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A series of slave revolts sparked the period known as The End of the

A series of slave revolts sparked the period known as The End of the


The Revolt

Nat Turner

The Sicilian Slave Wars and Spartacus

The FIRST And Largest Black African Slave Revolt/Uprising Ever Documented Took Place In Iraq - YouTube

Large group of blacks (slaves) force the retreat of European soldiers. Includes canal

Slave being burned at the stake in N.Y.C. after the 1741 slave insurrection.

This list is the second part in a series of Black Uprisings against European and Arab

Slave revolt Haiti. “

What historians get wrong about the actions of enslaved people during the Civil War.

The 1791 Haitian Revolution secured black independence in the former French colony and sounded the death knell for the European slave trade.

Slave Insurrections in Louisiana

Ruffin managed to obtain some of the pikes with which Brown had intended to arm escaped slaves, and sent them to southern governors with a ...

Slave rebellion of 1791

American Uprising: The ...

New York Maafa Uprising of 1712

Haiti Slave Revolt October 1790 On this date, the first slave revolt in Haiti took place. France named its newly colonized island Saint Domingue in the ...

"I would rather die upon yonder gallows than live in slavery!". Samuel "Daddy" Sharpe, 1832

Haitian Revolution

Slave rebellion painting by Edouard Antoine Renard

Nat Turner, American slave leader, Black History

Initially, contact with the Greeks prompted the Romans to introduce silver coinage. Under Augustus

An engraving depicting a scene at the Battle of Vertières during the Saint Domingue Revolution. The battle was fought between Haitian rebels and French ...

175th anniversary of Nat Turner Slave Rebellion - Nat Turner, a slave who lived in

Brazilian Slavery

Bas relief in the Colosseum of gladiators fighting.

'As many enemies as there are slaves': Spartacus and the politics of servile rebellion in the late republic

ca 1775-1800; 16. Thwarted In 1800 he planned a revolt which was known by many slaves.

Underground Railroad

“The Birth of a Nation” arrives amid a resurgence in movies about slavery.

9 key places connected to the abolition of the British slave trade - History Extra

Slave rebellion 1791


Toussaint L'Ouverture holds a printed copy of the Haitian Constitution of 1801. (Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division)

Pages from Minutes of the Berbice Court of Policy and Criminal Justice in 1763. Van

This discrimination led to Bacon's rebellion. Bacon's rebellion was the first rebellion in Colonial America. The rebellion was a protest against Sir William ...

The slave uprising known as the Stono Rebellion was a significant event in American history and was a catalyst for n.

Amistad mutinyWoodcut, Death of Capt. Ferrer, the Captain of the Amistad, July, 1839, by John Warner Barber. Yale University Art Gallery

William Knibb & Slavery Resistance Map · 1817 Map of Jamaica · 1822 Map of Jamaica · 1823 Map of Jamaica · 1835 Map of Jamaica

An image of Nat Turner

Site of Stono Rebellion, near Charleston, SC

Ruffin managed to obtain some of the pikes with which Brown had intended to arm escaped slaves, and sent them to southern governors with a letter warning ...

The Denmark Vesey monument in Hampton Park in Charleston, S.C., on Jun. 23

Baltimore, My Baltimore by Arvie Smith

Five Famous Slave Revolts

A timeline shows important events of the era. In 1794, Eli Whitney patents the

Slave revolts occurred at times; however, only a few were successful. The well known slave rebellion that terrified the white slave owners was the one led ...

underground railroad, abolition, slavery

William Knibb & Slavery Resistance Map · 1817 Map of Jamaica · 1822 Map of Jamaica

José Antonio Aponte started the first national abolitionist conspiracy in Cuba. A died April 9

Slave Rebellion in Brazil: The Muslim Uprising of 1835 in Bahia (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture) 1st Edition

The haitian revolution and slave discrimination

America's Largest Slave Revolt


Slave sale ...

A Short History of Slavery and Sugar Cane in Jamaica - The Official Globe Trekker Website

Roman frieze depicting slaves wearing neck collars, Wikimedia Commons. Slave rebellions have been a ...

Funeral at slave plantation, Suriname. 1840–1850.

"Execrable Human Traffick, or The Affectionate Slaves" by George Morland - 1789 (The Menil Collection - Houston, Texas)

1817 Map of Jamaica


Bwa-kayiman-haiti-1791-nicole-jean-louis.jpg. Bois-caiman-ceremony. The Slave Revolt:

5Creole Slave Revolt. He. The Creole was a ...

Nat Turner led a slave revolt on August 21, 1831, which killed about 60 whites. Turner and his followers were overcome at Belmont, home of Dr. Samuel Blunt.

Blacks signed up by thethousands to fight in the Civil War ...

The Secret Religion of the Slaves


7The 1811 Slave Rebellion

"Haitian Revolution (1791-1804)." Photo courtesy of BlackPast.org.Slave rebellions were a ...

Resistance to slavery

Bussa's rebellion

... The Ogé Rebellion: Jacques Vincent Ogé, an affranchis representing the colony in France, leads a revolt against the white colonial authorities in ...

RebellionsOver My Dead Body ...


 Nat Turner is discovered in a wooded area of Virginia by a white man

Slavery in America

10 Slave Population

Massacre of the Whites by Indians and Blacks in Florida, 1836 engraving


In abolitionist John Brown was hanged for leading a raid on Harpers Ferry intended to spark a slave revolt. Learn more with Wilke Russell-Snider Experience.

Sexual Relations Between Elite White Women and Enslaved Men in the Antebellum South: A Socio-Historical Analysis

ToussaintArrested The Haitian Revolution ...

In the Caribbean ...

Portrait of Joseph Cinqué, leader of the revolt aboard the slave ship Amistad; from

Fantastic Primary Source Worksheet on Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion! Very vivid script ions of exactly how the rebellion went that give students an ...

There are obvious limitations to plotting a turbulent slave revolt on a map like this. By using British maps that highlight the placement of forts, towns, ...

“Arrival of freedmen and their families at Baltimore… an every day scene”,

Slave Insurrections in the United States, 1800-1865

The title page of The Confessions of Nat Turner (1832), an account of