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ACA Could Potentially Become Expanded Medicaid Smoking More

ACA Could Potentially Become Expanded Medicaid Smoking More


Patient communication · Affordable Care Act (ACA). ACA Could Potentially Become Expanded Medicaid; Smoking More ...

Medicaid has long had a higher portion of beneficiaries that smoke compared to the Medicare or the privately insured population. While there has long been ...

Study Finds Medicaid Expansion Linked to Smoking Cessation

Healthcare providers across the nation are unsure of whether they will be able to survive an abrupt repeal of Obamacare without a comprehensive replacement.

LePage: Medicaid expansion would add too many smokers and heavy drinkers to program

How Does the Medicaid Gap Work?

Low-Income Adults in States Without Expanded Medicaid Have More Health Problems | FiveThirtyEight

ObamaCare Smoker Facts

medicaid expansion map

Infographic: How Much More Will the Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan Cost You? via

Medicaid Expansion Facts


woman holds a photo of her son, she looks at the camera

Minimizing Coverage Gaps Between Medicaid and the Marketplace | New Visions Healthcare Blog #ACA #

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Affordable Care Act Guidance on Coverage of Tobacco-Cessation Treatment.

Nurse practitioner Juliana Duque uses a fetal heart monitor on a patient who is in her

For one, you can learn about the new medical care that just recently became available to ALL women in this infographic from WomensHealth.gov:As

A work requirement will predictably result in many who cannot work because of health conditions being

The Michigan counties most vulnerable if Obamacare is repealed

The Jacksons could lose coverage they depend on as a couple with multiple disabilities. Credit: Austyn Gaffney/Scalawag

Republican Carolina Care Proposal Could be Vehicle for Medicaid Expansion

Melissa Osgood

COBRA May Be The Best Insurance Strategy For Newly Unemployed Until Fall : Shots - Health News : NPR

Attorney General Janet Mills announced a potential $35 million funding source for expanding Medicaid in Maine

... testifying on behalf of the Foundation for Government Accountability, said it would be "morally indefensible" to expand Medicaid while some Kansans with ...

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Obamacare, Medicaid-expansion recipients in Ohio fear repeal - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH

Smokers, drinkers on Medicaid? Quality care depends on knowing who your patients are

As the existing system is dismantled, and programs shut down or replaced, many Americans will be scrambling to access truly affordable, quality care.

Executive Summary - Medicaid Expansion White Paper | Medicaid | United States Government

Katherine Heigl fiel das Aufhören schwer: Zu viele Routinesituationen waren verknüpft mit dem Rauchen.

Medicaid Is Rural America's Financial Midwife

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Adolescents With Jobs Are More Likely to Begin Smoking

How Might Veterans and the VA Health System Be Affected by Repeal of the Affordable Care Act?

capitol roundup

Looking ahead in Medicaid: Options for states and the implications for payors and providers

Medicaid Expansion: Job Creation

Not enough tobacco company money is going into public health campaigns. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

Hilary Edmondson

... 28 states including the District of Columbia expanded Medicaid to adults under age 65. In states where Medicaid expanded under the Affordable Care Act, ...

Rhonda Graven, owner of the Affordable Furniture Depot in Downtown Independence, received healthcare for

A loving mom and daughter in a Virginia kitchen.

Bridget McCandless: Not expanding Medicaid leaves us all behind | The Kansas City Star

KDHE: Medicaid expansion could cost more than $100M per year

Clifford Bickel sits in front of his house. He rarely travels anywhere because he requires

... to work with Medicaid enrollees after Illinois expanded the program with federal funding from the Affordable Care Act. Alexia Fernández Campbell/Vox.com

Nurse practitioner Keisha Saunders examines Clarence Workman at the Tug River health clinic in Northfork, W.Va.

Tim Hay, the Fire Chief for the city of Wellington, stands in the emergency

Craig Garner says of the ACA. The lawyer predicts that Medicaid's expansion could become a problem for providers.

Hundreds of millions of these will go up in smoke. Credit: www.shutterstock.com

The 4 Big Changes To Health Care In The Latest GOP Bill | FiveThirtyEight

Connecticut could keep its Medicaid expansion – for now.

Dante Carrasco, who helps with outreach and enrollment at East LA's Via Care, says


alaska_medicaid_expansion_2015_04 alaska_medicaid_expansion_2015_03 alaska_medicaid_expansion_2015_02 alaska_medicaid_expansion_2015_01

Moms need Medicaid

man looking at health care plans on his laptop in coffee shop

William Markle sees patient Melvin Rodgers of McKeesport Thursday at the 9th Street Free Clinic in


Kayla Scire (Courtesy)

Impact of no Medicaid expansion on mental health care

GOP senator pre-files bill to raise cigarette tax by $1, use money to pay for Medicaid treatment of tobacco-related illnesses

California aggressively fights Big Tobacco usage in ads such as this, with funds voters allocated when they increased the tobacco tax by passing Proposition ...

At the Grace Community Health Center in Manchester, Ky., psychologist Joan Nantz meets with patient Ramiro Salazar, who gained Medicaid under the expansion.

Tobacco use

Advocates for Medicaid Expansion Continue Their Uphill Climb

Researchers Find Improved Preventive Care From Obamacare Medicaid Expansion - Social Work Helper

I am in my early 60s, so not old enough quite yet for Medicare. I worry about what coverage will be available when I do qualify and what our insurance will ...

Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, says she will fight “tooth and nail” to maintain ACA coverage for her constituents

Options for Expanding Enrollment in the ACA Individual Market

Take Down the Confederate Flag – And Raise Up Medicaid Expansion

Rick and Veda Woosley raise cattle and grow crops such as tobacco in Clark County, just outside Lexington, Ky. (Luke Sharrett/For The Washington Post)

Do Exemptions Require Proof?

It's heartbreaking when you know that you can help someone and you know that there is something out there to be done for them but you're unable to provide ...

Harum Helmy fell through a crack created by last year's Supreme Court decision allowing states to avoid expanding Medicaid. Now, she is among millions who ...

Why Pretesting Counseling Is Critical in the Age of Consumer Genetic Tests

woman in a white coat stands at a podium talking, another woman looks on

Major insurers including Blue Cross, Aetna and Humana have recently announced they will no longer be offering plans in many state exchanges.

Repealing or Replacing ACA Would Result in More Uninsured Veterans and Stress on VA Health System

A Careful Reading: Could federal health care money be used for abortion?

You might imagine that signing up for a plan under the ACA would be possible at any time, but that is not the case. Like health insurance enrollment periods ...

Major insurers including Blue Cross, Aetna and Humana have recently announced they will no longer be offering plans in many state exchanges.

Medicaid governors. "

Highlights In states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to cover more low-income individuals, there was an increase in the number of ...

Karen Stiles, center, takes a photo as U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto,

More. A patient receives dental care at a clinic in rural Tennessee. A new study finds that many Americans still struggle to get health care and pay for it.

Image: Courtesy of Health Affairs

Over the last few decades, cigarette smoking has become a health burden concentrated primarily among low-income individuals in the U.S. In our recently ...

But while some Republicans in Congress might be scoring political points with voters by passing bills that aim to repeal the Affordable Care Act, ...

Understanding Medicare & related products