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8 Lesser Known Indian Special Forces That Are Among t

8 Lesser Known Indian Special Forces That Are Among t


Top 5 Special Forces Of India - Indian Special Forces (Hindi)

8 Lesser-known Indian Special Forces That Are Among The Best In The World

Who will win a battle between Indian Army Para-Commandos and Pakistani SSG? - Quora

It's one of the few Indian special forces, that's exclusively trained in guerrilla warfare.

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Ghatak Force

This unit of braves played key role in 1971 war, operation bluestar, the famous hostage rescue mission in Kashmir (1995) and is also believed to have ...

Besides this there are many ongoing COIN Operations in J&K and Eastern States like SSG is involved in Pakistan.

Is India finally ready to see women in military combat? Excuses won't hold for long - Firstpost

INDIAN ARMY Warrior Song 2017.

Four American F-15 Eagle pilots from the 3d Wing walk to their jets at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

India's most strong special force: Para Commandos

7. National Security Guard

Lesser-known Indian Special Forces That Are Among The Best In The World

... training centers in the world and is frequented by Special Ops teams from the U.S, U.K & Russia. U.S Special Forces trained at HAWS before their ...


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16 Impressive Things Indian Navy Marine Commandos Do In Training That Deserve Our Respect

MARCOS (Marine Commandos), is a special forces unit that was raised by the Indian Navy in 1987 for direct action, special reconnaissance, amphibious warfare ...

Military delegates arrive at the Great Hall of the People for a meeting ahead of the opening ceremony of the National People's Congress (NPC), in Beijing, ...

... via the Directorate General of Security in the Cabinet Secretariat. It's so classified a set-up that even the army may not know what it's up to.

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They are way ahead in terms of technology and self-sufficient in producing defense equipment and also their defense budget is 8-9 times that of India.

Gorkha regiments (India) - Wikipedia

R&AW recruits from this elite Special Forces unit for their Special Activities Group (SG).

Some of the examinations which you can go through after completing the graduation course in Indian Army are

Ranks In Indian Army | Indian Army Ranks, Insignia And Hierarchy Explained (Hindi)

The Special Forces of the Indian Military rank amongst some of the most elite and most feared soldiers in the world. The way they are groomed mentally and ...

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Not anybody can become a MARCOS soldier; it takes something special to be one.

The amount of confidence in each other and themselves is tremendous. Firing while rolling and snaking their way through an actual mined path, ...

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Viola Zhou

... in the British Indian Army. gorkha regiment

Para Commandos Indian Army Parachute Regiment

The army in the Presidencies of Bengal, Bombay, and Madras were unified into a single Indian Army in 1895. However, for administrative needs, it was divided ...

Surgical Strike: 150 Para Commandos Killed 35 Militants in 90 Minutes in PoK at LoC - YouTube

How well do you know India's paramilitary forces and their roles? - FYI News


... Indian Army. Gorkha regiment

The Absolutely Fearless Elite Indian Army Commandos Who 'Eat Glass'

This force boasts of the fastest response time in the world and responds to a terror strike in less than 15 minutes. Respect!

India has the biggest "voluntary" army in the world.

The youngest special force of the services, the Garud Commando Force is entrusted with the duty of protecting critical Air Force bases, carrying out rescue ...

... he is not formally inducted into the regiment until completion of the balidan padhwhere, after training, a candidate is involved in active operations in ...

Special Ops American

10th Battalion was mandated to operate in the Western Desert and 9th Battalion in the northern mountains. In 1969, these battalions were redesignated as 9 ...

Wallpapers Indian Army

Air Force Basic Military Training

A woman reacts at a protest against the rape of an eight-year-old

Delta force operators disguised as Afghan civilians.

Source: India TV

Top 10 Powerful Commando Forces in the World

Source: IBN

Hamid Karzai with Special Forces and CIA Paramilitary in late 2001.

Indian Army Special Forces soldier in Kashmir[615x739]

US Army Special Forces soldier Roy Benavidez, Yaqui Indian (1935-1998). GI JOE action figure, Medal of Honor recipient Roy P. Benavidez (below).

... meaning the "bearded army" by terrorists because of their bearded disguise in civil areas, MARCOS are capable of operations in any kind of terrain, ...

HELL MARCH _ Indian Army ...

One of Pakistan Navy's previous bluish UCP in 2010.

1. Mehvish Mushtaq, Srinagar


Indian Muslim children carry Indian flags as they celebrate on the eve of India's Independence Day

The training of MARCOS is probably the most stringent in the world with the commandos being tested for physical and mental toughness.


8. Sumita Ghose, Bikaner

2. Pabiben Rabari, Kukadsar

... that were chosen to lead India's push to reclaim what was ours. In a tense 36 hour operation, it was the three Indian regiments that persevered.

Pakistan Air Forces's Special Service Wing in its current Camouflage.

Known as the Adonis of Indian cinema for his good looks and charismatic personality, he cast his cinematic spell over generations of Indian women.

Indian Military Weapons T Indian Military Weapons T

The parachute units of the Indian Army are among the oldest airborne units in the world.


11 Of The World's Most Dangerous Special Forces

Vinod Khanna,Swami Vinod Bharti,Osho

What Are The MOST ELITE Special Forces in the World?

15 Reasons The Indian Navy MARCOS Are The Best In The World

Sania Mirza

Asifa Bano: This 8-year-old's rape and murder is a horror story beyond sexual violence in India

It's 25 years since satellite TV came to India. We look back at the early years (before saas-bahu serials took over our screens) and zoom in on 25 desi ...

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The Absolutely Fearless Elite Indian Army Commandos Who 'Eat Glass'


Roza Shanina, a Soviet sniper during World War II, credited with 54 confirmed target hits. About 400,000 Soviet women served in front-line duty units, ...

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Pakistan military troops in relief efforts missions in 2005.

What is so special about the Para SF of the Indian Army?

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