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A chrysalis Latin chrysallis from Greek chrysalls

A chrysalis Latin chrysallis from Greek chrysalls


Chrysalis of Orange-spotted Tiger Clearwing (Mechanitis polymnia)

Beautiful Australian Butterfly Chrysalis: Common Crow - What's That ...

The chrysalis (pupa stage) of the Metallic Mechanitis butterfly from Costa Rica.

A chrysalis (Latin chrysallis, from Greek χρυσαλλίς = chrysallís, plural: chrysalides,

Latin chrésallis from Greek khrūsallis khrūsallid- gold-colored pupa of a butterfly from khrūsos gold ; see chryso- .

To know the power of resonance is to be anything we want Georgie. Find this Pin and more on chrysalis ...

Tithorea Tarricina Chrysalis..before The Transformation

The golden chrysalis of Tithorea tarricina. This quite uncommon species is present in Mexico and in Central and South America.

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis

camouflaged chrysalis

A Monarch chrysalis right before the butterfly emerges.

Cream Spotted Clearwing Butterfly Chrysalis

Common crow butterfly (Euploea core) chrysalis illustrating the Greek origin of the term: χρυσός (chrysós) for gold

The Monarch butterfly chrysalis is a perfect example of form and function. Many chrysalids of

Into the chrysalis: When the caterpillar gets big enough, it makes a hard waxy

Chrysalis of gulf fritillary.

Find a cocoon in the wilderness. Checked off my list in March 2013

Pteromalid wasp on monarch chrysalis

Cocoon Articles and Butterfly Life Cycle


Pupa of cabbage looper.

Pupal mating[edit]

The chrysalis will split along the lines of the two antennae and then it will pull itself out and then hang while pumping up its wings with the fluid stored ...


Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Pupa.

an upside-down butterfly develops. The photo above shows what happens as the chrysalis ...

Monarch butterfly chrysalis.

Tumbler (pupa) of a mosquito. Unlike most pupae, tumblers can swim around actively.

enlarge image

Caterpillar; Caterpillar; Caterpillar; Caterpillar ...

... Monarch chrysalis ...

Monarch Butterfly Cocoon

Chrysalis by M.C. Nelson

Butterfly Chrysalis

cocoon.jpg ...

... Chrysalis ...

The Origin Of The Word “Cocoon”


Papilio dardanus - Image: Papilio dardanus chrysalis

... Chrysalis ...

... Monarch chrysalis changing ...

Privet Hawk Moth (Sphinx lingustri) chrysalis on deadwood, Lower Saxony, Germany -

The body end was quite firm still. The "rear end" is fragile and weak. The moth backs out of the case.

... Chrysalis ...

Butterfly Chrysalis Info

... Greta oto chrysalis | by Linda DV

Caterpillar; Caterpillar; Caterpillar; Caterpillar ...

... Chrysalis ...

an upside-down butterfly develops. The photo above shows what happens as the chrysalis ...

The tough brown cocoon of an emperor gum moth

An emperor gum moth caterpillar spinning its cocoon.

Wide Receiver: Photography of Men

Pine processionary, Thaumetopoea pityocampa. Pupa underground. Portugal

File:Papilio dardanus emerging.ogv

Shortly before the emergence of the moth a chrysalis of Freyer's Pug (Eupithecia intricata)

Queen Chrysalis concept art by Rebecca Dart in The Art of Equestria.

Monarch chrysalis (left) and variegated fritillary chrysalis (right) by Kerry Wixted

Butterfly Chrysalis Info

Butterfly Chrysalis Info


Pupae of Japanagromyza inferna, a gall fly, in gall of Centrosema virginianum. Pupa ...

Emergent Monarch · Cabbage White chrysalis - Pieris rapae, Gillis Falls Park, Woodbine, Maryland ...

Nearly ready to hatch: After two weeks in the chrysalis, the caterpillar has rebuilt

I usually tape the silk and cremaster to a small square of paper towel that can be easily pinned inside a cage.

It's usually reddish, brown, or green, depending on the diet of the caterpillar. Despite common misconception, it is NOT the same fluid used to expand the ...


Luna moth cocoon and pupa.

Mullein Shark Moth Shargacucullia verbasci pupa or chrysalis in its underground cocoon opened up to show

Pupa: The Transition Stage

Southern flannel moth pupa, Megalopyge opercularis, (male, dorsal view showing bands of

Varigated fritillary chrysalis

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis

pupa / chrysalis

Butterfly Chrysalis

attaching the chrysalis

Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction Greek Ending Song - YouTube

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis · The kids found a chrysalis at the park.

Stages of development of the honeybee pupa.

Privet Hawk Moth (Sphinx lingustri) chrysalis on deadwood, Lower Saxony, Germany -

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Tiger Moth pupa in a basket Some moths (notably members of the Arctiidae family)

I'd post the picture of the black unknown cat from yesterday, but I must have been really bothered by the mosquitoes, because it's dreadfully out-of-focus.

Queen Chrysalis as a human in Hasbro's Equestria Girls app

Sombralis offsprings by SkitzOpheliac Sombralis offsprings by SkitzOpheliac

Emerge from your cocoon with these fantastical accessories

Pupa of the Privet Hawk

Butterfly Chrysalis

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis · The ...

Lost Ark of the Changelings by MyLittleSentry ...

Chrysalis in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #4.

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Owl butterfly emerged from cocoon

... Chrysalis ...

An Emperor Gum Moth caterpillar spinning its cocoon.

Caterpillar; Caterpillar; Caterpillar; Caterpillar ...