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A female airwarden carries a little girl after she had been rescued

A female airwarden carries a little girl after she had been rescued


A female air-warden carries a little girl after she had been rescued from her

itsjohnsen: “ A female air-warden carries a little girl after she had been rescued from her bombed home. England, The Second World War.

American officer with English war orphans who had been "adopted" by his unit. (London, 1943)

A frightened 15-year-old German Luftwaffe anti-aircraft crew member weeps after being taken prisoner by American forces during the drive into Germany in ...

Young German holding Panzerfaust, one of the first anti-tank weapons which took great bravery to use

Russian children stand abandoned outside the ruins of their home. Nazi soldiers destroyed their home

A German orphan among the debris of his home. There were about 500,000 orphans at the end of the war.

A Parisian girl holds her hands high in the victory sign as American troops pass through


kid and train halocaust - : Yahoo Image Search Results

A city girl worker still smiling after being rescued from a London building just wrecked by

An English girl comforts her doll in the rubble of her bomb-damaged home in

A nervous little girl waits with her dolls and her luggage before being evacuated to the countryside during World War 2, London, May 1940 -

28 Badass Historic Pictures Of Women During WWII

50 year old pictures of the most bloody, brutal, barbaric and pointless war

As evacuees return home to London, rural villagers poignantly say goodbye to the children they adopted for safety during the war.

This is typical of the way Londoners had breakfast in England, Sept. after the air raid warning had sounded. Breakfast was in the family dugout--this one in ...

WWII: The morning after a direct hit by a high explosive bomb on St. Matthew's Hospital, Shoreditch, in London, on Oct. 9, 1940. In spite of the night's ...

Summer 1944 somewhere in the Netherland during Operation Market Garden. The second from left is

Eva and Leana Munzer These two little Jewish girls have a very sad story. Their parents left them with a non-jewish family who took care of them…

American soldiers comfort a little girl and her puppy after the invasion of Normandy. Colleville-sur-Mer, Note the look on the girls face and the concern of ...

Steve Maman has rescued more than 100 children from danger in Iraq in the past few months with the support of Canon Andrew White, a world-renowned ...

Daddy's Little Girls, 1949 [Rhode Island Beach House Album] [Black Father Series

Two little girls clutching their dolls and teddy bears before they leave London for the country on an evacuation train, during the Second World War.

"I still believe in spite of everything that people are really good at heart.

A Little French Girl Gives An American Soldier A Kiss On Valentine's Day, 1945

These children lost their homes after a bombing raid on London in 1940. They rescued some of their toys.

A German woman sobs and cradles her defiant-looking son after she returns to her

Sojourner Truth (1797–1883)-Abolitionist and women's rights activist Sojourner Truth once

historicaltimes: “ Two little English girls wave the British flag in the rubble of bomb

photos by Robert Capa

A morning scene in a London suburb: after most of the night spent in the

A rare photo taken by an allied soldier, recorded the exact time when some Jewish

Pictures like these were published in newspapers after the war, to help locate surviving relatives.

Child With Bear During WWII -- Little Girl With Her Doll Sitting In The Ruins Of Her Bombed Home, London (1940)

Little Dutch girl shakes with African American GI during the liberation of the town of Roermond

Happy Birthday Lucile Leone (pictured on left), who was born today in As director of the US Cadet Nurse Corps during WWII, Leone recruited more than young ...

Evacuated children enjoying a bath (ww2)

The Forties little girl dress | 1940: A policeman makes sure some young evacuees are on the correct .

Computer scientist, mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing

Barbara Nixon pictured in 1943 after she had been promoted within the Civil Defence organisation. She was one of the first women to be employed as a full ...


Girl sewing for her doll (1945)

vintage everyday: With Nylon Stockings Scarce, Women Painted Their Legs Using Gravy Juice During the War Years

Rachel was hidden as a child during the war. She poses with

Julie Estelle: 'The Raid 2' at Sundance 2014 | Photo 637149 ... | female | Pinterest | Sundance film festival, Sundance film and Photos

Traveling through history of Photography...Beautiful portrait of a little girl in Sweden

these girls looks that they know what they are doing.

