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AWI- America: CONTINENTAL LIGHT DRAGOONS, 1779, by Angus McBride.

American; Von Heer's Provost Corps of Light Dragoons, Trooper, 1780-1781 by Don Troiani

3rd Continental Light Dragoons Officer.

1st Continental Light Dragoons, by Don Troiani. Also known as "Bland's Horse"

Dragone del rgt. americano "North Carolina Rifles" - Don Troiani

British 17th Light Dragoons, 1777. During the.

Trooper,Captain Henry Lee's Troop, 1st Continental Light Dragoons,1777

1st Continental Light Dragoons

Trooper, 17th Light Dragoons, 1775-1783, by Don Troiani.

Baylor's 3rd Continental Light Dragoons

Américains guerre d'indépendance

Don Troiani - Continental Light Dragoons

Dragone del 3 rgt. dragoni leggeri americani continentali

AWI Americans: Hamptons Regiment Light Dragoons, by Charles Lefferts.

light dragoon horses - Google Search

Continental Army: Dragoons_1

2nd Continental Light Dragoons Legion in 1782.

14th Dragoon Regiment of Napoleon.

PLATES- CMH: Light Horse of the City of Philadelphia, 1776-1777, by H. Charles McBarron, Jr.

Amerikanische Unabhängigkeitskrieg - Continental Light Dragoons, 1775–1783 - American; 3rd Continental Light

AWI Americans: 1st Regiment of Light Dragoons 1776, by Liliane and Fred Funcken.

American; 4th Light Dragoons, Trumpeter, 1780

PLATES- CMH: 2nd Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons, Dismounted Service, 1780,

John Jameson became the major of the Continental Light Dragoons, and transferred April to Continental Light Dragoons Moylan's Light Dragoons, 1779

Light Dragoons: by Reginald Augustus Wymer

3rd Continental Dragoons

American; 2nd Maryland Regiment (previously the Extraordinary Regiment/Battalion ), Private 1781.By Don Troiani This unit had it's own buttons marked "MEB"

American; Light Horse of Philadelphia, Private, 1776-7. 1st Continental Light Dragoons, Capt Henry Lee's 5th Company, Private 1776-77 & 1st Continental ...

Continental Light Dragoons with the 11th Connecticut Militia Regiment

AWI- America: Continental Light Dragoons (Sheldon's), by Pamela Patrick White. Painting depicting the battle of Slongo (another raid that Elijah Churchill ...

American general leading the Continental Army

PLATES- CMH: Captain Robert Mullan's Company, Continental Marines, 1779, by H

The 17th Light Dragoons arrived in America in 1775 and remained until 1783. The death's head badge on the helmet is said to have commemorated the death of ...

2nd Continental Light Dragoon

The Partisan Corps or Lee's Legion was a crack mixed cavalry and light infantry unit of the Continental army.

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16th (Queens) Light Dragoons 1777-1778

Continental Light Dragoon 1777 and officer

Officer 3rd Continental Light Dragoons, 1778-1779, and left officer with green facings

american revolution uniforms | SOURCE: Uniformsof the American War of Independence. A series of 24 .

UPDATE: a further 2 figures were added in April 2017 to take the unit up to 8 figures for the Indian Field scenario (as per the photo above).

British Loyalist Troops; L to R Grenadier Sergeant, New Jesey Volunteers 1778, Private Guides and Pioneers 1779 & Private Royal Highland Emigrants 1779

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Thomas Stirling

Second Massachusetts Continental Regiment of Infantry, 1777

American Revolutionary War Uniform - De Lancey's Refugees or the "Cowboys," 1780

As ought to be well known,** the history of the Rangers continued in the American Revolution when the Continental Congress created a "C.

18th Continental a Infantry, 1776

American soldiers at the battle of Guilford Courthouse, 15 March American Revolutionary War.

American light dragoon

American 2nd Canadian Continental Regiment: Battle of Brandywine Creek on 11th September 1777 in the American Revolutionary War

Continental Light Dragoons

2nd Partisan Corp, Lee's Legion.

British legion uniforms American Revolution

AWI Americans: Continental Light Dragoons by R.

Officer 17th Light Dragoons c1775. American ...

The original unit was raised June 8, 1776, at Williamsburg, Virginia, under

light dragoon horses - Google Search

British Light Dragoons in North America AWI

img_1666.jpg (1280×853)

British Royal Marines, American War of Independence

British 17th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons charging against Continental dragoons. American Revolutionary ...

Captain Andreas Emmerich (sometimes "Emmerick") was a professional soldier from Germany and a veteran of the Seven Years War, who early in the AWI proposed ...

French; Hainault Regiment, Grenadier, in 1779 regulation uniform

My AWI Troops: 2nd Partisan Corps

I have had 4 packs of Foundry light dragoons sitting under my desk at work for what must be at least two years. When Henry Hyde, editor of Battlegames ...

Second Maryland Continental Infantry, 1777

Dragoons Tarleton Helmet very nice condition

AWI- America: Private of the 9th Massachusetts Regiment 1782, by Don Troiani.

Continental Army: Philadelphia Light Horse_1

Black Irishman of the 2nd Pennsylvania (Continental Army) 1778- by J Bravos

My AWI Troops: 2nd Partisan Corps

6 figures. Painted April 2010.

American Revolutionary War Uniform - British Seventeenth Regiment of Light Dragoons,

American Continental Army Dragoon

Flintlock and tomahawk: New Don Troiani image

AWI British: Trooper Black Dragoons-Carolina Loyalists - 1781-1782, by Don Troiani. (www.dontroiani.com)

Dragoons 1779.

6 figures. Painted April 2010.

African American soldier of the 4th New York Regiment as he would have appeared during the Saratoga Campaign of 1777

Continental Army Officer, 1778. (www.dontroiani.com)

SOLDIERS- Troiani: AWI- France: French Lauzun's Legion, Lancer, Yorktown campaign 1781, by Don Troiani.

8 figures. Painted April-May 2017.

PLATES- CMH: Colonel Joseph Crockett's Western Battalion, Virginia State Force, 1780-1782, by Peer F. Copeland. | American Revolution | Pinterest | American ...

Cornwallis's Army in American Revolutionary War

31st Duke Connaught's own Lancers Daffadar Dekhani, ...

3rd New Jersey Infantry, Continental Line, Col Elias Dayton, 1777 Uniform: Blue faced with red; waistcoats of various colors; breeches Of blue cloth or ...

17th Light Dragoons in North America: Contemporary Artwork

SOLDIERS- Troiani: AWI- Hessian: Hessian Fusilier Regiment Von Ditfurth, Fusilier, 1776, by Don Troiani.

American; 2nd Canadian Regiment, Light Company, Private, 1776

Many Loyalist units were raised in the South and these figures represent generic Loyalist cavalry. I like to give my units specific regimental designations, ...

2nd Continental Light Dragoons living history group here

Light Infantry Company, Massachussetts Regiment, Continental Line,


Private of the Royal Fencible Americans 1776-1777 a Loyalist Regiment

"Provincials" - Plates of British Uniforms during the American Revolutionary War, from John

1qKNnN.AuSt.6.jpeg (419×630)

light dragoon horses - Google Search