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AMH6145NA View of Canton t

AMH6145NA View of Canton t


File:AMH-6145-NA View of Canton.jpg

The Thirteen Factories, c. 1850

The French Consul-General Auguste François left us today over hundreds of photographs taken across China between the late nineteenth and early twentieth ...

The view is taken from Danes Island, looking towards Canton, embarcing Whampoa & Junk Rivers... - 9 August 1835, Duncan, Edward

Canton : Vue prise de Dutch-Folly. Artist: Louis Lebreton Category: 18

Black Tea: Origin & Production | Tea Guardian

A view of Canton (Guangzhou), on the Pearl River in China, circa

European style people boating on the lake wallpaper wall decor, View exterior wallpaper for house

Fish Market Canton China 1856 Lithograph Hand Colored Mathew Perry Expedition | eBay

Fish Market Street Vendors Canton China 1857 antique color lithograph print

Canton Trade System. One of the global revolutions was the market revolution. This image

Guangzhou Harbor * (by William Henry Jackson).

Chinese street in Canton. From New York Public Library Digital Collections.

The British Factory Canton

File:Felice Beato (British, born Italy - View of the Gardens and Buddhist…

2nd Battle of Canton fought between British & Chinese forces in Canton,China, 23

Life in China in the 19th Century Pearl River, Canton, A Chan, ca

View of the British bombardment of the treaty port of Canton during the Second Opium War, Canton, China,

Vintage Postcard, Historical 5 Storied Pagoda, Canton, China

First Opium War vs Boxer Rebelion - Wars Comparison

Opium War Painting, 1839-1842

Wahso chan elder chinese woman smoking original oil on canvas painting

東印度公司繪製廣州景象 AMH-6145-NA View of Canton (Guangzhou) | 17th Century | Pinterest | 17th century

Old Canton Days | Pinterest | Guangzhou

Old Guangzhou City by michael-hg on Flickr.

Entrance-to-Old-Chgina-Street-Canton-1830.png 729

20 years of Globalization in one picture: China developing as major player in trade

Old Canton Days | Pinterest | Guangzhou

The Zhenhai Tower, better known as the Five-Storied Pagoda, is a tower

Détails sur China, Cheong Canton vintage print, Chine Tirage citrate 11x16 Circa 19

New China Street Canton 1830

Perhaps could make a T for C and J Will Bryant - Clear Eyes, Full

Canton, China 1880 ~ Photo by.

1908 Guangzhou China Antique Map Canton Kwangchow by Craftissimo

Print illustration depicting the garden of Houqua [Wu Bingjian], a prominent Chinese merchant

Felice Beato

Surrey Gardens London & Lytham England Windmill 1856 antique engraved print

File:Felice Beato (British, born Italy - Joss House, Canton - Google

東印度公司繪製廣州景象 AMH-6145-NA View of Canton (Guangzhou) | 17th Century | Pinterest | 17th century

Cantonese Flower Boats

MIT Visualizing Cultures

Vintage Antique Chinese Oil Painting of Woman Smoking in Manner of Wahso Chan #Realism

Down that narrow street, is the sun that burns ur eyes

Shanghai, 1920s

History 230 Research Guide -- Colonial America

Site of the Chinese Telephone Exchange in San Francisco since 1891, this building at 743

Examination Hall With 7500 Cells, Canton, China [1873] Attribution Unk [RESTORED

36 best Historical Research images on Pinterest | Indian people, 18th century and Adventure

Avenue at Middelharnis (detail) 1689. Meindert Hobbema. This painting shows the village

Interior Canal, Canton, China ca by Sidney D.Gamble via ralphrepo

Carl Mydans - Men pushing a car up a street, bilboards overhead. Canton,

Best New Cottage: Interiors

The Docklands light rail system. London. - Stock Image


China Town in San Francisco...would love to shop and eat here again

A pair of famille rose Canton enamel saucer-dishes. Qianlong. photo Bonhams Each

Sale of English goods in Guangzhou (Canton), China, 1858.

Canton China Landscape, Rain & Cloud Border, Leaf Form, 19th Century Dish


Find this Pin and more on Opium War I.... 1839-1842 by juliuscesar103.

Candide a tué le Juif et le grand inquisiteur qui détenaient Cunégonde comme une esclave pour

Felice BEATO (1832-1909) Takou, vue de l'intérieur du fort nord montrant le campement chinois Tirage sur papier albuminé, monté sur page d'album.

Ching Shih: The Pirate Admiral - The League of Extraordinary Ladies

Epidendrum syringothyrsis - Curtis' 101 (Ser. 3 no. 31) pl.

Old Canton Days | Pinterest | Guangzhou

Find this Pin and more on Opium War I.... 1839-1842 by juliuscesar103.

Winter of 1813-1814: The Great London Fog and Frost - Geri Walton

Fort Victoria Kowloon

Old Map of Guangzhou old Canton 1860 China

The destruction of opium at Humen began on 3 June 1839 and involved the destruction of

MIT Visualizing Cultures: "Rise and Fall of the Canton Trade System II" by Peter C. areas of focus include the Pearl River Delta, Macau, Bocca Tigris, ...

Extensively revised and updated, this popular text conveys the drama of China's…


Wahso chan elder chinese man reading and rooster original oil on canvas painting

Hydrogen and Oxygen gas from water! This unit separates the hydrogen and oxygen gases from


(1839-1842) First Opium War

by Chinese illustrator Ibuki Satsuki 伊吹五月

Opium Smuggling China Smoking Llama Peru 1853 antique wood engraving

Explore amyla174's photos on Flickr. amyla174 has uploaded 1803 photos to Flickr.

Kiev, Ukraine. 22nd Apr, 2018. The State Aviation Museum is an aviation

Original Oil Painting On Canvas Artist Wahso Chan Of Elder Chinese Man. Framed

Canton China Round, Notched & Shaped Rim Bowl

La Chine par le photographe Sidney David Gamble Crowd – watching picture being taken. China, Beijing, (Photo by Sidney David Gamble) Mr.

Find this Pin and more on Harley Quinn by cincycb.

Colorful, Shanghai, 1920s, History, Culture, Books

An Opioid Crisis Foretold

Qing Chinese troops defending a coastal fort from British assault, First Opium War

China Three Gorges University campus library

6145. Narrow side of an ossuary from Judea (Jerusalem?) dating c.

Defense of the British embassy in Peking, Boxer's Rebellion, China.

The earth and its inhabitants .. . r/esi or Greenwich 62- .