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56 hercules au Voltron t Superwholock Anime and Manga

56 hercules au Voltron t Superwholock Anime and Manga


Although I don't ship Klance I like the Howl's Moving Castle crossover

This is so cute omg also it has come to my knowledge that both Keith and

Shut up and dance with me - fanfic Art by Wolfpainters Fic by wittyy-name


Voltron meets Supernatural.

Lance and Hunk.

iacediai: “ total role/body/soul/whatever swap or just AU Lance

Voltron Legendary Defenders x Inuyasha crossover. Credits to the artist

More Keithery

Keith and Shiro after their success of forming Voltron from Voltron Legendary Defender

voltron gem au | Tumblr

Voltron - Sheith by YumiKoyuki on DeviantArt

bubleboobo: “ keith doesn't want to admit he's lost ”

My entire life I've been waiting for this moment | Voltron | Pinterest | Fandoms, Spaces and Anime

5/6 hercules au

voltron legendary defender | vld | zarkon | shirogane 'shiro' takashi ...

Fantasy AU by Ink and Owl - Lance: “What if there's bad guys in there, though?” Keith: “Lance- we are bad guys.” -- The fantasy AU where Lance and Keith are ...

Keith the Red Paladin Knight from Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron - Keith x Shiro - Sheith

Pidge (Katie Holt) the Green Paladin and Matt Holt from Voltron Legendary Defender

1/6 hercules au

Voltron - Keith x Shiro - Sheith

Keith / Lance

Also trending on Pinterest

Fantasy AU.

Can I scream now? I mean I was screaming before but can I keep going

Lol the sass is real

ikimaru: “Voltron Legendary Memer ”

2/2 keith obviously did the math In this case it shouldn't be


Just imagine a guy asking her out and she goes sorry I was hopening to get

klance - Búsqueda de Twitter

I can't express how much I love this gem au

AH FIC IT but goddamn Fireman Keith can I get a hell yeah ladies?

#voltronlegendarydefender, #lancemcclain, #pidge, #keithkogane, #shiro. FangirlShiroVoltron PaladinsSuperwholockAnime ...

I don't know what to think of this it kinda looks like Yugioh xD

Image result for voltron little red riding hood au

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I reread Watercast by fishwrites and I loafed it.

Find this Pin and more on All things Voltron by ivetteagreste.

Sheith MuMu

Voltron Legendary Defender - Keith and Pidge

suit pertaining to this… < < I legit could not stop laughing at Hunk!

voltron legendary defender

Airplane, Lion, Gay, Form Voltron, Space, Plane, Leo, Airplanes, Lions

*cries* I ship them SO HARD!

trying desperately to get out of this bad art block so this this didn't come out how i really wanted it to, but i keep seeing Kim Possible aus everywhere ...

Keith / Lance

These are my favorite scenes from a The Road To El Dorado I can't stop laughing at Keith

Found on. Anime HairstylesVoltron ...

VLD AU - Apocalypse AU Keith and Shiro

2/2 Awe I loved this too cute

LANCE YOU ARE NOT USELESS! with out you the team would have fallen apart long ago. in fact there wouldn't even BE a team with out you.

Keith and Lance Fantasy AU Voltron

Keith, Lance, Shiro, Hunk, Pidge the Paladins of Voltron from Voltron Legendary Defender

Keith as a Doctor for the hospital from Voltron Legendary Defender

Cinderella au

avataraandy: “space parents ✌ “please reblog, don't steal or repost ” ”

sophie on

Voltron Legendary Defender - Someone finished Lotor's face!

large voltron wallpaper 2048x1152 Full HD

Voltron: Keith Won't Say He's In Love

Voltron and Hercules crossover

Hunk, Lance, Shiro, Keith and Pidge team up as Paladins of Voltron from

Voltron Ships — ditaauraart: a compilation of garrison!sheith.

Find this Pin and more on animation 1054 shalom by shalomtupaz.

2 phone/zipper charm, featuring Lance and Keith of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Printed on clear acrylic, comes with an iridescent (random) jelly star charm ...

i'm questioning so much bc of lotor. i'm questioning my sexuality, my loyalty to voltron, my taste in people, < < < same, except for the sexuality part unless ...

voltron legendary defender | vld | adventure time au | keith kogane x lance mcclain |

We can just go ahead and kill Lance now. Badass combatant- oh wait Lance never had that last one covered.

Find this Pin and more on Voltron by Nogisketches.

Evil Shiro - well, I won't be sleeping tonight < < < noool this isn't okay who told you this was okay? Look, the poor cinnamon roll is scared T^T

Lance AU


Kai - Fanart for Voltron

s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com 736x 99 cf 9c 99cf9c7792cc7e8c7125f5df8048a521


voltron legendary defender | vld | shiro takashi x matt holt | shatt

Voltron: Legendary Defender ** jasuemfan**

Find this Pin and more on Voltron by Nogisketches.

voltron gem au | Tumblr

This is so fucking sad wtf I didn't need this but at the same time I rly do

Keith the Red Paladin of Voltron from Voltron Legendary Defender

Keith the Emo Boy through the glass from Voltron Legendary Defender

voltron gem au | Tumblr

voltron gem au | Tumblr

Keith the Red Paladin with a mischievous cute smile on his face from Voltron Legendary Defender < < hes about to fuck shit up

souma's logs — don't cry, buddy.

Preferences and Imagines/One-Shots for the Voltron characters. I don'… Fanfiction

The Misadventures of the Voltron Family in Japan! Part 1 of ? Since I'

Keith's moment from Voltron Legendary Defender season 2

Keith XD - I rewatched this episode and almost died during this scene!

Hogwarts AU! Who's excited for season 2?

Keith and his Red Lion from Voltron Legendary Defender

Tfw u yell gay at ur cursh by KitsuneZakuro

voltron legendary defender | Tumblr

When I first watched Voltron over a year ago, Lance and Keith reminded me so much of Wally West and Artemis Crock from Young Justice.

spooky elentori noises

The (surprisingly) many expressions of Keith. < < < < His laughing face is the best because it is so rare and precious to see