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79 year old Bodybuilder goes for World Record OMG 79 yrs old I

79 year old Bodybuilder goes for World Record OMG 79 yrs old I


79 year old Bodybuilder goes for World Record - OMG!!!! 79 yrs old. I ought to be ashamed of myself. If she can I know there is no excuse for me.

This 80-Year-Old Champion Bodybuilder Proves Age Is Just A Number

Meet the 80-year-old bodybuilding grandmother who bench presses 150lbs and runs 80 miles a week

Earnestine Shepherd, 74 yr old body builder. Didn't start working out until she was 54. Click through to view more pictures.

Meet a 77-year-old female bodybuilder - CNN.com Video Ernestine Shepherd

This super-ripped female bodybuilder is 80 years old.

Ed Cook - 57 years old - got serious about working out when he was 48

Ernestine Shepher is the world's oldest female bodybuilder. She is a strong 79 years old

Ernestine Shepherd age 79 was born June 16, 1936. She is an African American bodybuilder, best known for being, at one point, the oldest competitive female ...

79 Year Old Female Bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd

Meet 79 Year-Old Body Builder, Ernestine Shepherd #MondayMotivation | 234Star

12 Ripped Old People

Ernestine Shepherd, oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world, declared by Guinness Book of

Photo from 75 years young.

100 yr old bodybuilder. Now I REALLY feel like crap.

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Lee Haney

Larry Scott


Wendy Ida and Ernestine Shepherd


1 Year Steroid free Transformation 15-16 | Jack Willow 16 year old bodybuilder - Motivation

Couples Can Now Attend A 'Sexercise' Class Together

There were two bodybuilders who sued me – Lou Ferrigno and Arnold. I never said a word about it in my magazine. Now Weider claims he discovered Ferrigno.

1977-79 Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane.

Larry Scott

Chris Dickerson

Image may contain: 1 person

K J Joseph

Frank Zane

At Sig Klien's show I think I did 200 or 210. As the years went by I kept practicing. It has to do with strength, but the strength is not as important as ...


Bobby Pandour - 1876 to 1920

This 79-year-old model, Wang Deshun, rocked the runway like a boss at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Guinness World Records Has Second Thoughts About Franklin Man's Biggest Arms « CBS Boston

Lee Haney

I won America's most muscular man three-years-in-a-row: 1942, 43 and 44. I was the only one in the history of the AAU to win it three times in a row.

The Beach that Atlas ( Pic below ) went to was Point Lookout in Nassau, Long Island. He had a summer home there. Did a lot of running on the beach.


Click To Enlarge. Lee Haney (1991) Versus Dorian Yates (1993).

Dan Lurie at 79 Years Old

Sergio Oliva

Click To Enlarge. Chris Dickerson.




... star of Bodybuilding.com's new program Home Body, talks about her past in reality TV and her present as a fitness star and bike racer.


Gazzetta's website record 4.29 million visitors on July 10, their highest ever. Even if they don't like us, they must write about us, we keep their business ...

If just a few more of you land here today I will break my all-time record for monthly readership since starting this blog in 2007.


Muscle Training Illustrated - Sergio Vs Arnold - 1968

FluffChris " ...

Strength Life Legacy

And something more Muslced here. OMG.

How to Do Athleisure Right


Muscle & Fitness [Print + Kindle]

To follow Marlana on her competition journey, check her out on YouTube "Blame Marlana"

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Iron chef: Robert Irvine showed off his pumped pecs during a stroll with his wife

Y'all.. it's #sundayfunday and I'm in the gym.


Hopsin Addresses Suicide Tweets And Upcoming Hiatus


Stan Efferding, world's strongest pro bodybuilder and inventor of the Kooler, on Shark Tank : powerlifting

Alicia Weber is a sponsored athlete and professional coach in many sports for all ages and

Confusion: While it's been suggested she is Jeremy's new flame, others are suggesting they

Welcome to Australia

It's over for this dude. He needs the BLACK PILL!

http://householdphysician.com/images/ch32_1.jpg (over 100 years ago)

That is a 79-year old in the photo. Gordon Borges is now 84 years old and is thinking about crushing your head like a grape. All criticisms about the ...

a breakdown when I saw the photos. I was horrified at how I looked. In the six years since, 4 -5 of those years I had actually gotten down to my ideal ...

[WC] World Cup 2014 - General Talk Thread [Archive] - Page 7 - Juventuz Forums


But wait a second, what's that sorry, Woman doing ?



Rebel is the first of 3 in the Dead Man's Ink series and can be read before, after or independently to the Blood & Roses series.

How To Make Sleep A Priority Again

Image courtesy of http://smartonlinesuccess.com/wp-content/uploads

... 100 years ago)

Despite trying numerous fad diets Cindy was unable to shift her excess weight before she began

Fat adapted world class runner.