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A Viking cargo ship known as a knarr Viking Age t

A Viking cargo ship known as a knarr Viking Age t


Enlarge / A Viking merchant ship carries trade goods far from home, including a special freeze-dried cod called stockfish.

A Viking cargo ship, known as a knarr

Viking ships

Viking longboat ships were used to travel from one raid to another. The act of

Knarr, The Oldest Norse Merchant Ship

"Ottar", the Roskilde knarr replica under sail. Find this Pin and more on Viking Age - Ship ...

“Model of the Gokstad ship” ...

The ship on average was around 16 meters and a beam of 5 meters. It could carry up to 24 tons and if compared to the cog the difference is huge.

reconstructions of a freighter/knarr. Viking ...

Vikings - wouldn't be great to be on the seas like this?

Illustrations Originales Explorateurs

... the longship called a drakkar or dragon ship and the more sturdy cargo ship called a knarr. Without these ships, the Viking Age, as we know it, ...

Skudelev ship model. The Vikings

... the Viking Ship Museum. See more. Norske knarr replica "Saga Siglar"

Viking Knarr 1/35 - DUŠEK SHIP KITS

knorr and longship comparison

She could carry a good deal of cargo which meant a deeper draught, therefore unusable in shallow river waters. Typical length to width ratio was 3:1.

A small knarr. Replica of Skuldelev 1

Viking Ships - War Machines of the Past - Documentary Films

Viking Knarr

They are all now preserved at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, which mercifully has an English version of its Website (The viking Ship Museum ).

Havhingsten, rekontruksjon av Skuldelev II. 30 m lang og 3.8 m bred. Er

similar to Phoenician vessels. Find this Pin and more on Viking knarr ...

Knarr, a trading ship from the Viking Age by Flemming Bau

Viking ships

Knarr "Ottar" - Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde · Viking ShipViking AgeRoskildeDark AgesMedievalBoatsConstructionMiddle AgesBuilding

The long, narrow boat features a single red-and-white striped sail,

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, is home to Skuldelev 1, this faithful reconstruction of a circa 1030 knarr, a utilitarian Norse merchant ship.

Viking Ships for War, Trade and Exploration. The Viking Age

The remains of Skuldelev ship 3 in the Viking Ship Museum (Roskilde).

Viking Cargo Ship Knarr Paper Model - by Inkjet Paper Scissors -- A model of

Viking Knarr - Waterline Model

Side view of Gokstad ship showing the deck

Viking longships

Drawings of a Viking ship

Viking Knarr Ship

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Depending on how much cargo a knarr hauled, it could transport up to ninety men. Knarrs easily maneuvered large waves and were light enough to portage ...



Skuldelev II. Skipsvrak gravd fram i Roskilde i 1962. Ble bygget i Dublinområdet rundt

The Ottar, a modern-day reconstruction of a Viking knarr or cargo ship.


The Vikings eventually settled down in many of the countries they had invaded. Consequently, some of their words entered the language spoken by the locals.

The Sea Stallion arriving in Dublin. It is the worlds largest reconstruction of a Viking Age warship. The original ship was built at Dublin c. 1042.

Viking ships

Here are some pics.

Dragon Harald Fairhair is rowed by 100 men in the strait Karmsund. Replica of viking ships ...

Anyway, as far as I know, Skuldelev 2 is the largest Viking-era warship that we have direct evidence of. The modern reconstruction required 20 oak trees, ...

The Norse had a strong sense of naval architecture, and during the early medieval period they were advanced for their time. VIKING NAVIGATION

The picture to the left shows a sketch of the side view and hull section, and a photo of a 9th century ship that was recovered early in the 20th ...

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“Model of Oseberg Ship in Maritime Museum in Stockholm,Sweden ...

The Vikings were great ship builders and were known to have developed many other types of ships. They constructed large cargo ships, called knörrs or knarrs ...

Oseberg Ship, Viking Ship Museum, Oslo.

The Boat. The Viking longboat ...

Karve (ship)

Mastermyr Viking tools and chest. Throughout the Viking Age ...

VIKINGS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsr17wQ9idA&t=3s ...

Replica of viking ships and boats in the Roskilde fiord.

Viking ships Viking ships

... title of the Viking Ship paper model

A-DCTM Penguin UK DK AL631061 imdsed

A recretion of the large, sturdy Norwegian longships known from the sagas.

beta build for the Viking Ship paper model

Another reconstructed Viking ship, the Sea Stallion. You can easily see that "staying dry" will be all but impossible on this voyage.

The Drakkar, the best known of the spectacular longships, were symbolic of the legendary Vikings. A rather late invention (11th century), these ships were ...

Viking Knarr

Viking ships

The dragon head was detachable. It was supposed to scare the enemies and was removed usually on a return home.

Model Ship Fittings As Well As 1 72 Model Ships Or Model Ship Builders Association Also Black Pearl Ship Model For Sale

News of the terrible stormsurge that almost washed away the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, earlier this month, brought up memories of my visit ...

Image is loading Vintage-Viking-Dragon-Ship-model-with-stand-assembled-

Largest reconstruction of a longship arrived in Dublin on 8/14/07 – “Viking Longship 'Sea Stallion' Arrives In Dublin” by infomatique is licensed under CC ...

The preserved remains of the Oseberg Ship, now located in the Viking Ship Museum (

Photo by Katrin Driscoll. "

Viking ships

Draken Harald Hårfagre. Gjenskaping ev en av storskipene fra sagalitteraturen. Kan også være en

This wooden viking ship model is built according to scale through original plans, pictures and drawings.

Fosen Folk High School students sailing a square-sail-rigged boat in the Trondheim

The Viking Ship Museum has information on the famous longboats that ...

Skuldelev 1 at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, DK.

sea battle sketch

Viking Knarr

Top 5 Greatest Viking Longships Of Contemporary Times


Viking Longship

Bayeux tapestry, Viking ship