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Advertising fail Humor t Advertising Funny and Fun

Advertising fail Humor t Advertising Funny and Fun


#6 Ad Placements Gone Wrong

#1 Starbucks Sliding Door Van Fail

Poorly Placed Advertising - Ads are everywhere, from billboards to magazine pages. They fill our faces with food, fashion and fun ideas.

Miscellaneous Marketing Fails

So much fun, they won't even know they're learning. Find this Pin and more on Advertising Fails ...

10+ Unintended Yet Funniest Ad Placement Fails | Funny ads, Ads and Memes

10+ Unintended Yet Funniest Ad Placement Fails | Funny ads, Ads and Memes

Worst / Funny Ad Placement (16)

Equality Advertisement fail. [ CaptainMarketing.com ] #gonewrong #online #marketing

30+ Hilarious Advertising Placement Fails

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Math mistakes in advertising! I'm using these photos next year for a fun

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20 Reasons Why You Need To Be Careful About Placing Ads And Logos On Vehicles

22+ Funny Placement Coincidences That Tell A Different Story

#3 Baby Sure Does

10 FUNNIEST Video Game Advertisement FAILS That Made You Shake Your Head

And here is the 'mother of all the advertising'. Any service that is touched by Yahoo always failed but this billboard is just brilliant.

20 Totally Inappropriate Ad Placement Fails. Fun StuffFunniest ...

#5 Newspaper Ad Placement

Emotional Branding Tactics of the Funniest Commercials: Absurd Ads - YouTube

Worst / Funny Ad Placement (5)

Hospital may not be the best place to advertise for pirates of the Caribbean

Real Estate Ad FAIL · Mobile HomePolitical SignsHouseFunniest ...

Worst / Funny Ad Placement (4)

Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails !! Funniest Mistakes in the World ! a2z Fun

TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE - Funniest Epic Fail Compilation March 2018 | Fun......- 2018 RECORD:35-3

23 creatively funny print ads that will make you giggle. Some of these are totally brilliant!

Deceptive advertising. HilariousWtf FunnyFunny ...

Humor In Advertising

Clever Ad by Audi after the 5th ring failed to open in the opening ceremony at Winter Opymapics

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Love failure funny picture

This ad is going to trigger some people - funny advert

funny china compilation 2018 , Indian funniest Whatsapp India funny 2018 People doing stupid things

#3 This Bus

Funniest Outdoor FAILS Compilation | CALI FUNNY

The 50 Funniest Classified Ads Ever (GALLERY)

#2 I'd Like To Make A Withdrawal Please

GRAVEYARD BASH: A church advertising a Bible Camp didn't find the place to put up their poster [IG]

The Funniest Ads Newspapers Have Ever Printed (PICTURES) Last year we profiled 19 of ...

Marketing Fail Funeral Services



hacienda ad

types of advertising appeals

'Tide' never disappoints us when it comes to advertising. Some are hilarious and some are really clever. Like this…

Funny dating website commercial

10+ Of The Worst Spelling Mistakes Ever

#5 It Is Just A Bag Of Cats

Just ...


Worst Logo Design Fails - Pepsi

Pendennis: Someone Didn't Think This Through

Marketing Fail Today Is The Day We Take The Stairs

Top Funny Commercials | Funny Ads Hindi | Most Funny Indian TV ads | 7Blab

Be careful, it's "Hunter" ...

Rope Swing Fails | Funniest Fail Compilation

Worst / Funny Ad Placement (25)

Yeah, I hate boots too.


The Humor Appeal (Advertising) – The Visual Communication Guy: Designing, Writing, and Communication Tips for the Soul

Worst / Funny Ad Placement (6)

This may go without saying, but consumers are not big fans of being insulted. As if PETA didn't get enough flack already, they ran this offensive ad on a ...

Funny condom commercial from Charm. Sexy fruit to fertilize your imagination. Fruit Flavoured.

2. This figure seems a bit high.

When Deepika Padukone was so fed up of doing clothing, feminism, and jewellery ads and thought to try something different.

Aah ...

Top 6 Best Funny Commercials - Sexy Funny Banned Commercial - New Funny Video - YouTube


When The Hindu fan trolled The Times Of India in a hilarious epic way.

Worst / Funny Ad Placement (26)

Effort is soon scrubbed clean

Senior Citizen Cartoons, Merriment, Humor, Jokes, and Fun! (and NO annoying ads!)

The 34 most hilarious translation fails ever. I'm still laughing hard at #7


Science of stupid | Science of stupid very funny videos | Funniest video clips (Part

Kids Restaurant Fails | Funniest Fail Compilation

Never say I Cola't. Hilarious-Design-Fails-30

Funny Tumblr Posts

They aren't dumb sheep who can be easily tricked, and it's a mistake to treat them as such. As one of the ad ...

4. Does it say bland flavor?


Senior Cartoon: Sexual Relations

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