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Accourding to quotWhologyquot Daleks said the famous quotEXTERMINATE

Accourding to quotWhologyquot Daleks said the famous quotEXTERMINATE


Accourding to "Whology," Daleks said the famous "EXTERMINATE!" only 469 times as of it's publishing.

Dalek Meme - Bing Images


Asylum of the Daleks © BBC

Exterminate! Dalek humor. Doctor who!

Dalek Blueprint Exterminate

The Den of Geek interview: Nick Briggs - voice of The Daleks | Den of Geek

DWM #522: Empire of the Daleks

Play Dalek Hack

Exterminate Ignorance With 'Untold History' of Daleks

doctor who memes | tags dalek doctor who exterminate from the movies memes r2d2 star wars .


It's October of 1997. Elton John is at number one with “Something About The Way You Look/Candle in the Wind '97.” This gets at one of the news stories we'll ...

Time Lord pick up line

Daleks Exfoliate Expeliate Excommunicate and Exterminate

Dalek birthday wishes.

Dalek doctor who poem

Daleks and Cybermen

Raymond Cusick with the Daleks in 1964. Mr Cusick, from Horsham in West Sussex

TRADE Dalek Vs. Cyberman by RobertMakes ...

it's not my fault the new Daleks' designs come darn near matching the Sailor. Crossovers Gone Wrong Part 2

I love this scene.

"Doctor Who" Asylum of the Daleks Quotes | Planet Claire Quotes

Nicholas Pegg, who has operated Daleks since 2005, hid the abuse in a piece

So in one camp we have The Human Factor, The Doctor standing up against the Emperor Dalek and saying that the rebellion will succeed and the Daleks will ...

"You Would Make A Good Dalek" | Dalek | Doctor Who | BBC

“Well ...

Dalek - how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Geeky pick up lines. I so want someone to say this to me one day

We should say this to every new person who joins the Doctor Who fandom. This

Victory of the Daleks

Human Dalek sec

"If you want to live life according to your professional duties, you need to mold your soul into the part assigned to you my society"

A town called Mercy

There's nothing funny about these Dalek jokes until you say them in a Dalek voice.


Nothing Can Exterminate Our Love - A delightful Dalek Valentine's Day card by Amy Liu.

The Daleks are the original yarn bombers! EX-TER-MI-KNIT!

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Asylum of the Daleks | Doctor Who | BBC - YouTube

This is SUPREME Dalek : EXTERMINATE ! (Dalek say that perfectly ). Supreme Dalek come from Dr Who Daleks are Kaled mutants in mechanical shells (with some ...

"I will exterminate your unhappiness!" - didn't know a chibi Dalek could be so cute, or, for that matter, happen at all XD

Doctor Who - The Dalek Collection [DVD]: Amazon.co.uk: Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate, John Barrowman, ...

You are a beautiful person in everything you do and I love you, you make things really fun and we've had some really great and funny times together. you are ...

Christopher Morley examines the inspiration behind Genesis of the Daleks.

In order for a triangle to be formed, all of the lines must equal 180 degrees, or be straight. This is not the Bermuda Triangle.

Doctor Who - Dalek mug

"Doctor Who" Dalek Quotes | Planet Claire Quotes

"Doctor Who" Doomsday (TV Episode 2006) - Quotes - IMDb

Memorable moment

Daleks being Daleks…

Tom baker quotes the fourth doctor

Resurrection of the Daleks

The Daleks' Master Plan

Guest contributor ...

Doctor Who Dalek Exterminate

"Doctor Who" The Time of the Doctor Quotes | Planet Claire Quotes

Into the Dalek

Voice-over: Using a microphone plugged into a voice modulator, Prince Charles uttered

21st century Dalek invasion

Doctor Who: Dalek War (Frontier in Space / Planet of the Daleks) [

WHO:: Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jennie Linden, DALEKS: Peter Crushin, Bernard Cribbins, Ray Brooks, Gordon Fleming, Milton Subotsky, Max Rosenberg, ...

Exterminate! Exterminate!" (Hasty composition thrown together with awesome sauropod artwork by Mark Hallett, borrowed from here, and Daleks borrowed from ...

How each Doctor responds to the Daleks for the first time reveals something about them.


Cameron chats to the wonderful Bernard Cribbins about Peter Cushing, Daleks, David Tennant, and being "the Doctor's most faithful companion"

“Genesis Of The Daleks” / “Genesis Of The Daleks” / “Genesis Of The Daleks” / “Genesis Of The Daleks” / “Genesis Of The Daleks” / “Genesis Of The Daleks ”

"Doctor Who" Genesis of the Daleks: Part Six (TV Episode 1975) - Quotes - IMDb

Doctor Who Valentine "Not even a Dalek could exterminate our love!"

Tom Trager, a graphic designer and animator located in Herzliya, Israel, created this awesome advertisement for a truly fearsome extermination service, ...

But these… it's just weird, because Nation very specifically made sure the Daleks weren't robots and that's what they're reduced to here, isn't it?

Supreme Dalek - Victory of the Daleks

"Dalek disguised as a Christmas Tree waits to exterminate Santa Claus"~Original pinner. That is just TOO funny. Reminds me of the quote in "Christmas ...

When she said exterminated I automatically thought of a dalek.

Exterminate! Prince Charles voices Dalek on Doctor Who set in Cardiff

Doctor Who "Into the Dalek" - All the Quotable Quotes | Three If By Space

NOW WITH MORE DALEK!! The Friday Docback Gets Served By 'The Robots of Death'!! DOCTOR WHO Story #90, More!!

I dare you to say he isn't smoking hot!

Plague of the Daleks written by Mark Morris and directed by Barnaby Edwards

'My dad bought a Dalek without checking with mum': school comes to rescue after Dr Who fan finds himself exterminated

Tonight's Doctor Who episode continues the show's recent trend of deconstructing the Daleks, his armored “space Nazi” adversaries.

I'm guessing part of what makes the original impact of Episode 2 was that we had never seen a Dalek before (at that time). As I started watching Doctor Who ...