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A Byzantine embroidered dalmatica also known as a tunic or tunica

A Byzantine embroidered dalmatica also known as a tunic or tunica


A Byzantine embroidered dalmatica (also known as a tunic or tunica). Variations on the Byzantine dalmatica later took on specified roles in religious ...

Byzantine embroidery was also prized in Western Europe as shown by the so- called Dalmatic of Charlemagne purported to be commissioned or given as a ...

The so-called “Dalmatic of Charlemagne”. Gift of the Patriarch of Constantinople, Isidore of Kiev to Pope Eugene IV The only medieval liturgical vestment ...

300 – 1300 Dalmatica tunics

6th to 8th century tunica...wool

The Eagle Dalmatica worn for the coronation by Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire (Duerer painting of Charlemagne).Chinese damask, purple silk embroidery ...

Late Roman tunic - Tunica Manicata

Clothing of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire

This is a long tunic that is belted at the wait with the tunic slightly flapping over the belt, eventuating the waist. The belts were usually of jeweled ...

Latest style of the tunic, shorter with boots

441,α_0_md.jpg (402×600)

Byzantine Garb I made for the SCA

Middle Byzantine citizen lived in Mediterranean region of Empire. Bracelets and earrings - copies of

Late Roman tunic with embroidered sleeves and clavi

Dalmatica - trying to go away from the shape of the body / usually worn over

Black Embroidery on Star Coptic Tunic

My byzantine costume based on the fresco of Charm in Cappadocia, with the belt replica

The coronation of belonging, floor-length, side slotted Adlerdalmatika (a dalmatica is actually a garment of a deacon) was first mentioned in a transfer ...

Tunica Manicata I (Spätrömische Tunika)

Coptic embroidery and garb

Delmatikion (Dalmatica) instructions:

White Embroidery: Coptic Star Tunic in Blue Linen

byzantine embroidery | An Icon of the Kingdom of God: The Integrated Expression of all the .

Byzantine shirt (my version based on Manazan cave tunic + Varangian Guards' images)

Full Byzantine Ensemble (Tunica, Dalmatica, and Contabulatim)

Tunica manicata - Google Search

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coptic-Byzantine wool tunic ...

12th Century Tunic from Palermo (1125-50), blue and gold silk, embroidered by gold, pearls and filigrees. Kunsthistorishes Museum, Vienna

Full Byzantine - Tunica and Dalmatica #Byzantine #garb #SCA

tunica copto

Tunica 1 - Back View #Byzantine #garb #SCA

Extant tunic: woven in one piece; red wool braid applied at neckline; inwoven

Dalmatica-wide sleeved T shaped garment worn over tunica by the clergy and also by both sexes of the secular population

Byzantine shirt (my version based on Manazan cave tunic + Varangian Guards' images)

The women on the left is wearing a Dalmatica which is worn floor length and often belted. The Colobium is worn over or under Dalmatica.

century Bamberg tunic - the dalmatic of Heinrich II (reconstruction)

Byzantine Tunica and Dalmatica Pattern Layouts

Byz2.jpg (337×700) · ByzantineBeadworkPearl Embroidery

Egyptian (Coptic) tunic, 6th to 7th century, wool; tapestry weave, 60.62 in. high 41.00 in. wide (154 cm high 104.1 cm wide). Met Museum.

C-Costumi 008

Dalmatica 13th century. Liturgical garment.

Dalmatica and Tunica Flat Tunic Design by JINSUK OH at Coroflot

Palla byzantine - worn by women over their tunic for an added form of modesty

Tunic #byzantine #sca #garb

The so-called Dalmatic of Charlemagne is held in the Treasury Museum of the Vatican Basilica. However, it is neither originally a dalmatic, nor was it.

Basic Byzantine tunica and dalmatic from around 900AD. From http://maddybarone.

Dalmatica of German Emperor Henry II. Coronation mantle.

Byzantine clothing Tunic and cape.The cape is hand painted

tunica_stregone.jpg 606×845 pixels

Byzantine Fashions 39 / Byzantine Fashions / Kids printables coloring pages

Now, if you have a fine derriere, so to speak, feel free to elongate that gore to your waist, but the original tunic's gore comes off the hip.

Tunic fragments

Once your garments are completely sewn, then it's time to go in and add all the really rich goodies to your pieces, such as hundreds of pearls and other ...

Byzantine 324 Dress

Kamision (Tunica) instructions:

Byzantine- Tunica with segmentae (decorative embroidery/brocade patterns) 1450 A.

Byzantine_Fashions_10.jpg (724×1024)

Late Roman tunic - Tunica Manicata

Byzantine: Fitted tunic sleeve show under larger white outer tunic called an alb. Dates

garb 9 byzantine gown front by eleadodge, underdress/Tunica #Byzantine #garb #

Chasuble This highly decorative cape is a part of Byzantine clergy costume. It features three

Byzantine Dalmatic, Ecclesiastical Costume 12th Century.


This Roman tunic was worn in the late century AD, called tunica manicata, with long narrow sleeves.

Garb Gallery | Anachronistic and Impulsive Byzantine outfit!

dalmatica.jpg 720×960 pixels

Roman women's costume consisted of three simple garments. TUNICA (underdress), STOLA (

Mosaic from the San Vitale church in Ravenna. Few later emperors would dress so simply as in a mosaic as Justinian I here, though his dress is far richer at ...

Brocade is a Byzantine textile pattern. J. Crew Collection Dress Fall 2013 (wool

Late Roman tunic detail

Dalmatica classica, con collo tondo e stola diaconale incrociata · Religion Byzantine

Dolce & Gabbana - Detalles A/W 2013/2014

Original natural flax linen medieval style dress with trim and lacing

Coptic Star Tunic: Comes in black or white embroidery thread color.

Vestimenta Romana Toga Toga y Toga Sintesis para cenar Tunica, ...

Detail from a late century tunic

Dalmatica of Charlemagne.


Reproduction of the Ruggero's dalmatica. By la Bottega di Morgana https

Holy Roman Empire - Dalmatica and Sandals of Charlemagne, Insignia of the Kings of France at their Coronation, preserved in the Treasury of the Abbey of St.

Child's tunic | Whitworth Art Gallery


Byzantine coptic tunic for sale - Google Search



Full Byzantine - Tunica and Dalmatica #Byzantine #garb #SCA | Byzantine, Persian, Turkish and Ottoman Fashions | Pinterest | Byzantine, Medieval clothing ...

dalmatica traje liturjico tunica de mangas anchas y hasta el codo equivalente al chiton griego

Byzantine silk tunic

Construction of Late Antique period (Greco-Roman & Byzantine) tunic ( dalmatica)

Justinian and His Attendants, mosaic in San Vitale. Ravenna, Italy. Early Byzantine

la dalmatica, una prenda típica de los hombres, era de color rojo y dorado

The Dalmatica.

Byzantine segmentae

Icon with the Triumph of Orthodoxy (Byzantine), c. tempera and gold on wood, 39 cm x 31 cm (British Museum, London)

The Armor Peplum Top in Black by Yoana Baraschi at CoutureCandy.com Brocade is a