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ASR Emitter What to listen to t Cinema

ASR Emitter What to listen to t Cinema


ASR-Emitter-2. Still own this, but stored away right now, since I prefer the Ovation 8.2 But nevertheless, an Amazing amp, best integrated I have ever heard

2 ASR Emitter. “

ASR Emitter 1 (1/2)

Emitter II / Emitter II Exclusive: High-End Solid State Integrated Dual Mono Power Amplifier


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Emitter ...

ASR Emitter I | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Emitter ...

B&W 800 Diamond speakers driven by an ASR Emitter 2 Integrated Amp with an ESOTERIC X-01 D2 SACD Player

ASR Emitter I Exclusive control amplifier

Emitter ...

Emitter ...


Asr emitter

ASR Emitter II EVB

Caricamento dell'immagine in corso ASR-EMITTER-2-II-HD-AMPLI-2-ALIMENTATION-

However, there was an effortlessness to the overall presentation that made me want to hear an Emitter II at home and review it here.


TAD Evolution 1 and CE1 driven by an ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue integrated,

JPG · 1a5a0b3ff4710fdac7e5357daa0daaff.jpg ...

“Friedrich's design goal for the Emitter amplifiers was to combine the harmonically rich and musical sound of vacuum tube amplifiers with the precision and ...

Emitter ...

Amplificador Integrado ASR Emitter 1 Basic ...

ASR Emitter I Exclusive Battery Power Supply

12 ASR acrylic glass. “

Emitter ...

Emitter ...

Emitter ...

Emitter ...

Quite a number of you have been telling me how much you like the ASR Audiosysteme electronics with your Tannoys. I can see why you are so impressed, ...



Emitter ...

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I traded for an ASR Emitter II. Ticks all of the boxes for me sonically, although a little big.

Emitter ...


Audiosysteme Friedrich Schaefer (ASR) is a small German company with a few products that garner near-ecstatic raves whenever touched by reviewers' ears.



ASR Emitter II Versions - Son et image

ASR Basis Exclusive Phono Equalizer Review Live at Positive Feedback Online!




Image result for pioneer pdr 09

Audiosysteme Friedrich Schaefer (ASR) - the Emitter I


ASR Emitter II, Ayon , Audio acoustic sapphire tc i , kubala elation

ASR Basis Exclusive phono (1)

ASR Emitter 1 HD Angeboten wird ein ASR Emitter 1HD aus erster Hand in neuwertigem Zustand

High End 2013: ASR

ASR (3)

https://dagogo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/. ASR Emitter.

ASR Emitter Blue version ...

Acoustic Revive (1)

Cayin ᗛ vacuum Tube amplifier Tube class push-pull power amplifier ヾ(^▽^)ノ TR~UL switch BIAS ADJ. Cayin vacuum Tube amplifier Tube class push-pull ...

ASR audio

Equipment Review - ASR Emitter I Integrated Amplifier .

On Quiet Please: The New Best of Nick Lowe [Yep Roc 2619], it was easy to hear Lowe's clever word play and his catchy hook-laden rhythms in which the notes ...

As it turned out, that was one of the few elements I would be able to point at in a gotcha moment. This was a very interesting experience because this small ...

ASR Mini Basis Exclusive Phono Stage - Avin Ava Web Site

ASR Emitter + Harbeth P3ESR

English review of ASR EM.II Exclusive Stereo Phile - Avin Ava Web .

Emitter Clear Blue Angebot - ASR Audio Systeme Friedrich Schäfer


Loudspeakers Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 6 ...

Many of us dream of owning cost-no-object amplifiers such as the ASR Emitter II or the MBL 9011 monoblocks, but since few of us can afford those ...


ATC Home Theatre Setup

ASR Emitter II Exclusive - Musical Sounds

The ASR Emitter was the clear winner for amplification and Robin was so taken with his original ASR that he traded up to the most recent version and added ...

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The unit at Robin's is an Emitter I Exclusive Blue with the battery-powered input stage option, XLR inputs and variable RCA outputs.

ImageUploadedByComputer Audiophile1465736402.265593.jpg

ASR Battery supply for ASR Emitter Exclusive - ASR Audio Systeme .

AVguide Monthly – WEB EXCLUSIVE - EuroAudioTeam.com

Roughly 316,800,000 inches separated Pulse Emitter (Daryl Groetsch) and Christophe Bailleau as they sat/stood/levitated behind their synthesizers and ...

Best I heard for SS Krell FBI. Best tube tie wavac md300b and mastersound 300b se. Are these the best in world who knows I havent had the chance to listen ...

What does a direct copy of the master tape of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue sound like played on a Stellavox feeding the ASR Emitter ...

i have a love-hate relationship with antony michaelson's musical fidelity (mf). love it because my first mid-fi integrated amp was the mf a100 and it ...

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Acoustics ASW Chelys with amplifier ASR Emitter I and with PSU ASR Akkumulator-Netzteil.

Sony XA5400ES SACD-player. Rega P7 w/ Ortofon kontrapunkt C/ Rega Elys/ Ortofon 2m Blue ASR Mini Basis phonostage. ASR Emitter I Exclusive

photo photo photo photo

1.0 Receiving the ASR Emitter - ASR Audio Systeme Friedrich Schäfer


We have got the “Blue moon award†for Emitter 1 - ASR Audio

Back on topic, even with the most expensive loudspeakers the sound of the Japanese integrated was incredibly—really incredibly—spacious.

Emitter Clear Blue Angebot - ASR Audio Systeme Friedrich Schäfer

Taken in dim light. Click to enlarge.

KEF Johan Coorg - Reference In Wall - ISE 2018