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Amanita Nomi Sense8 This show just confirmed what I39ve known for

Amanita Nomi Sense8 This show just confirmed what I39ve known for


Amanita + Nomi; “That's the day I knew I'd always love you

nomi & amanita (sense8)

Will, Amanita and Nomi #Sense8

... Amanita and Nomi #Sense8. See more. Image from https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2015/

Amanita + Nomi: What would Nancy Drew do? #sense8

Sense8 ~ Nomi Marks ~ Wil Gorski ~ tumblr

Amanita, Nomi, Sense8


The best protection any woman can have is courage. Sense8

Explore Sense8 Serie, Jamie Clayton, and more!

Or is this just how life

Nomi Marks: So go fuck yourself, Aquinas. #sense8

perfect scene ahahahahha Sense8. Amanita.

Nomi and Amanita, Sense8

The sense8s

Nomi and Amanita, Sense8

Nomi y Amanita <3

Nomi e Amanita


It just carves holes in your life, in your future, in your heart.

Clayton with Freema Agyeman, who plays Nomi's partner Amanita.

FRICKING LOVE THIS SHOW (Nomi & Amanita - Nomi and Amanita are a good representation of queer women on a current TV show. They also represent - Nomi is ...

freema agyeman & jamie clayton, who play amanita and nomi on netflix's ❤️

Empathic, Cosmic

Sense8: Freema Agyeman and Jamie Clayton

Nomi - Great message, many times we don't see it like this.

Sense8 The 1 thing we all have in common is difference. Not more, not

The Bi Line: Already Missing Sense8's Amazing Queer Representation

#love is love

I went into Sense8 not knowing much about the story, but I was really excited that it was created by the man who wrote my favorite science fiction show of ...

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Sense8 Photo: Murray Close / Netflix


Sense8, Season One, Episode Two: I Am Also A We. Nomi tells Amanita ...

Sense8 s2 Amanita Sun Nomi


Critics seem unsure whether Sense8 is a masterpiece, a disaster, or both. But

The cast of Sense8 in Season 2.

Porn site wants to revive Sense8 for a third season

Since the announcement of Sense8 being cancelled, I've had a very difficult time focusing on my own work. I'm just one of those people who needs closure.

The last two episodes almost entirely dealt with the sensates trying to save Riley from Mr Whispers which provided a reason for everyone to band together.

We know we're an unlikely home. But five years ago, people laughed at the idea of Netflix producing original series. We think that our time, like yours, ...

Sense8: I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate

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[Image via Netflix]

Nomi Marks from Sense8

It's about coming together and fighting for what we believe in. It's about finding humanity and believing in power of love again. This show truly brings the ...


"She is the first and only trans character I've seen

[Image via Netflix]

Netflix's complicated freshman drama Sense8 launched on the streaming service earlier this summer. A select number of cast members of the show took the ...

Wachowski with Brian J. Smith, Max Riemelt, Tina Desai, Silvestre, and

Riley went off to Chicago and Will's resistance to her exposing herself was both cute and fun. I particularly enjoyed Riley asking Nomi for help.

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I sense great Sense8, Captain.

Sense8 specialized in big emotional beats. So Nomi got vindicated at her sister's wedding, Lito was accepted by thousands during a Gay Pride Parade in Sao ...

Funny how I did my final audition and for the role in Berlin and then ended my Sense8 journey where it began for me! GRATITUDE.

Netflix announced cancellation of Sense8 today. To say I'm shocked would be an understatement. How can a show that has so many important messages for the ...


let's just say that i'm really really happy rn ❤ #selfie #nessbautista # sense8 #tvshow #paris #france #happiness

[Image via Netflix]

Ahora bien, es cierto que Brian, Max, Tuppence y Doona no estuvieron en dicha reunión. Pero Max estuvo en la sede de Berlín por esa época presentando Sense8 ...


A Chicago cop with a strong sense of duty, Will fulfills the hero archetype, going the distance to help the other sensates out of trouble despite him not ...

#sense8 #berlin

Sense8. Jamie Clayton as Nomi ...


Lana Wachowski with star Miguel Angel Silvestre on location for Season 2.


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[Image via Netflix]

Netflix has canceled Sense8 after two seasons. [x]

"Who Am I?" and "Obligate Mutualisms" - Sense8 S02E02 and E03 Review

Freema Agyeman

Omar Abosalem

Amanita's picture double for Sense8 Great experience, great team! # sense8 #Netflix #double #picturedouble #Amanita #Paris #vision #Grateful #LOA

Netflix vp Cindy Holland (center) with the cast of Sense8 at the season two premiere (left to right): Jamie Clayton, executive producer Grant HIll, ...

https://www.instagram.com/p/BF_sqeHSHxL/ <- The cast and crew go to the float hand-in-hand. I'm not sure why they do that? Perhaps so that fans cannot grab ...

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Every character has worth, every character has something to offer and what they offer is so different. This is probably best again expressed through Lito.

#Paris #15octobre2017 #Shooting #tournage de la #serie #Sense8 #Sense8aParis #Sense8Paris #special #Sense8Special #NetflixSeries #LanaWachowski #BrianJSmith ...



[Image via Netflix]

This Beans Road place must have been the catering service or used in some other way by the production. Its official instagram has uploaded two Sense8 ...


... Riley's story revolves around her fear of her mysterious and traumatic past, the events of which caused her to view herself as nothing more than bad ...

Nomi. Sense8- Netflix

.danielle. on Twitter: "these are my favourite types of scene transitions :') #Sense8… "

Anything Could Happen Here

edit latest #Road2Sense8 pics from Positano:

#lanawachowski ha escrito un desenlace... lleno de mensajes bonitos, en concreto hay unas palabras que dice Amanita que considero que definen muy bien ...