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A Wll Street Journal analysis of Chinese economic data suggests

A Wll Street Journal analysis of Chinese economic data suggests


What 'Unofficial' Data Say About Slowdown

Lucky, Good or Tipped Off? The Curious Case of Government Data and the Pound - WSJ

The release of the study comes at a time of backlash against globalization, one factor in the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president.

... The Wall Street Journal. China Maintains 6.9% Economic Growth, Beating Expectations as Beijing Walks Tightrope

Lucky, Good or Tipped Off? The Curious Case of Government Data and the Pound - WSJ

Are traders getting an early glimpse at U.K. government data? Currency markets suggest yes

The Link Between Economic Growth and Tax Cuts Is Tenuous

What 'Unofficial' Data Say About Slowdown

China's Economic Growth in 2015 Is Slowest in 25 Years

China's Robust Economic Growth to Face Pressure in 2018. “

Why Soaring Assets and Low Unemployment Mean It's Time to Start Worrying

Moody's Investors Service cut China's sovereign credit rating on Wednesday, citing expectations that the country's

Another measure of GDP that some economists think better reflects underlying demand in the economy—real final sales—was raised to show a 3.3% gain in the ...

China Economic Growth Is Slowest in Decades

China's Central Bank Moves to Spur Economic Growth. By. Lingling Wei. Lingling Wei. The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Economy Glides Back to Steady, Modest Growth Path. By. Jeffrey Sparshott. Jeffrey Sparshott. The Wall Street Journal

The country's gross domestic product, the broadest measure of goods and services produced across the economy, expanded at a 2.8% pace last year versus a ...

Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton's Speech on the Economy

Eurozone GDP Shows Meager Expansion. By. Marcus Walker,. Marcus Walker. The Wall Street Journal

Mutual funds sour on startup investments in ominous sign for tech boom http://

In Chinese business and political circles, conversations frequently return to a familiar question: When will President Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign ...

China GDP Growth Rate Is Slowest in Five Years

Photo: The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

Photo: The Wall Street Journal

China's economic expansion accelerated for the first time in seven years in 2017, but slowing investment growth suggests weakening momentum for this year.

Some 70% of 503 exporters interviewed by Global Sources in April expected an increase in revenue in the second half, up from 51% the last time the survey ...

Next task for Clinton, Sanders: securing the minority vote http://on. Data Visualisation

The Wharton economics found a correlation between a rise in unemployment and the loss of public confidence in banks – meaning faith may largely be a ...

A new Labor Department report aims to debunk the perception that all Asian-Americans are faring well economically

'Official Statistics Understate Chinese Unemployment Rate'

Further, he said, Chinese companies answer to the Communist Party and government, which are motivated less by profit than social objectives, ...

Officials recognize the risk. Despite the broader economic rally underway, private investment has never truly recovered from the downturn in late 2015.

Wind data show a greater-than-expected share of loss-making public companies that reported a large return-on-equity loss in 2014 bookended by small profits ...

China's Bright Economic Future Is Bound Up in the Past. “

Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings 2017 methodology

Columnist Jo Craven McGinty explores the main jobless rate and its less-heralded sibling statistics. Find this Pin and more on WSJ ...

A home for sale in Fort Washington, Pa., in October.

Workers walk out the main gate of Qian'an steelworks of Shougang Corporation on January 20, 2016 in Tangshan, China. Getty Images

Shoppers walking along Oxford Street in London. Data on retail sales are among the statistics

... June from a year earlier, but the most recent data shows the price of the service is growing more slowly than the overall measures of income and wages.

A worker checks a part at a Renault-Dongfeng factory in Wuhan, China,

WSJ Logistics Report

Understanding China's Economic Indicators: Translating the Data into Investment Opportunities (paperback) 1st Edition

Front page of the first issue of The Wall Street Journal, July 8, 1889

The Debt You Should Worry About

... suggest the size of the emerging economies of China, India and Russia tend to be underestimated by nominal exchange rates and conversely GDP data in ...

Factory-Job Rebound Produces Winners, Losers

A worker checks steel products in Dalian, China. Value-added industrial output,


Experts said they didn't expect major changes in the final version, the text of which wasn't immediately available.

The Chinese Economic “Death Spiral”

China Real Time

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Institute analyzed bank records to see how many people were actually

Some senior British statisticians and policy makers have long feared that the U.K.'s wide

China Real Time

Beijing Diversifies Away From U.S. Dollar

The meaning of stocks' positive reaction to Friday's bad jobs report

Erik Holm

FBI texts show no evidence of conspiracy, WSJ finds

... The Wall Street Journal. chart. China's real estate sector directly accounts for roughly 12 percent of GDP. To help put this figure in perspective, ...

The top line shows the growth of GDP. Emissions of sulfur dioxides and soot have not been rising with GDP, and even emissions of carbon dioxide have been ...


In Reversal, Cash Leaks Out of China

Chinese Economic Growth

The WSJ Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter: From Big Macs to

A visitor to the China Property Investment Show in Beijing on Sept. 21 tours booths

Attendants prepare ahead of the opening session of the National People's Congress (NPC) at

European Union flags wave in front of the headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. Associated Press

... about a slowdown in trade - bad news, it's already here https://www.wsj .com/articles/the-trade-slowdown-investors-fear-has-already-arrived-1530709203 … ...

A factory belonging to the Chinese display maker BOE Technology Group Co. in Chongqing.

As it turns out, quite a lot. A non-scientific study of Commerce Department data suggests that in February, U.S. consumers spent an annualized $1.2 trillion ...

Preference among 39,600 Chinese Women for Number of Children, According to Age, Residence, and Educational Level.

Infographic: The Countries Polluting The Oceans The Most | Statista

How Pizza Night Can Cost More in Data Than Dollars

... suggest the size of the emerging economies of China, India and Russia tend to be underestimated by nominal exchange rates and conversely GDP data in ...

Cover of The Wall Street Journal (March 23, 2016), with the headline story reporting on the 2016 Brussels bombings

... 8. FirstCase StudyAnalysis: Google inChina China, Wall Street Journal ...

America's fast-growing retirement-age population is doing all it can to balance out

Which World Cup Country Is the Most American?

Figures. Table 1 Percentage of Articles Using Each Issue Frame The New York Times (%)


'There's a greyness' to Chinese company data, says Brandon Emmerich, of data. '

That variances in American and Chinese economic expectations are even starker when the question asks about the outlook for the next generation.

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In Reversal, Cash Leaks Out of China

Meanwhile, there was no aggregated report about OWS after Dec.16 until the author studied the statistics. The original data about Chart 3 is attached in ...

China's Trade Data Suggests Weaker Domestic Demand

An ominous trend threatens to undermine the economic recovery and the accompanying phenomenon of soaring bank stocks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The charts below show the correlation for lags one through 20 of the GDP data for China and several other countries. High correlation values across time ...

J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley both are in the process of exiting from the business of storing physical commodities.

Chinese real estate is the least affordable in the world

U.S. Historical Index of EPU

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Gender Pay Gap Runs Deep at Big, Global Companies, U.K. Data Suggest