A French woman who conceived a baby with a German soldier, punished by having to have her head shaved as a form of humiliation for her acts.

Children being evacuated out of London during the outbreak of World War II, 1939. William Vandivert

Figures in a Wasteland: Mother and Child, Hiroshima, 1945 | Hiroshima japan, Life pictures and Hiroshima

A woman touching an antique Asian papier-mâché human acupuncture model c. 1950's/

It is me knocking at your door At how many doors I've been But no one can see me Since the dead are invisible I died at Hiroshima That was ten years ...

Mum's army: A sergeant drilling civilian members of the Women's Home Defence Corps, in the use of rifles during the Battle of Britain in 1940

World War II: Battle of Britain - Children in an English bomb shelter, England, This is a truly remarkable photo some people did not even have bomb shelters

British troops after the second world war in Copenhagen

A Heavy Rescue Squad worker, London 1940

Yes, I consider myself a feminist, and it informs my work only in that it's just who I am, in the same way that I'm a woman, or I'm or whatever ...

I honestly never really thought this picture was a true story but reading the article from this link breaks my heart :(

Pictures that are so powerful and predominant that you better get a hold of your heart and clench your soul because they are the true essence of 2013

David Seymour, Napoli, Italia 1950 “Young girl selling cigarettes on the street"

A young girl after the London Blitz

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China's most incredible mother: Staggering story of the woman who saved 30 abandoned babies after finding them dumped in the street with the trash

D Two young boys hold hands as they lead a 'crocodile' of newly-arrived Dutch refugee children two-by-two from the ship to a rest centre in Tilbury

Equality oxford lgbtq feminism trans queer patriarchy intersectionality intersectional feminism gender based violence i need feminism because Oxford ...

Erich "The Black Devil" Hartmann the most successful fighter pilot in the history of

What Women Really Looked Like in WW2

Three-year-old Eileen Dunne with her doll at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children after surviving a German air raid on London, Sep.


A young Iraqi girl cries as a British Challenger tank moves in on the Baath party office in Basra April (Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

Remember the little girl running naked in the iconic Vietnam war photo? Well this is her today.

According to the title of this picture is "Portrait of a Young Victim",

Image result for ww1 waac uniforms wraf

Thankful to not have been seriously injured a young English woman smiles as she is assisted

Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio

Soviet POWs, Operation Barbarossa, I hope they were both okay in the end.

3 students burning copies of the Financial Times in London 1967 [1200x951]

Shows a black and white photograph of two young girls standing amongst rubble, each holding

A woman fixing her mattress and pillows on the top bunk as she prepares for a

Because at age 18, she went to Uganda and started a ministry that feeds and

War Child Canada

Galilee Guess, In South Africa!

An Evansville firefighter holds a child in his left arm as he rescues another from the

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Corps d'Armée des femmes canadiennes à leur arrivée en Italie, Seconde Guerre mondiale

Maria Skobtsova (born Elizaveta Pilenko) was a nun in the Eastern Orthodox Church known as Mother Maria of Paris. She saved numerous Jews in Nazi-o…

Riveters (Women integrated factories before men integrated the military.

1942: An air raid warden cradles a homeless child in her arms, following the recent Baedeker raid on Norwich. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Sex expert AND sniper. Hmmmm..

Women Heroes of WWII: Maria von Maltzan: The German Countess Who Hid Jews

The other victims of war: Revealing the plight of child evacuees - Hot News Break

"Souviens toi" (remember) OURADOUR SUR GLANE. "

World War II: Battle of Britain - Children in an English bomb shelter, England, This is a truly remarkable photo some people did not even have bomb shelters

V A young girl drinks a glass of milk as she sits on a sofa to read a book. Milk was seen as extremely important for the health of children and priority ...

Young girl acting as a nurse during the Warsaw Uprising, 1944.

African-American soldier with a German child on his knee, Munich, 1945, (b/w photo)

A little girl, wounded after a German V-1 cruise bomb hit her house, is evacuated by an air raid warden. London, June 23, 1944.