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A GenXer39s Rant What39s Wrong with My Millennial Employees

A GenXer39s Rant What39s Wrong with My Millennial Employees


Millennial view: the long-term effects of Millennial bashing - Relate by Zendesk

This Millennial Rant Deserves A Trophy For Being Most Wrong | Cracked.com

Talking about my generation: A millennial's Tumblr rant about how it was easier for his

Workers at the Amazon fulfillment center in Robbinsville, New Jersey, Aug. 1,

Sarah Hyland Goes Off on Haters Who Called Her a 'Privileged Millennial' Over CVS

To some extent, say experts, the Millennial obsession with social media, their need

Fired Yelp worker's rant doesn't make all millennials 'entitled' - Chicago Tribune

The INSIDER Summary:

We're on the same team here. If a millennial can finagle work-from-home three days a week — so can you. If a millennial can be more efficient with her time ...

Martin Shkreli: the most hated millennial in America


Simon Sinek - pictured - became an internet sensation for his answer to the millennial question

Dan Lyons, a longtime technology writer, offers a hilarious, eye-opening look

Manager Tips for Keeping Millennial Employees

I'm a millennial in the workplace and I can't get my Gen-X colleagues to be vulnerable. Help! — Quartz at Work

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Tweeting this is on par with "Yes, fellow humans, let's put down our weapons and open the airlock."

Some eminently hatable millennials in a Getty stock image

Having a good cursive hand also affects your handwriting in general. My mixed hand — or what my friend's mom once called "fancy-schmancy handwriting" over ...

Millennials like me need real solutions, not a £10,000 gimmick | Iman Amrani | Opinion | The Guardian

The Conservative Millennial

Christian McCrave, 21, stands in front of his parents' house in London, Ont. He moved back in when he couldn't find a job after graduating with a degree in ...

Baby boomers, Gen X'ers, and non-Christians are not off the hook. The whole of humanity needs this lesson. But I'm directing this to my generation, ...

How millennials are INFURIATING their seniors at work | Daily Mail Online

Texan woman's video rant about 'lazy' fellow millennials earns 40 MILLION views | Daily Mail Online


Why Most of What You've Been Told About Millennials and Gen Z Is Dead Wrong | Inc.com

Millennials | What's wrong with this generation

I'm part of that generation so I have my own emotional reasons to disagree with Sinek, but I thought I'd write more about what the data tells us about ...

The Conservative Millennial

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Scott Hess. At the intersection ...

Troels Graugaard via Getty Images

Millennials' delight … a screen grab from Charli XCX's Boys video.

Hello, I'm a Millennial: Meghan Markle is not really a black princess

Ready to join the resistance?

Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images

How to Manage a Boomer

Reddit users have taken to the site to answer the question: 'What work moment

Madeleine Lawson

Fuck You, I'm Not A Millennial

'The Revenge of Analog' author David Sax (Christopher Farber)

Millenials Artical

What's wrong with being elitist if you are trying to encourage people to join the elite rather than being exclusive?

There is a reason George Bailey was considered a “friend of the little guy…” and a hometown hero was because that “Own Your Own Home” promise in the advert?


Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, at the AIPAC convention in Washington, DC, this week Noam Galai / Getty ...

Jamie Chung

Girl working


milton friedman Eddie Adams/AP Over the ...

The Participation Trophy Generation is a Lie and I Can Prove it | Inc.com

“I've seen so many straight millennial women complain that they're ready for a serious relationship, but their boyfriends still want to 'hang with his boys' ...

Iranian pro-regime protesters hold anti-Israeli placards at a rally in Tehran,

Look ...

A typical self-absorbed millennial (Credit: Alamy)

Netflix's Marvel series “Luke Cage” has added Alfre Woodard to the cast, TheWrap has learned.

Stefanie Williams (above) blasted Talia Jane, the Yelp employee who was fired hours

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Teens are even more frugal than millennials, but in a different way.

... Deloitte Global Consulting CEO. “You can talk about it in absolutes, but context matters. The [millennial] group is getting older.



Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness - Simon Sinek - YouTube

Here's how being a poor millennial has actually worked in my favour

BEST SPEECH EVER - Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace | SO INSPIRING!

Millennials: The Worst, Most Entitled, Most Spoiled Generation in the History of Humankind? | Alternet

My column on the latest bout of cyber-nattery for The Scotsman (online version), Monday 29th June

The Kush

The governor who poisoned Flint: The GOP's Rick Snyder thought he might be president. Not so fa.

How millennial are you? The Generation Y quiz

Millennials fail to rise to challenge of Baby Boomers – Orange County Register

Think Your Co-Workers Act Like Children? You're Right