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A natural rare formation in turquoise called turquoise Nodules

A natural rare formation in turquoise called turquoise Nodules


A natural rare formation in turquoise called turquoise Nodules.Cripple Creek turquoise nugget from the Burtis Blue Mine

A natural rare formation of turquoise called turquoise Nodules. Burtis Blue Cripple Creek Co. turquoise still going to be cleaned.

Cripple Creek Bad Boys turquoise cut by Ken Kirkbride

Natural gem quality Cripple Creek Co. turquoise from the Burtis Blue Mine. Right out


Here is a flat of rare formation in turquoise, called turquoise Nodules. Natural Burtis


Stunning BISBEE heishi turquoise tab necklace Native American A rare find

Beautiful slab turquoise earrings by Brit West


“Turquoise (rare crystals),” Bishop mine, Lynch Station, Campbell Co., Virginia, USA. Crystals under 1 millimeter. © Rob Lavinsky, www.iRocks.com.

21.5 carats Natural Turquoise Mountain Turquoise Cabochon by Dillon Hartman

RARE Turquoise Natural Mineral Specimen Gemstone Nugget KINGMAN MINE ARIZONA | eBay

Natural turquoise

... LG-SLEEPING-BEAUTY-Turquoise-Nugget-Natural-Specimen-Cabochon-

Morenci Turquoise Cabochon with typical pyrite

Blue Diamond

Fox Turquoise Cabochon from Nevada

Image is loading RARE-Bisbee-Blue-Mine-Turquoise-100-Natural-Cabochon-

Mixture of high grade turquoise

Formation[edit]. "Big Blue", a large turquoise ...

Some natural blue to blue-green materials, such as this botryoidal chrysocolla with drusy quartz, are occasionally confused with, or used to imitate ...

A fine turquoise specimen from Los Cerrillos, New Mexico, US, at the Smithsonian Museum. Cerrillos turquoise was widely used by Native Americans prior to ...

Formation of turquoise

Slab of turquoise in matrix showing a large variety of different colouration

Ancient American cultures established long-distance trade networks to obtain the turquoise stones they prized. Some of these exchanges may have linked the ...

Natural Persian Ring

Lone Mountain aka Blue Jay Mine turquoise mine, located in Esmeralda County, Nevada, once produced a great variety of turquoise. Usually found in nodules ...

Turquoise Mountain

Coloring of turquoise

Copper Turquoise

Natural Blue Diamond Ring





Natural Blue Gem Turquoise from Battle Mountain Nevada

Natural Morenci Turquoise with Pyrite inclusions

Kingman Spiderweb Natural Turquoise Cabochon



Natural Fox Ring

Natural Persian Ring

The largest specimens rarely exceeds 3 millimetters in size, but they give us an indication of the real color of Turquoise.

Natural turquoise original stone Turkey turquoise Original rock ore Wizardry things

Kingman Gold

I Natural analogues of turquoise

Imitation of turquoise



Turquoise Grades - Gem Grade

Turquoise Mines

Cripple Creek Turquoise from Cripple Creek Colorado

14k yellow gold ring with natural Apache Gold Turquoise from Nevada, USA

Number 8 turquoise come from the Lynn Mining District in Eureka County, Nevada, just north of Carlin, Nevada. It opened in 1929.

Artisan handmade Sterling Silver ring with natural Blue Goose Turquoise from Nevada

The use of turquoise

... Turquoise buying - burtis blue

Quality Turquoise from the Hartman Collection

open ...

Persian turquoise from Iran

2 of 4 RARE #8 Mine Nevada Turquoise 100% Natural Cabochon Spiderweb Jewelry Old Stock

Dyed howlite. Photo date 10/99, © S.W. Aber.

... Bisbee Turquoise ...

The sleeping beauty turquoise is robin egg blue with little to no veins in it.

The Power Of The Turquoise Stone

Introduction & History of Turquoise

Natural turquoise will have had nothing done to it except cutting and polishing. As discussed in Part I, the most common treatment is stabilization, ...

Collect Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry

Image taken the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Washington, DC. Photo by S.W. Aber 4/2009. The oldest turquoise ...

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Globe, Arizona

Bisbee Blue turquoise comes from the area of Bisbee, Arizona. It can be found in different shades of color and quality from soft, low quality pale blue to ...

Reconstituted turquoise

a vivid blue cabochon cut from gem silica

Bisbee turquoise commonly has a hard chocolate brown coloured matrix.

Chinese Turquoise

Lander Blue Turquoise is the world's most valuable turquoise

These examples show nodules in the matrix, webbing, and irregular large areas of turquoise interspersed with the matrix.


Image is loading 50-Turquoise-BEADS-Campitos-Nugget-Lot-NATURAL-Drilled-

1 of 4Only 1 available RARE #8 Mine Nevada Turquoise 100% Natural Cabochon Spiderweb Jewelry Old Stock

The Kingman mine in northwestern Arizona is one of the largest turquoise mines in the southwest. Kingman blue has become a color standard in the industry.

Turquoise Bracelets

a hollow nodule containing stalactites of gem silica

We're also pleased to show hand-woven Navajo rugs, sandpaintings, Kachina dolls, decorative ceramic pottery vessels, dream catchers, and other items that ...

And again, I do not see any green or yellow, nor do I see any matrix. That is exactly how it should be. Let's understand why. Turquoise ...

Kings Manassa turquoise cabochons in sterling bracelet

Chrysocola is a close relative of turquoise, but has more of a variety of color than turquoise. It can vary from a deep blue to a bright turqoise color.

A selection of Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) turquoise and orange argillite inlay pieces from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, US (dated c.

Free Spirit Lapidary offers only the most select rough samples of Turquoise, Gaspeite, Variscite, and other rough samples of semi-precious gemstones.