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A selection of the better known Pictish symbols found on stones and

A selection of the better known Pictish symbols found on stones and


A selection of the better known Pictish symbols, found on stones and metalwork.

Pictish Stones 1

Examples of Pictish symbols found in Scotland The most common pairings of symbols used by the Picts are the mirror and comb,

Confessions of Crafty Witches

Examples of Pictish Symbols

DRAWING: Pictish symbols of the 7th to 10th centuries AD.

More Pictish painted bodies (Cosmetic Release, updated February

Pictish symbols on Carved 'Class I' stones date from c.

... Key patterns and those used by the Christian Celts of Britain and Ireland, consisted in the introduction of diagonal lines by the latter.

[V=Satan=high self, Crescent=C=Lucifer=low self and Z=N=middle self or man?] St.Orland's Pictish symbol stone by Oengus mac Fergusa

This Pictish symbol stone shows two symbols: a divided rectangle with a Z rod and a triple disc, as well as battle imagery. Image credit: Lee, et al.

Strathpeffer Pictish Stone, Easter Ross, Scotland.

Dragon (goddess) Symbols on a slab, known as 'Rodney's Stone', from Brodie, Moray in Scotland

Pictish symbols. the Golspie stone

Pictish symbols Scotland

Pictish Stone Dingwall

Map of distribution of Class I and Class II symbol stones, from Martin Carver's Surviving

Meigle Pictish symbol stone

Find ...

The Maiden Stone, Chapel Of Garioch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The Aberlemno Serpent Stone, Class I Pictish stone with Pictish symbols, showing (top to bottom) the serpent, the double disc and Z-rod and the mirror and ...

Pictish stone

A new study has discovered that Picts, a people living in Scotland during the Early Middle Ages, did have a written language made from the symbols they ...

Download figure · Open in new tab · Download powerpoint. Figure 1. Pictish Symbol Stones.

File:Pictish symbol stone from Dores.JPG

Stuart 1856. Stuart's depiction of the Pictish Symbols at Trusty's Hill ...

Pictish symbols

Carved Pictish stone arch-shaped indentation on lower edge crescent and V-rod,

Pictish symbols

Celtic Pictish symbol stone slab detail in Aberlemno churchyard, Tayside, Scotland. Battle scene with horse cavalry and spearmen

... Pictish Symbol Stone, Aberlemno, Angus, Scotland | by Ljotulfson


Pictish stone animals.

... v-rod, double disc Pictish symbols

Dandaleith Pictish Stone

Pictish Symbol Stones

Class II Pictish carved stone, showing the cross side. Photo © Val Williamson

Pictish stone found on Orkney

Pictish symbol stone of Druids found in Aberdeenshire Scotland

Pictish Symbol Stone Rhynie

Class 2 Pictish stone at Brodie with "Pictish Beast"


File:Pictish Symbol Stones designs - V Rod & Crescent Selection.png

Pictish Stones 2

The Pictish beast was also a favorite symbol of these people, also called the Pictish elephant or dragon. It is really unknown what creature it is supposed ...

celtic bear

Download figure · Open in new tab ...

Pictish Burghead Bull (by British Museum)

Illustration of a painted Pictish stone

The ancient Congash Pictish Symbol Stone, Grantown on Spey. SCO 8745

The double disc is a Pictish symbol of unknown meaning, that is frequently found on Class I and Class II Pictish stones, as well as on Pictish metalwork.

Trusty's Hill Class I Pictish Symbol Stone in Dumfries and Galloway

Inchbrayock 1 Class II Pictish Symbol Stone in Angus

Pictish Mirror and Comb

Abernethy Symbol Stone Class I Pictish Symbol Stone in Perthshire

A photograph of a carved pictish stone

A laser scan of part of the carved Pictish symbols found at Trusty's Hill. Researchers

Pictish symbol stone with eagle, crescent, rod and mirror symbols found at the Broch of Burrian in the Harray area of the Mainland, Orkney, Scotland.

A photograph of a carved pictish stone

Roadwork ...

Pictish Stone Rosemarkie

The Religious Purpose of the Early Pictish Symbol Stones

Pictish picture stone, Scotland

Download figure · Open in new tab ...

Pictish carving found in Perth and Kinross revealed

Pictish-Mithraism, the Religious Purpose of the Pictish Symbol Stones

Stock Photo - Symbols on gravestone at Abermemno church, Angus, Scotland, UK. A Class II Pictish stone Cross side

Dunnicaer 1 Class I Pictish Symbol Stone in Aberdeen and ...

Picture 2, Tillytarmont 4 Pictish Symbol Stone Rothiemay - Scotland

Examples of Pictish symbols found in Scotland ...

Pictish Symbol Stone, Abernethy, Scotland

Dores Stone - reconstructed copy

Rosemarkie Stone, Pictish Symbols. Photograph © copyright Iain W G Forbes

Early Scotland

Fordoun Stone

A Pictish symbol stone on Isle of Raasay, off Skye, Scotland, with pagan & Christian symbols including a flabellum (ritual fan) with equal-arm cross.

Dandaleith Stone

The Maiden Stone by Alexander inkson-Mccon-nochie (1890).

A map showing the distribution of Pictish symbol-incised stones. Reproduced by permission of


Pictish Carved Symbols Catalogue Required. Possible effect of using a larger corpus on Shannon entropy results. Image by Lee et

The Aberlemno I, class I Pictish symbol stone, also called the Serpent Stone .

Replica of Pictish symbol stone found in Norse settlement excavated on the Brough of Birsay Orkney

Pictish symbol stone Ulbster


Inveravon Pictish Stone

Detail of Hilton of Cadboll Pictish stone: National Museum of Scotland

Doo Cave Symbols

THE LAST OF THE DRUIDS: The Mystery of the Pictish Symbol Stones by Iain W.G. Forbes

The article also notes that by "demonstrating that the Pictish symbols are writing, with the symbols probably corresponding to words, opens a unique line of ...

Pictish symbols represent ancient written Scottish language

A Pictish symbol stone on Isle of Raasay, off Skye, Scotland, with Christian & pagan symbols: a flabellum (ritual fan), broken sword or tuning fork, c