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5 Twitter Political Ratbags t

5 Twitter Political Ratbags t

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Insouciant Samuel on Twitter: "Unbelievable! Using out taxes against our will to subsidise Unclean Coal in Asia that will contribute to our extinction ...

Imagine the woman who sent this tweet about Barbara Bush.pic.twitter .com/uJDXq5i8dg

... …pic.twitter.com/UQPrMqsKoG

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Financial Review on

The woman is this photograph was susequently fired by her employer, government contrator Akima LLC, a subsidiary of NANA Development Corporation

Cartoons by Jim

The American Civil Liberties Union joins the fray:

UPDATE: Vonny Leclerc has been bullied off Twitter and has now deleted her account.

#ratbag hashtag on Twitter

ODT 3.9.16 Friction, flak - Cull profile p2 (1) ...

Cartoon: The Adventures of Leigh Burr-Parti


... long time National Party political activist David Farrar, has been delinquent in its financial reporting obligations since the end of January this year.

5:53 AM - 3 Sep 2016

coexist bumper sticker

The Star 1.9.16 Cull (page 4) tweaked

Aussie Ratbag

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Tony Windsor on Twitter: "Don't worry Ben the Libs have Hanson lined up to not support the cuts to move away from the political toxicity...she will obey . ...

Tony Windsor on Twitter: "Don't worry Ben the Libs have Hanson lined up to not support the cuts to move away from the political toxicity...she will obey . ...

Now before the pond is taken to court for defamation, in reproducing that remark about loving all children regardless of their sexuality, the pond should ...

And many of the local Tory MPs, MSPs and councillors follow him on Twitter.

Rightwing ratbag Senator Cory Bernardi thought he had a great idea put together a Spotify playlist of songs for Australia Day listening and advertise same ...


The Brighton Social Forum and Reclaim the Beats; An eclectic evening of Eco- politics, Spoken Word, Live Music and D.J's.

Jonathan Ross: How about [opens his eyes wide and speaks like a talking teddy bear] a celebwity endorsement, Mozzer? [grins inanely]

Whaleoil 4.9.16 detail


Phew, what a relief, for a moment there the pond was worried, but the Dame came through, with a reminder that the road to totalitarianism is rarely driven ...

Find this Pin and more on Political Ratbags by lesmatthews54.


... does it once again with style in his latest book about the world's worst children. They are all indeed horrible, incorrigible, selfish little rat bags.

A racist carrot reclaims Australia | First Dog on the Moon | Global | The Guardian

How To Trump SJWs: Using Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' Against Liberals by [


Simon Letch goes to Texas with Melania Trump. http://www.smh.com.au/photogallery/federal-politics /cartoons/simon-letch-20090908-ffni.html

I ...

This was a restrained Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane in rebuttal the following day:

Image from twitter.com. Meme by Lynetta G (@artbylynettag)

Reader comments · Canadian city sensibly removes anti-trans Christian posters showing a man in women's washroom · PinkNews

However had this tweet ever existed, Google would likely have indexed it; yet, there is no evidence of this tweet ever being recorded by Google.

Twitter is very similar with the same content as Facebook.

Daily Mail foodbank bullshit Spoof

Do it for the LORD.

5 Jan 2016 - 10:03am

Gender politics distorts reality

(Other uber-Yoons on the thread were of course telling the Catalans more explicitly to sit down, shut up, eat their cereal and stop criminally attacking ...

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 - Ratbag (PS4) - YouTube

Reverend Hellfire's Sunday Sermon | Poetic Rantings from a Ratbag Reverend | Page 7

Could Steven's avatar have been appropriated by a Macedonian teenager's Twitter-bot-for-hire which then, somehow, mysteriously ended up 'supporting' the ...

Unidentified person voting and election sign at ACT polling booth. October 2012.

I've put up with it for some time, but for whatever reason, today I decided I wasn't going to tolerate a dishonest person lying about me in service of ...

Paul Zanetti and the Human Headline.

Emily: I like guys that aren't overly concerned with what other people think about them. Joe: Short, athletic, ambitious, well educated, artsy, brunettes.

Historical Context of Marxism Dr. John Bradford ...

Queensland government to legislate farmers land theft supporting ratbag Greens vegetation fiction

Feminist Dad

This does not mean that Theresa May is any better.

Again nothing since 2 February.

'You can't lead effectively if no-one gives you the kind of. '

Image: Twitter (Xbox)

Thousands take to streets protesting 'ratbag's Bedroom Tax - Wikinews, the free news source

cory bernardi same sex marriage amendments

Take it away First Dog, and more First Dog here.

Former cricketer Merv Hughes is the embodiment of the Aussie larrikin and ratbag.

... Rebecca Carroll, who joined ...

Witty Illustrations by Celeste Mountjoy, aka Filthyratbag | Yellowtrace

Greg Presland refuses to retract white privilege-powered misogyny claim; now blocks me. Who was being reasonsable here? You be the judge.

... 70.

A quick search of this profile will show that it doesn't exist. An attempt to register this username was successful at 7:39pm on Saturday ...

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Green activists outside one of the closed Commonwealth Bank branches in Newcastle today. Picture:

The reader is given the corresponding Pitman strokes/hooks/dots to peruse at the bottom of the page, to assist in making meaning through pattern, ...

Hate Speech: Capital city property tycoon Sir Bob Jones deploys a derogatory slur, by

Clear for landing: “These ratbags can sook and whinge as much as they like

In addition to Text from Dog, I also love First Dog On The Moon... [Archive] - Page 5 - MindRomp Forum

MD & T Rex

Ocean Infinity Will Soon Start New Search for MH370 « The Disappearance of MH370

Sarah Hanson-Young accused her political opponents of misogyny.

>2015 >No Ratbag. >

Under-age liquor sales stings in Mosgiel and Dunedin - April-October 2011.

Dame Edna Everage

Rugby volunteer Slade Sturmey helps out all of the kids he comes across - even the