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Also known as the 39Big Ack39 the ArmstrongWhitworth FK 8 bomber

Also known as the 39Big Ack39 the ArmstrongWhitworth FK 8 bomber


Late production F.K.8 showing modified undercarriage, cowling, and radiators, as well as

The cockpit placement of the F.K.8

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8

Early production F.K.8 showing original undercarriage, cowling and radiators

Armstrong Whitworth Ape

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.16

Сайт - Pilots-and-planes /WWW/. Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8. Beardmore engine in improwed cowling

Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA J-8959. 29 Squadron, Royal air Force.

Canadian VC pilot, Macleod, flew this Armstrong-Whitworth FK.8 bomber with 2 Sqn | WW1 Aircraft | Pinterest

Picture of Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 Multirole Biplane Aircraft

F.K.8 ve službách QANTAS

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 (C8499)

Rnd 1 Grp A - Caudron G.4 (France) vs Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 (Britain)

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 WINGS PALETTE Armstrong Whitworth FK8 Big Ack Great Britain

Rnd 1 Grp A - Caudron G.4 (France) vs Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 (Britain)

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.9

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3 - Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3 in 1915.

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3. Vue de l'avion.

top, Armstrong Whitworth FK.8 Big Ack | Great Britain | 8 Sqn, RFC |

A.W.38 Whitley

Prototype G-ADSR in flight

The Royal Air Force pilot of a scout squadron affixing to his Royal Aircraft Factory biplane a notice reading: "Huns: 39 in 14 Days".

Handley Page Type O/400 (H.P.12) bomber biplane BRITISH AIRCRAFT OF THE

Rnd 1 Grp A - Caudron G.4 (France) vs Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 (Britain)

Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.14 - [Project] unbuilt fighter - F.K.14: No details, identified by Koolhoven as A.W.

Armstrong Whitworth Atlas

top, Armstrong Whitworth FK.8 Big Ack | Great Britain | 1 Sqn, RFC |

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.10

Imperial Airways Armstrong Whitworth Argosy G-EBLF / City of Glasgow flying over Croydon (

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.27 Ensign 12 of Imperial Airways takes to the skies 1938

Nieuport 15

Armstrong Whitworth Wolf

Armstrong Whitworth Atalanta

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.10 Quadruplane

Canadian VC pilot, Macleod, flew this Armstrong-Whitworth FK.8 bomber with 2 Sqn | WW1 Aircraft | Pinterest

Armstrong Whitworth Starling

Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3 - Bulgarian Aviation Corps Officers and soldiers gathered around a captured FK

The last of 100 Gloster Meteor NF.14 night fighters built for the RAF at

Breguet 16Bn.2 two-seat night bomber biplane. Serial number 016.

Armstrong Whitworth Scimitar

Armstrong Whitworth Argosy

Armstrong Whitworth Argosy

Armstrong Whitworth Awana

Handley Page H.P.42 — eight made history Imperial Airways asked the firm Handley Page (known for designing very larger aircraft) in the late 1920s to ...

http://members.ziggo.nl/henrikaper/koolhoven/armstrong-whitworth/images/ armstrong-whitworth-fk4.jpg

Spad VII


Koolhoven F.K.51

A.W.27 Ensign

BAT Basilisk

Armstrong Whitworth Apollo

Bell P-39 Airacobra - Bell P-39K-L internal layout from Pilot's

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.23

Picture of the Armstrong Whitworth F.K.9

List of aircraft of the Royal Flying Corps

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52

On a brighter early February day the Sopwith experimental team have rolled-out the second '2B2 Rhino' bomber X8 with its in-line 230hp BHP British engine.

Hansa-Brandenburg C.I

Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.12 - 1917 (no firm details) - F.K.12: Poss. FK.8 w/ mod cooling, u/c, exhausts -- Koolhoven confused F.K.12 w/ F.K.6 in 1926 list

Armstrong Whitworth Atlas - Atlas picking up a message

Martinsyde G.100 Elephant: Flying Elephantry.

Armstrong Whitworth AW.681

F.K.4: 1 x 100 hp Gnome rotary engine, span 10.50 m -- Controv. desig., aka "100 hp Gnome Déperdussin 1911" Armstrong-Whitworth ...

The Günter brothers -Siegfried and Walter- were among the most talented aircraft designers of their era, renowned for their ultra sleek aerodynamic designs.

RFC airfield

This sturdy tandem two-seat basic trainer was designed in the early 1940's to be easily operated from the high-altitude alpine airfields.

Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.7 -- 1916 2-seat recce biplane - F.K.7: 1 x 160 hp Beardmore inline, span 13.26 m, x 1 - F.K.7: Intended replacement for the F.K.3 ...

F.K.50B: [Project] Turret military variant, not built - F.K.50B: Lgr. radials, retr. u/c, nose/dorsal turrets -- F.K.50B intended for ...


The RNAS still has 89 two-seat 'Strutters' and single-seat 'Strutter Bombers' in service, 29 in the Aegean, 5 at Otranto in Italy and the rest at ...

F.K.56A: No details, same as F.K.5601 (??) -- Rapport S.175: Contrôle van de sterkte van het vliegtuigtype FK.56A


top, Albatros B.I/B.II/B.III | Poland | Albatros B.

BAT F.K.23 - 1918 single-seat biplane fighter, x 3 - F.K.23: 1 x 170 hp ABC Wasp I radial, span 7.62 m -- F.K.23 was a refined development of the F.K.22

Friedrichshafen FF.39, Baby & F.B.A: Fracas over the sea.

NVI F.K.32 - 1925 tandem 2-seat biplane trainer - F.K.32: 1 x 130 hp Clerget 9B,* span 7.10 m, x 1 -- * Offered with Bristol Lucifer in place of rotary

The unusual G.I started the family of Gotha's heavy bombers, a company name that became (in-)famous in that business. The B.1092/14 was designed by Oskar ...

The Linke-Hofmann R.I (Riesenflugzeug – giant aircraft) was a bomber aircraft designed and built in Germany from 1916.[1] Development

At RNAS Grain the prototype Sopwith 'Cuckoo' torpedo bomber N74 is on trial with full torpedo gear(below) but will soon be going to Blackburn Aircraft at ...

Picture of the Fokker V.8 (Quintuplane)

In France since the end of December (10N)Sqdn have been painting their Camels.(above) The engine cowlings and side panels are painted in colours denoting ...

Picture of the AEG D.I


As per F.K.35 but with slightly larger airframe -- * Twin-float seaplane F.K.36 display model built -- Other sources say F.K.36 ...

Also known as the KD (Kampf Doppeldecker), this German fighter was the brainchild of Ernst Heinkel. The principal peculiarity of this not very graceful ...

Military service

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley AW38 (RAF) (1:144 scale by Ex Mag AH39

Back in England for rest and recuperation at Walmer since early November, many pilots of 3(N)Sqdn have also decorated their 'Camels' with individual ...

No. 27 Squadron RAF - A Chinook operating over the mountains of Afghanistan

Picture of the Aeromarine 39

Finnish-volunteer flown Savoia-Marchetti SM.81 bomber during a bombing raid in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). The distinctive black crosses on the tails ...