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Alux is the Mayan word given to mythological Mayan sprits t

Alux is the Mayan word given to mythological Mayan sprits t


aluxes. Alux is the Mayan word given to mythological Mayan spirits ...

Read a brief introduction to Maya Cosmovision

Mayan Legends – Alux


Mayan hieroglyphs found in Palenque are among the most impressive examples of ancient Mayan written language

Alux- Mayan myth: a race of small, knee-high people that are

Ek Chapat- Mayan myth: a creature with seven heads and 100 legs. He

Aluxes depicted in Ancient Mayan Sculpture at Yaxchilan Mexico

20 Myths and Legends Mayan

Alux figurine

When in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, do take time to enjoy Merle Greene's Museum at ...

Mictlāntēcutli - A slender and terrifying being, this ancient Mayan deity is usually confined to

Maya Hero Twins. Painted by Lacambalam. Motif taken from an ancient Maya ceramic. Image credit: Lacambalam, (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Alux Videos

Nukux Tat or The Tata Duende is a mythical goblin of folklore of Belize. The Tata Duende is a famous folklore common to the Yucatec Maya( Maya Mestizo) ...

“Do you know about the aluxes?” he asked. I did not. “They are little people, little spirits that live in the jungle. They often take the form of an animal ...

Tree Spirits Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Olivia Curry

A look at three of the main Mayan deities of Mesoamerica, with beautiful artwork by

The Mayan Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xabalanque, and their adventures in the underworld of

... Mayan Mythological Creature Really Exist? Alux Restaurant Dining

Dwarf of Uxmal, Mayan legends in Mexico

Depiction of Ah Puch / Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There are many cultures around the world that have myths of magical little people who live their lives outside of the view of normal humans.

Ah Muzen Cab- Mayan myth: the god of bees and honey

This ...

Los duendes en México y sus características. MayaLos ...

He comes from a Mayan village in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto in Quintana Roo. Although he has yet to spot an alux, he has seen their ...

Maya mythology

A Mayan Legend at Uxmal – The Ancient Sorceress

Also, if you've had your own adventure with “little people,” no matter where in the world, please tell us about it.

Camazotz- Mayan myth: "death bat". A bat god that was associated

Mexican trolls are usually sold as protection for the people and their home. Some people

Numbers 14 to 19 The Mayans also created headvariants of the numbers 0 to 19.

mayan solar calendar

Ek Chuaj - Ek Chuaj, The Merchant Deity (God M)

Yucatan Adventure - Maya Civilization, Mayan Gods, Mayan Cosmovision - Chichen Itza, Mexico

Maya (given name)

Dzolob - According to South American Mayan mythology, the main creator god created these violent

xecotcovach- Mayan myth: a huge bird that was sent by the gods to destroy


Human sacrifice in Maya culture


Camazotz, dios murciélago de la oscuridad y la destrucción.

Maya maize god


Cancun Airport Bridge

Isn't it stunning?

Maya Hero Twins - Mississippian Hero Twins emerging from a crack in the back of a

San Bartolo (Maya site)

Alux restaurant, situated in between 60 and 65th Avenue on Benito Juarez, is also a location where you may encounter one of these cheeky creatures.

Maria Lauridsen Jensen: 20116208 Thesis in Anthropology – Global Studies and Development Being Maya in Contemporary Tulum, Mexico

Mayan Sacred Tree of Life: La Ceiba

Aluʃo - Mayan Fairies

Alux Restaurant Playa del Carmen

Painted Wall / Pared Pintada

Maya Legends Myths

I survived the Mayan Apocalypse and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

The ...

The big pyramid.

Yum Ktaax- Mayan myth: the youthful god of forest and the game animals that

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Today I stopped by the Mexico News Network headquarters at Royale. #aluxes # alux


Make the Pyramid Climb

“depicts Mayan Women in ritual bloodletting”

You'll get a better peek into who the Maya were, and who they are today.

What can I say, I love jungle views from atop Mayan Pyramids

A ...

The palace.

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A small relief figure on a Classic Period Maya.

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altar alushes 3.jpg


Sacrifice in Maya culture

Mythical dwarf with mirror, a symbol of divination and prophecy (Photograph K1453 © Justin Kerr).

English: Shoe, supposedly from a duende, at th.

Photo taken at Mayan World Museum of Mérida


Mayan Princess at the Healers Symposium in Guatemala 2008

Mayan Legends Mayan mythology ...


pyramid of chichen itza

Classic Maya collapse

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Maya Hero Twins

Temple at Chicaana

Yucatan Adventure - Maya Civilization, Mayan Gods, Mayan Cosmovision - Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Maya themselves would claim that the alux are the spirits of their ancestors, or the spirits of the land itself, and precede contact with Western ...

Aztec & Mayan Beliefs

Carolyn E. Tate:  whereareyouquetzalcoatl.com .

The Legend of "Aluxes" ...

You'll get a better peek into who the Maya were, and who they are today.

Documentary 2017 | National Geographic Documentary ➥ Mystery Of Aztec & Maya Civilization ᴴᴰ

On my quest to gather more information on one of the most talked about mythical legends in this area, I made a reservation at Alux.