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6 Study Abroad Hacks to Save Your Semester Right Now t

6 Study Abroad Hacks to Save Your Semester Right Now t


When to Start Planning for Study Abroad

Written by a girl who studied abroad for 5 months--what to pack,

Don't forget to pack these ten travel essentials if you are studying abroad or

13 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Studying Abroad - The Abroad Guide

These are smart questions to ask your study abroad advisor before you go on your study abroad semester.

15 Items You'll Be Glad You Purchased Before Study Abroad

10 Pre-departure Tips for Your Study Abroad Adventure

Need to convince your parents that studying abroad is worth it? Here's 6 tips!

Everything you need to know about packing for your semester abroad!

6 Study Abroad Hacks to Save Your Semester Right Now

20 Travel Hacks to Save Time and Money on Your Next Trip

9 Ways Studying Abroad Changes Your Life

Helpful for Studying Abroad

free scholarship study abroad planner

21 Brilliant Travel Hacks E-Book

How We Afford to Travel and how you can too!

Calculate the total cost of your study abroad semester, including what you'll spend

STUDY ABROAD ADVICE || Tips for Studying Abroad (London Experience)

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The Essential Study Abroad Packing List

The 25 Different People You'll Meet While Studying Abroad

How to make a Study Abroad Savings Timeline

... Studying Abroad in the Netherlands. Photo credit: Héctor Martínez via Unsplash

7 Travel Hacks to Help you Study Abroad on a Budget

To party and get wasted so much, you can't even remember your semester

9 Ways Studying Abroad Changes Your Life

second semester reflection

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The Ultimate Best Resource List for College Students to Save & Manage Money in 2018 (150+)

Top US Cities to Travel in Your 20s

Jumpsuit / Dress / Leather Jacket / Shorts / Striped Crop Top / Skirt / Jeans / T-Shirt / Top / Sweater / Flip Flops / Chelsea Boots / Sneakers / Sandals ...

9 Ways Studying Abroad Changes Your Life

Tips & Resources on Study Abroad Programs from The White House summit

GET A JOB ON OR OFF CAMPUS. There's no question that the best best way to save money is to make more than you spend, so send out your resume and ensure ...

The answer is yes, and I am actually set to graduate a semester early. Now you're probably wondering, “How did you make it happen Mike?

21 Brilliant Travel Hacks E-Book

"Semester at Sea is a truly unique program that is unlike any other study abroad experience available. Going on Semester at Sea was the best decision I made ...

You can save money on college many ways, but I think graduating a semester early

How to Save Money While Studying Abroad in Italy

Travel Apps. These are our favorite apps to download before studying abroad ...

Above: This has been my lock screen since early September 2016.

23 Countries Where You Save Money On Study Abroad

where to study abroad

De-Pill Your Clothing Using A Razor.

Study Abroad Tips

Study Abroad November

Whether it's down to extreme procrastination, an evil exam timetable or genuine unforeseen circumstances, you're probably here because you've realised your ...

Don't be the person who can only relate their every waking moment to their semester abroad. (i.e. me). We get it, you're so cultured now.

The London 'Underground' logo will

... Cash (bring some USD and the currency of your host location – enough to use in case of emergency)

I have been lucky enough to live abroad a lot in my life. The first time in my early twenties I moved from Australia to England for a study abroad semester.

How to Pack for a Year Abroad

We have plenty of tips to help get you organized. From study tips, to life and college hacks, this list will get you back on top of things in no time.

An image of my College Friends outside a London Red Phone Booth.

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Hat and Bag. England consistently ranks in the top study abroad ...

Travel Hacks for the Full-Time Student

Here's what to pack if you want to get through security with ease, arrive in your new “home” country well prepared, and avoid hauling along stuff you don't ...

Many students feel studying aboard is not an option for them because of the cost (I thought the same thing). But honestly, the difference between spending a ...

Photo of buildings in Denmark and students along the river. Average savings for a year abroad: $3,010

Don't have the heat too high or leave the straighteners on the fabric too long or you may cause damage… and a fire.

Packing list for study abroad in China

Luggage Matters: What to Pack In

Tips and resources on Study Abroad Programs

"One of the main reasons I came to Michigan State was that I always knew I wanted to study abroad and this was the best place to do that.

Passport and visa.

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Magnets for Semester At Sea study abroad IMAGE

Have you thought of studying abroad? Probably, yes. However, most likely you are not sitting right now at your laptop in some European country reading this ...

Use Your Macbook Power Adapter as a Bottle Opener

How to Study Abroad: Frequently Asked Questions main image

What to Pack for Study Abroad – A Study Abroad Packing List

Travel Hacks for the Full-Time Student

Budgeting for Study Abroad: What You'll Need, and How to Access Your Money

A list of ways to save money when traveling, including how to save money on

You can save money on college many ways, but I think graduating a semester early

Pack with me for Study Abroad in China (Essentials, Medicine, Documents, In-Flight..)

Travel-sized shampoo/conditioner/body wash. This is a great travel hack.

Tips and resources for Study Abroad Programs

Travel Hacks for the Full-Time Student

Packing for Semester At Sea IMAGE

Looking for ways to fund your study abroad program?


Budgeting for Study Abroad: What You'll Need, and How to Access Your Money

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Devan Kaufman (me) on a rooftop in Ahmedabad wearing a necklace of marigolds and a dot of red with rice pressed in on my forehead – a traditional welcome.

FlyAwayU | 8 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Education Abroad

Booking a flight for study abroad can be stressful if you don't have a

I think the answer lies in the fact that I wasn't being self-critical – I wasn't acknowledging that I was part of the community and that I was somehow ...

Photo by Alyssa, Forum-Nexus Study Abroad Alum

3 Month Trip, 1 Carry-On | How to Pack Light For Study Abroad in Europe

How I Studied Abroad in Three Countries