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Alexander bodied AEC Swift in Atherton depot Coach t

Alexander bodied AEC Swift in Atherton depot Coach t


Alexander bodied AEC Swift in Atherton depot.

AEC Swift - Alexander

old Lancashire United bus 556 used to run from Golborne to St Helens

331 Bristol LH Northern Counties body


AEC renown 3 axle bus - Google Search

420 Bristol RE Plaxton

Southampton Corporation - AEC Swift - TCR 293H - 7

1964 LUT Fleetline

LUT Leopard a one off design.

... was fellow BET subsidiary East Kent, represented here by KFN 220 (EK didn't use fleetnumbers until NBC days), a 1955 Weymann-bodied AEC Reliance MU3RV.

Vintage Bus - Guy Arab III [MTJ84] 120407 Brough | Flickr - Photo Sharing

Guy Arab rear access

Atkinson Alpha - Roe

GM standard design Fleetline in LUT livery

... AEC Swift EGN 678J © D.Turpin

1940's Haworth Bus

Image result for lancashire united transport leigh bus station

AEC Regal IV - BEA Airport coach link

Northern General had a batch of very similar C37F Willowbrook Viking coaches on an AEC Reliance 2MU3RV chassis, so as I understand it, they would have had ...

Ex LUT Guy Arab, with Verwood Transport. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Buses, Coaches, Trainers, Busses, Canisters

1929 Dennis ES with brush body.

The museum and its collection have moved on strongly since the eighties. The Blackpool VAMBAC tramcar in the background is the one that I referred to in my ...

A few of my favourite buses & coaches.

'Lawerence' the classic coach , hired for y hen do, can't wait !

LUT 406 Walkden | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Leeds City Transport - AEC Swift - JNW 952E - 52

Southampton Corporation - AEC Swift - TCR 293H - 7

1955 Atkinson Alpha/ Roe DP40F

Rather more conventional but equally distinctive in Oxford's elegant coach livery was 703 (NJO 703), a 1949 Willowbrook-bodied AEC Regal III 9621A which was ...

Chiltern Queens - AEC Reliance - KBV 778

LUT – Guy Arab IV – 534 RTB – 43

After passing Southdown ECW bodied Leyland Tiger GUF727 outside the entrance to the ESLR station I saw the Eastern Transport Collection's Bristol LD OVF229 ...

George Young's of Ross-on-Wye are regular visitors to the city on service bus work from Herefordshire as well as coaching. On the 377 service was their ...

AEC Reliance 6MU3RA Pennine B39F

... half hourly service, meaning each bus got a half hour drop back at the Depot every trip. The bus waiting to do the next trip was East Lancs bodied ...

EF 7942_lr

Shortly after, Plaxton Centro bodied Volvo B7 533 turned up on the 6 and I boarded. I quite like the Plaxton Centro body so, naturally, ...

Alexander (Midland) – AEC Regent III – CWG 871 – MRC8

Burnham's Coaches - AEC Regal III - CFK 340

Today saw the return home of Great Yarmouth AEC Swift 85 WEX685M. I was asked to go along up to First's Commercial unit in Rotherham where it had been ...

... Wrights Renown 21116, it was launched at 12:30 along with Merseybus Volvo B10B Wrights 6592, 248 a St. Helens/Merseyside PTE Marshall bodied AEC Swift, ...

PMT - AEC Reliance - 693 AEH - SN7693

4227 FM

Lancashire United Transport – Guy Arab III – MTJ 84 – 440

Maidstone & District - AEC Reliance - 3 YKK ...

St Helens Corporation - AEC Regent V - GDJ 438 - H138

Glasgow Corporation 1963. Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX Alexander H44/34F

Another passing shot sees South West Coaches' M460 JPA betray its previous ownerrship. The Alexander-bodied 709D was new to London & Country's Guildford ...

London Transport - AEC Regent II - HGC 225 - STL2692

Alexander bodied Volvo Citybus at Bolton bus station in May 2004

1973 ECW bodied AEC Swift WEX690M at the Norfolk Showground in 1993

Dews Coaches - Leyland PD3 - FTF 702F

Reading Corporation – Dennis Loline – GRD 576D – 76

Vehicle reminder shot for this posting

Swift 588 awaits departure on a summers evening from South Pier to Talbot Square following the former Marton tram route (Brian Turner)

At North Pier, we caught the shuttle to Rigby Road Depot, which today was being operated by 715; ...

St.Helens 260 (JDJ 260K), a 1972 Marshall-bodied AEC Swift now carries some rather interesting and stylish St.Helens crests.

St Helens Corporation - AEC Regent III RT - BDJ 67 - 67

Pioneer Coaches - Leyland Titan PD2 - J 14672 - Oliver

The rather more attractive SWT coach livery is carried gracefully by 1032 (NCY 626), another Weymann-bodied AEC but this time a Fanfare coach body on 1956 ...

The South Circular was originally born out of the austere atmosphere that the undertaking found itself in following the 2010 cutbacks.

I have attached a photo of Western Welsh WKG 138, an AEC Reliance 470 with a Weymann C39F body new in May 1961. It was on hire to PMT in May 1970 ...

YRT 898H_2

Moor-Dale Coaches 1949. Leyland Titan PD2 Metro Cammell H30/26R

AEC Reliance 691 8U2RA Alexander DP49F

The winning of the Bernard Watkin Memorial Trophy by former Great Yarmouth AEC Swift WEX685M at the Old Buckenham rally yesterday provoked a jokey email ...

Lowestoft Corporation - AEC Regent II - GBJ 192 - 21

Neath & Cardiff Luxury Coaches Ltd 1960. AEC Reliance 2MU3RA Harrington C41F

East Kent Bus Company 1971 AEC Swift 51-seater with Alexander body, 301 Athol

AEC Regent III RT in 1972

Vehicle reminder shot for this posting

Harper Bros - AEC Regal III - TRE 251 - 42


Yelloway - AEC Reliance 4U3RA - CDK 856C

Brown's Blue Bus - AEC Regent RT - KLB 596

Summer 1982 and 576 displays a slipboard for the promotional Sunday only maximum fare of 25p (Brian Turner)

AEC Bridgemaster B3RA Park Royal H45/31R

Blue Motors - Leyland Cheetah - EYA 923

Operating from the garage in 1979 was this SMS type AEC Swift among a number of DMS type Daimler Fleetlines ...

GVN 952

Mayne Coaches

In the same way the Sixties rear-engined Panther and Panther Cub did nothing to help Leyland's reputation the same could be said for the AEC Swift.

Leeds City Transport AEC Regent V

Wright Handybus bodied Dennis Dart in January 2008

Southampton Corporation - Guy Arab UF - JOW 928 - 255

Southampton Corporation - Guy Arab UF - JOW 928 - 255

Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Trident 2 on route 32 in Kilburn

London Transport - AEC Regent I - AXM 693 - STL441

LUT Guy Arab III and Dennis Lance with Wetern National Bristol K5G

Metro-Cammell-bodied Leyland Titan PD2-7RT, London Transport fleet number RTL554.

Lancaster City Transport - Leyland Titan - LHG 537

Sheffield Corporation - AEC Regent III - RWA174 - 2174

NKD 540_01_lr