)

AJPW NEWS ~ The event cards were announced and updated or the shows between January 11 in Yaizu through the special charity show on January 27 in Hatoyama. ...

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BJW NEWS ~ Great Kojika and Minoru Fujita was announced to be competing on the May 5 show in Yokohama and the Korakuen prelude show on April 28.

~Riho becomes the first Super Asia Champion.

Aoi Kizuki and Yuki Miyazaki vs. Kaoru Ito and Takako Inoue

Isami Kodaka



(W)Ryo Mizunami, Akane Fujita def. Makoto, (L)Miyuki Takase - Hot Limit (13:40) * Aoi Kizuki def. Kaho Kobayashi - Samson Clutch (6:54)

8/6 Saitama Industrial Technology Center, Saitama (12:00) -

Masato Yoshino. profile_masatoyoshino


Atsushi Kotoge - Kotoge in September 2016

Hiroshi Fukuda was able to convince everyone in Match #2 to sing with him, even Aja Kong. They sang a song called “Gift Words” but slightly changed the ...


FMW results for December 22, ...


{4273 AF6 D - E 0 E 0 - 4 F 2 C - B

Arisa Nakajima

During the dark match Ryu Gouma gave Kaori Yoneyama a general knowledge quiz. Everytime she got a question wrong Gouma would do a wrestling move on her.

True Heart Women's Pro-Wrestling Cards is an annual card set released by BBM in Japan. The set includes wrestlers from all the major Joshi promotions at the ...

All Japan Pro-Wrestling “2017 Dream Power Series”, 3/12/2017 [Sun] 12:00 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo

Serena Deeb - Serena Deeb wrestling in Paris in March 2009

Saori Anou, the current POP Champion. Details. Promotion, JDStar · JWP Joshi Puroresu Dream Joshi Puroresu


joshi-puroresu | joshi puroresu dreams | Pinterest | Professional wrestling and Gorgeous lady

I don't know their long-term status, but the first joshi puroresu match of 2008 featured Nanae ...

Toshie Uematsu - Image: Toshie Uematsu

FREEDOMS results for September 28, 2017

Hikaru Shida - Shida posing after defeating Tsukushi in January 2012


WAVE “Happy New Year WAVE 2017” on 1/8/17 Review

2017-07-09 11-39-14 ILCE-6500 DSC01780 (cropped

... Aki Imploder on Kizuki (4) Aja Kong vs Hiroyo Matsumoto ♢Winner: Kong (11:56) with a backslide ~Respect was shown between the two as they shook hands ...


Kaoru Ito is a 20-year veteran who is best-known from her time in All-Japan Women. She spent 15 years in AJW, joining them in 1987 although she didn't make ...

Calros Amano.jpg

56 – Bambi

In wrestling[edit]


Tsukushi performing a tiger suplex on Sendai Sachiko at RibbonMania 2011

Wataru Inoue

HEAT-UP, 1/19/2017 [Thu] @ Shinyurigaoka 21 Hall

Atsushi Kotoge - Momo no Seishun Tag in April 2010

AJPW NEWS [2/18 RESULTS] ~ It was announced that KAI had suffered a concussion during the Korakuen Hall show on February 17 and will the show from today as ...

Yoshihiro Tajiri - Tajiri wrestling in HUSTLE.

Jun Kasai - Kasai in July 2016

The show began with her final tag team match with Aoi Kizuki against Yumi Ohka & Mayumi Ozaki. Ohka and Ozaki quickly took Shirai and Kizuki out of the ring ...

Tomohiro Ishii - Ishii in September 2014

Shirai in December 2010

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Ice Ribbon : New Ice Ribbon #765 Results 11/3/2016 Shinkiba 1stRING

Ruby Riott - Lovelace at a live event in September 2014

AJPW NEWS ~ All Japan announced that the World Junior match will main event the April 28 show in Okayama. The show will also see the on-going Champion ...

Atsushi Kotoge - Kotoge in April 2011

Keita Yano - Yano in the ring with Mike Sydal

Isami Kodaka - Kodaka in May 2010

Tadasuke - Tadasuke in April 2010

The champion, Misaki Ohata stands face to face with her newest title contender, Nagisa Nozaki – @MandhelingJAPAN ©

Kota Ibushi - Ibushi in August 2015

Tsukasa Fujimoto - Fujimoto in July 2010

Sendai Sachiko - The Jumonji sisters in December 2010

Ikuto Hidaka - Hidaka with one of the Tohoku Tag Team Championship belts

DDT Results for December 14, 2017 DDT 'DRAMATIC IS IT NOT?' 12

Masashi Takeda (wrestler) - Takeda in September 2015

Hi69 - Tanabe as Hi69 in 2016

Tadasuke - Tadasuke performing the WC on Green Ant

Pro Wrestling WAVE "Catch The WAVE" 2018 Review | Joshi City | joshi puroresu dreams | Pinterest


K-DOJO results for October 10, 2015

All Japan Pro-Wrestling “2018 Power Dream Series”, 3/25/2018 [Sun] 15:00 @ Saitama Super Arena, Community Hall

Chigusa Nagayo - Nagayo in December 2016

Aoi Kizuki, Sakura Hirota, (W)Tsubasa Kuragaki def. (L)Mika iida, Hiroe Nagahama, Misaki Ohata - Lariato (7:41) * Sonoko Kato def.

Kris Wolf living the Joshi Puroresu Dream | Falcon Joshi Blog

Nanae Takahashi - Takahashi in May 2011.


Yujiro Kushida - Kushida in 2008

Upcoming Puroresu Title Matches – December 23, 2016 Update

NEO DVD VHS Neo Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling Tapes Videos