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AFA39s favorite music videos by Jonti Picking better known as Weebl

AFA39s favorite music videos by Jonti Picking better known as Weebl


Weebl and Bob

Weebl's Stuff - Mr. Stabby The Piercer

Known For

Weebl and Bob

www.weebls-stuff.com sumo dojo productions ltd

BADGER RAP | Dan Bull, Dave Brown, Mr Weebl, Brian May & Brian Blessed

For a while, I was planning to write a short article on online animators from the UK - namely Jonti "Weebl" Picking, David Firth, Cyriak and Joel Veitch.

Rub Mah Boobies : Extended Version : animated music video : MrWeebl. Weebl's Stuff

Flash is dead, and YouTube dealt the killing blow | Technology | The Guardian

Puppy Bot : animated music video : MrWeebl. Weebl's Stuff

7 Incredibly Weird Viral Videos From The Early 2000s The Internet Was Inexplicably Obsessed With

Amazing Horse

I've Seen Things : Scampi : animated music video : MrWeebl. Weebl's Stuff

Anchor - Incredible Spreadable (2004, UK)

Jonti Picking, the founder of weebls-stuff.com, knows exactly what it takes to make a viral short. The ingredients are simple: eggs, talking toast and ...

Narwhals animated music video MrWeebl

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Weebl's Stuff - Russian Dancing Men

Amazing Hearse. Weebl's Stuff

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Jonti Picking Slow Motion Jonti Picking YouTube

Mr. Weebl- Donkeys (10 minute loop)

NAR Theyre the Jedi of the sea

animated music video : MrWeebl

Mr Weebl- Narwhals

Created by Jonti Picking (Weebl) in the style of Weebl & Bob.


Nerdcore rapper Dan Bull mainly produces excellent songs about video games, and he'll be putting on his acting hat to appear on screen!

On The Moon 2. Weebl's Stuff

... Weebl's Jonti Picking. headshot

Know Your Meme

Jonti Picking – Weebls-Stuff.com. This man, most commonly known ...

Sea of Thieves | Top 10 Sea Shantys of all TIME | Animated Song | Mr Weebl

Knife Safety : DJ Pie Safety : animated music video : MrWeebl. Weebl's Stuff

We were greeted by the creative minds behind JellyBug, Sarah Darling and Mr Weebl aka Jonti Picking, a husband and wife partnership.


Magical Trevor : Episode 03 : animated music video : MrWeebl

'Badgers' musician creates NSFW music video celebrating Conan Exiles' dong physics | PC Gamer

Fat Labrador song

POP ETC - Losing Yourself (Lyric Video)

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AHHHHHHH : A Sanity Test: MrWeebl. Weebl's Stuff

547199_149665844683_IMG_1354.jpg 547199_149665849633_IMG_1359.jpg


Jonti Picking created the flash animation Badgers in 2003. Since then he's created quite a few popular characters for his site Weebl's Stuff.

Russian Dancing Men

The End

Recent Videos 12 total


mr stabby number 1

ABC SONG | ABC song for children | Nursery Rhymes For Kids | JellyBug

Pie | Weebl and Bob : ep001

Bonjour Monsieur - Funny Flash Animation

Only In Kenya!

Eddsworld Opening Tune Compilation (UPDATED)

ugly-the-clown: “@wonchopanimation thank you so much for the sweet

Amazing Horse - German