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A lifeguard gets fired because he saved someone not in his area

A lifeguard gets fired because he saved someone not in his area


A lifeguard gets fired because he saved someone not in his area - WTF fun facts

They say saving ...


Tomas Lopez lost his job as a Hallandale Beach lifeguard after he left his assigned zone to save a drowning man.

Lifeguard Fired for Saving Man Outside His Area Receives Key to the City (Video)


Update: Lifeguard Fired For Saving A Drowning Man

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Lifeguard Saves Man, Gets Fired For Rescuing Outside of 'Assigned Zone'

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PHOTO: Tomas Lopez, seen here in this undated photo, was fired from his Play Facebook. WATCH Lifeguard Saves Man, Gets Fired

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Ontario's fastest lifeguard fired, then rehired by YMCA after public backlash

Tomas Lopez. Tomas Lopez, a lifeguard ...

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Tomas Lopez, 21, fired for helping drowning man

Lifeguard Fired for Saving a Man's Life

Editor's note: there's been an update in the story. Scroll down for additional information.

Tomas Lopez, a FL lifeguard, was fired for saving a swimmer outside a protected area. He has since been offered his job back.

Fired lifeguard: It was instinct

Lifeguard fired after running to rescue drowning man - as he stepped outside his zone to do it | Daily Mail Online

PHOTO: Tomas Lopez was fired from his job as a lifeguard after saving a drowning

(source) - oldest model in the world, Carmen Dell'Orefice MORE OF

They say saving ...

Florida lifeguard fired for helping swimmer who wasn't in his area offered job back

Rescue ready means keeping your eyes on the pool! #guardforlife #gfl # lifeguard

Fired Florida lifeguard gets ...

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Outrage: Tomas Lopez, 21, was fired from his job as a lifeguard for

Lifeguard Charged After Saving Boy's Life

RE: Lifeguard fired for trying to save man's life.

James Vallance dived into the sea to rescue the youngster after he was dragged into the

Lifeguard. Swim Instructor. Pool Manager. Guard For Life can help you find the

Good Samaritans Lifeguard | credit, linn cling, flickr.com

Swimmers walk on the beach while a yellow caution flag waves from a lifeguard stand at Folly Beach, S.C., in May.

Tomas Lopez was hailed as a hero by many after he rushed to save a swimmer from drowning at Florida's Hallandale Beach earlier this week. But for his sense ...


Lifeguard Donovan Burns, 41, oversees the beach and water Thursday at Clearwater Beach from

Fired Lifeguard Gets Key to City. The lifeguard fired for ...

The fired Hallandale Beach lifeguard's story has made international ...

Steve Tartt saved two children at a swimming pool in Menorca after a lifeguard failed to

Princess Mary of Denmark (far left) at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast speaking

The woman, believed to have been caught in a wave, was pictured being saved

Twitter mocks a bored lifeguard on duty at an Olympic SWIMMING event | Daily Mail Online

Lifeguard Jake Avery at Dowes Beach in Osterville Wednesday, one day after he saved the life of a choking infant at Craigville Beach in Centerville

... don't think anyone looks good in those (OK well Michael Phelps and the late JFK Jr.). I don't see how a Speedo is going to help you save a life faster.

Lifeguard Fired for Saving a Man's Life. Company fires Tommy Lopez after he rescues a man outside his patrol zone.

Pro: You get to rock sweet lifeguard swag.

Lifeguard Saves A 5 Year Old Boy From DROWNING But Then Gets ARRESTED and FIRED for

Tomas Lopez: Lifeguard offered his job back - but he turns it down | Daily Mail Online

Watching the Beach

I hate it when your kids wear swimmies.


But you see the drowning man was “outside the boundaries” (by 400 metres) of where the company responsible for the lifeguarding ...

Fired for stopping a robbery.

Quick actions by teen lifeguard, woman save boy's life at metro neighborhood pool

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Hugh Jackman rescued his son and another man at Bondi today. Picture: BackGrid Australia

Just because your lifeguard is a teenager, doesn't mean he or she doesn't have a lot of authority. If you or your children are continually breaking rules, ...

Something seems familiar about this (i.redd.it)

Ex-Jones Beach Lifeguard Claims He Was Fired For Not Wearing Speedo

Fired for sending emails with words typed in colour red, in bold and in CAPS.

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Zach Earles, a head lifeguard at the Durango Community Recreation Center who also volunteers for Durango Fire Protection District, revived Doug Close after ...

Responsibility, positive attitudes, and a healthy lifestyle. It all comes with the job

Prospective lifeguards from under-represented high school.

Exclusive Visual/iStock/Getty ImagesThey're Rose; you're the door.

More on the Fired Lifeguard: Is It Simply a Parable About Outsourcing?

1. The woman who was too attractive for the job.

Medina chose rafting because it gives her the opportunity to meet new people and work ...

A young lifeguard at a Florida beach, Tomas Lopez, was recently fired for saving someone's life. Crazy, right? The lifeguard saw a person struggling in the ...

Lifeguard arrested for saving life

“I think my single biggest peeve when it comes to guarding is parents who assume that we are there to babysit their children for them,” Marek says.

Lifeguard Dennis Rodriguez, 17, keeps on eye on swimmers June 28, 2002 on

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Fire tornados in Australia - WTF fun facts. as if the tornado wasn't enough.no lets just add a bit of fire and not only destroy everything but set it on ...

In Bexar County, Texas, the police department launched an investigation into officer Matthew Belver, then with nine years' service in the department.

Fire Chief Fennessy: The "minor changes" he'd implemented resulted in a "politically motivated" backlash from lifeguards.

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Lifes an Itch - Craig Underwood as the "Lifeguard" He first saves the girl then the French guy

In January 2013, then-Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa fired police detective Reynaldo Goyos, who had been with the department since 2005.

Two men saved from possible drowning after lifeguards' working hours extended