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Also called the 75 Cocktail or Soixante Quinze quotSeventy Fivequot in

Also called the 75 Cocktail or Soixante Quinze quotSeventy Fivequot in


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Other experts note that the 1919 edition of Harry's ABC of Mixing Cocktails credits an English bartender with the recipe. Insert Gallic shrug here.

French 75! Also called the 75 Cocktail or Soixante Quinze (Seventy Five in French), this effervescent drink flavored with lemon and dry champagne is both ...

An easy savory martini, Dill Pickle Vodka Martini replaces the classic olives with cucumber pickles

The Seelbach's other principal claim to fame is its own cocktail, created in 1917. The apocryphal story relayed by Brad Thomas Parsons in his James Beard ...

Not only was there a Count Negroni, and not only did the story happen as told, but the Count ended up in America working as a rodeo cowboy, ...

I'm convinced that some of the aversion to bitters stems from their name. Of the five basic tastes (the others being sour, sweet, salty and savory), ...

french 75 cocktail

Champagne Cocktail and Stirrers ...

The Liberty brings both tastes together to smashing effect. The drink is often served over crushed ice as a summer cooler. But I find that its smooth blend ...

This Kentucky Mule is a delicious twist on a traditional Moscow Mule cocktail. Kentucky bourbon, ginger beer and fresh squeezed lime juice make this an easy ...

A return trip is most definitely in order, but in the meantime the visit put me in the mood for a drink featuring the smoky spirit. As luck would have it, ...


The drink was first publicized by Harry McElhone, the one-time bartender at New York's Plaza Hotel who hied himself to points continental in the wake of the ...

Adding a little bubbly to a fuzzy navel cocktail makes it extra fun and tasty! This drink may be on the "girly side", but girls just want to have fun, ...

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail + DIY Champagne Tower

This Irish Mule Cocktail is a bright mix of smooth Irish whiskey, zesty ginger beer, and tart lime juice and it's sure to make you want to dance this St. ...

Raspberry Sorbet Rosé Floats


Quinine, an essential defense against malaria in the era of empire building, is an extract from the bark of cinchona trees. It's also impossibly bitter.

5 of Imbibe Magazine's Best Champagne Cocktails


Summer Shandy Recipe with Tequila (Pink Summer Shandy) was my favorite fun cocktail in college! Made with pink lemonade, light beer, and tequila, ...

Cocktail of the Week: The Bijou

16 Margarita Recipes to try for Cinco de Mayo! #margarita #cincodemayo # cocktails

Fresh Berry Frozen Margaritas in a pitcher - loaded with sweet berries, agave, tequila

the only champagne cocktail recipe you need for NYE

This White Hot Chocolate is a boozy, warm, sweet version of the White Russian cocktail. It will keep you feeling warm and cozy down to the last drop!

Maple Whisky Lemonade

I have visions of servicemen stationed in Havana once hostilities had ended offering the toast ironically but that too is wrong, irony not being invented by ...

This Blood Orange Cocktail made with blood oranges, gin, lemon juice, citrus bitters


Inspired, I made the last drink featured in Greene's book. “The White Lady is a delightful cocktail that, I boldly predict, will soon enjoy a renaissance,” ...

Mint julep. From Wikipedia ...

Nothing is quite as refreshing this minty, cool agua fresca recipe! Each sip of

15 Days of Holiday Drinks (Day 13)

Vodka Soda Recipe - a classic easy to make cocktail that uses La Croix, vodka

This Elderflower Martini - made with gin, vodka & St. Germain Liqueur - is one of our most requested cocktail recipes. Make it batch style for groups!

The Canon de 75 modèle 1897 is the source of the name of the cocktail

23 Champagne Cocktails For The Best NYE Ever

The Champagne Cocktail Is the Rented Tux of Mixed Drinks

The current release is 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. The disgorging date (day/month/year) is on the back of each bottle.

All of us in the Iron Horse family hope you will come visit and drink in the view.

As summer beckons, our thoughts naturally turn to love. This is high season for Wedding Cuvee aka Love Potion, a sure fire way to help newlyweds live ...

10 Champagne Cocktails To Help Ring In The New Year ...

The Perfect Cocktail: It's More Simple than You Think

The quality and depth of our conversations with these innovators were as intriguing and pleasurable as a beautifully curated wine list.

Both bubblies are being disgorged and labeled and will make their debut in our May Wine Club shipment.

Screwdriver (cocktail)

Cocktail of the Week

Dark 'n' Stormy

7 and 7

Blue Lagoon (cocktail)

Paloma (cocktail)

Black Russian

First Anniversary of our Downtown Tasting Room!

International Bartenders Association

Salty dog (cocktail)


Cocktail of the Week

This year marks the one year anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court “love wins” ruling and we are extremely honored that the Obama Administration served ...

Raymond Massey (cocktail)

Seagram's Seven Crown. Seagram's Seven Crown, also called ...

3 x Champagne cocktails for New Years Eve!

Here's to the freedom of being yourself!

Stormy Orchard

It's Time for Creepy… Crawly.. Cocktails?

To sip this wine is to experience the magic of 12 years aging in contact with the yeast before disgorging. As winemaker David Munksgard explains, ...

Cocktail of the Week


James Bond Had It All Wrong - A Short Treatise on Martinis

Sea Breeze (cocktail)

Santa Fe Sour

... Room bar we have four infusions set up: black cherry vodka, wild berry vodka, jalapeno vodka, and mint vodka. Often when people try these infusions they ...

Looking forward, the next release of Joy! is Friday March 17, St. Patrick's Day. It's bound to be a lucky day. This will be our third time hosting a Joy!

It was Iron Horse and Roederer Estate from California. Ours was certainly the most fun table at the tasting.

The Best Bars in Santa Fe

We've already held onto to it long enough and David is always quick to remind us that even the most special wines are not made to be revered, but shared and ...

With one word. Ironically, there's a lot that can be said for being understated. In fashion it means that sometimes a simple faint micro ...

Champagne Party Primer Champagne Party Primer ...

Cocktails to Keep you Warm this Winter

Champagne Party Primer Champagne Party Primer Champagne Party Primer ...


... Primer Champagne Party Primer

Champagne Party Primer

Colombia (cocktail)

Classic cocktail posters by Crispin Finn

Here's what your coffee says about you



Inevitably there is plenty of booze left over after a party (although oddly this is not often a ...

Bijou Cocktail

A Giant, and tasty, workplace present for Christmas

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Greater Capital Region brewery list nears 50

Sidecar cocktail