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A typical Uruguayan dessert called Martin Fierro cheese and

A typical Uruguayan dessert called Martin Fierro cheese and


Food · A typical Uruguayan dessert called Martin Fierro -cheese and ...

The dessert Martin Fierro has its origins in the colonial era, but its popularity still survives in the tables of the Uruguayans. Probably the dessert is an ...

Traditional · Delicious Food · Martín Fierro. Es un postre tradicional con queso (Colonia) y dulce de membrillo

Martín Fierro: a slice of cheese and a slice of quince preserve (dulce de · American FoodUruguayMontevideoLatin ...

Queso y Dulce (Martin Fierro)

Zapallo en almíbar: Squash in syrup.

Martín Fierro, o Queso y Dulce - a brilliant combination! It's a simple dessert featuring a slice of cheese and a slice of either dulce de membrillo or ...

Crêpes: brought to Uruguay by the immigrants from France. The most popular are Apple Crepes and Dulce de Leche Crepes. (here pictured: dulce de leche)


I enjoyed this chivito with a simple order of martin fierro. Martin Fierro is a famous Argentine gaucho poem (every Argentine kid has to read the story of ...

In Cuba they also have their version of Martín Fierro, which combines cream cheese with guava candy. Also in the south of Brazil appears the version with ...

... of cheese and quince paste was named Martín Fierro in his honor. (Peregrina Gourmet). uruguay.food.recipe.img_1809


Frankfurter Kranz: shaped like a crown in a ring shape, it is filled with

Menu: Uruguay

What is it: In France, there's a cheese course for dessert, and in Buenos Aires, they do queso y dulce: cheese with either gelled dulce de batata (sweet ...

Provolonera ❤ lembrança que comprei no Uruguay

Traditional quince cheese ("cotognata") on display at the Ortygia market in Syracuse

Pastel uruguayo de queso y jamón con merengue

Dulce de membrillo.jpg

Alfajores - two shortbread cookies are filled with dulce de leche (see below) and covered with chocolate

A typical Uruguayan mate


This time I had the typical starter of grilled 'Provelone' cheese, sprinkled with oregano, which was divine (A). Here it came served in a terracotta tray of ...

Uruguay, Meals

Uruguay bizcochos sweet food

A chivito with lettuce, tomato, thin filet steak, bacon, ham, mushrooms, olives, mozzarella cheese, onion, egg, garlic mayonnaise on a non sesame seed bun

But when the mood strikes for something heftier (perhaps after a long workout?), pay a visit to Martin Fierro Restaurant (MFR).

Custards and ice creams[edit]

Bacalao typically served on Semana Santa (Easter).

Martin Fierro Restaurant, Naples, Florida

A typical Uruguayan parrillero · Milanesa, fried eggs and frech fries.

Recipe: Martin Fierro

The meat lover's parrillada ordered with extra sausage can easily feed three or four ravenous diners at Martin Fierro. Photo by Jean Amodea

In Argentina, it's a way of life. Traditional homemade types are similar to a biscuit sandwich made from cornstarch, stuffed with ...

A typical Uruguayan parrillero



Uruguayan alfajores de maizcena

Empanadas are a kind of pastry that originated on Spain, in Uruguay are more commonly fried, more common varieties are those such as empanadas de carne, ...

What is it: Pork shoulder, most typically served as a sandwich on a mobile grill cart. Order it completo a caballo and you get it pimped out with ham, ...


Chivito Recipe | Epicurious.com

Also, if they ask, avoid lettuce and tomato for the real-deal experience. Martin Fierro ...

Traditional dishes. A chivito with ...

Uruguayan Steak Sandwich (Chivito)

El Gaucho Martín Fierro. Illustration from José Hernández's work,

First on the list: chivito. A sandwich made of barbequed beef. Every diner in Uruguay serves chivitos, but in their own unique way.

I had a lovely smiley chap serve me at the bar where I could get a good view of the parrilla itself. As in Argentina, the parrillero throws logs onto the ...

When it comes to lunch these days, most prefer it light—mixed greens loaded with fresh veggies, minimal dressing, a crunch of nuts.

Think thick crust pizza, without sauce, and loaded with an obscene amount of cheese and onions. Sometimes, there will even be a slice of ham in ...

The ...

Appetizers, entrees and snacks[edit]

Photo of Martin Fierro - Naples, FL, United States. Sweet, fresh,


Chocolate Flan

It was pretty greasy and horrible sadly (C) despite the fact that the Chivitos at this place are supposed to be the best in town, at least according to this ...

Platted chivito with russian salad, ensalada criolla and heart of palm .

Battered Plantains with ...

What is it: Especially popular during Christmas, this Swiss roll can be served sweet or savory. Sweet: loaded with dulce de leche or whipped cream.

Uruguay ojitos .


A typical parrillero with asado chorizos and morcillas


Uruguayan style pizza uses a thicker crust and this rising higher than the usual Neapolitan pizza. It is commonly sliced squared, resembling pizza al taglio ...

... uruguay.food.recipe.img_1859

Latin american dessert named Martin Fierro on white background

When in the South, eat like the Southerners and that I did. First up were smoked pork rinds, one of my guilty pleasures. I admit that when I drive across ...

I followed with two rump steaks with fries which were good but not spectacular (both B). As in Argentina, if you like it rare, you have to be very clear ...

Menu: Suriname

Caruso sauce was invented by chef Raymundo Monti and takes its name from the famous tenor Enrico Caruso. It is a warm sauce that is made of cream, ...

Argentine Desserts: Postre Vigilante y Pasta Frola

My preferred drink with this was a Chopp, the local name for a draught beer. Next time I might give the market's traditional bevvy a whirl, Medio y Medio ...

Photo courtesy of Martin Fierro Restaurant

Pasta Frola

Traditional dishes. A chivito with ...

Membrillo, A Sweet Treat!

When we leave South America I will share some of my own simple creations with you, but for now on to the Little Bites!

Photo of Martin Fierro - Naples, FL, United States. Surf N' Turf

Uruguay Montevideo restaurants La Fonda

Line cooks grilling sausages and other meats in a market near the port of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Latin american dessert named Martin Fierro on white background

Vines and Roses – Photograph by Andrew Catchpole

Photo of Martin Fierro - Naples, FL, United States. Pasta with shrimp

Have a seat, Mercado de Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay

Postre Chaja (Peach Meringue Cake) from Uruguay Recipe – Relish

Guava Atole #ABRecipes

A ...

Housemade burrito with heirloom tomatoes and pea tendrils

Quince preserves using my great grandmother's recipe #ABRecipes

But the piece de resistance of my one-night only stay in the ATL is Southern Art's braised oxtails, over butternut squash risotto, minced "trinity" of ...

Other Uruguayan dishes include morcilla dulce (a type of blood sausage cooked with ground orange fruit, orange peel, and walnuts), chorizo, ...

For more than 40 years, Martin Fierro has provided the good people of Ourense with a varied selection of typical Galician plates.

Stand selling Mate accessories (gourds, etc.) and leather goods

Photo of Los Gauchitos - Miami, FL, United States