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Ameen Ya Rabb saved to duas t

Ameen Ya Rabb saved to duas t


Ya Rabb, don't misguide us after you have guided us.

#Ameen Ya #Rabb. #onelove #oneummah #oneheart #kindness #Islam

Ya Allah, pls help me today (and every day) not to be careless about YOU, ameen. | Islam | Pinterest | Allah, Islam and Islamic

Ameen ya Rabb

may #Allah (Azza wa Jalla) give us all (muslims) His Jannah

O Allah, give me patience when things don't go my way. You know what is best for me, so help me accept what You have decreed for me and make me among ...

#Ameen Ya #Rabbi

Ya rab please save me Ameen

Ya Rabb, Im in need of whatever goodness you grant me!

I wish for my wife and I. May Allah azza wajal make us husband and wife in Jannah as well, amin Ya Rabb.

Ya Allah save me from myself; for I am my own worst enemy :( ~Amatullah♥

❤ muslim and proud❤ alhamdulillah | My passion, my creation | Pinterest | Alhamdulillah

Ya Allah! Give me sabr when things don't go my way. You know what is best for me. So help me accept what you have decreed for me and make me among …

#Ameen Ya #Rabb

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Ameen Ya Rab bul Aalameen

Ya ALLAH build for me a house near you in jannah.

beautiful dua, ameen ya rabb!

#Ameen Ya #Rabbi. #Dua #Love #Kindness #Jannah

Ameen Ya Rabb

#Ameen Ya #Rabbi

May Allah Keep us on the right path. Ameen

#Ameen Ya #Rabb

Ya Rabb, don't put me back into what you once took me out from

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Ameen ya Rabb

Ya Rabb, Keep me strong in my Deen and forgive me for my laziness. Ameen

Ameen Ya Rab ul Alameen Al Wahaab

#Ameen Ya #Rabb

Ameen ya Rabb

... on Twitter: "Ya Rabb, Ya Karim, whoever wishes good for me in the secrecy of the night or in the openness of daylight, ...#Dua http://t .co/qpQ33IFjVN"

Ya Allah, strengthen my Imaan.

Rabbi Zidnee Ilman ”My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”

Ameen Ya Rab bul Aalameen

MD SAQIB Malik on Twitter: "Ya Rabb, don't put me back into what you once took me out from. Ameen. @topislamictwit http://t.co/US24cK7RaT"

Ameen ya Rab el Alameen

Please ya Rabb ... Ameen

allah hears every dua dua and every word

Ameen Ya Rab

Dua for parents

Yaa Rabb, show me what's right is right. Keep me on it. Strengthen me with it. Bless me with it. Ameen.

Dua's to Remove Depression and Worries

Ya Allah, don't let us die unless we are true Muslims

Ya Rabb! Grant us a way out of our difficulties, save us from the situation we're in, sooner rather than later. We pray for Your Mercy.

dua quotes from life easier. “

RAMADAN DUA LIST – Guidelines, Tips & Dua Suggestions – The Ideal Muslimah

make dua Allah


Quran Weekly on Twitter: "[MAKE DUA] Oh Allah, forgive us and have mercy upon us. http://t.co/JR4gZ9bEwu"

Syed Zohaib Jaffri on Twitter: "@lauryou1907 first of all May this Dua be accepted for u by Allah Tala n secondly Ameen Ameen Ameen na ya Rab ul Alameen for ...

Dua to Allah

"Our Lord! We have indeed believed, so forgive us for our sins and

The Islamic Ummah on Twitter: "Ya Allah save us from the punishment of hellfire Ameen http://t.co/ZqBKY2HFjL"



DUA FOR Successful Marriage & Family Life ᴴᴰ

Ameen Ya Rabb. Allahumma salli 'ala sayyidina Muhammad. #dua #Islam #

O Allah! Enlighten what is dark in me. Strengthen what is weak in me. Mend what is broken in me. Bind what is bruised in me. Heal what is sick in me.

However, to counter that, Allah has provided us a very powerful tool – and that is the tool of dua or asking ...

Dua to Allah

31 personal Duas to choose from on the Night of Power

Non-Arabic speaking Muslims may try to memorize some of the major Duas in Arabic and can and do understand what's being said.

Ameen Ya Rabb!

(26Oct)Blog Post-Inside poster-dua

40 duas from Quraan- 40 Rabana go to link below

FΛR on Twitter: "Ya Rabb. Help me remove the hate and anger from my heart and replace them with patience and the strength to forgive and move forward.

dua to Allah

RK on Twitter: "#Ameen #righteous #children #seekforgiveness #dua #duaa #Dhikr #aameen #islam #child #salah #Allah #serveAllah #de… https://t .co/d9DvEIxMHh"

Dua by Imam Reza Image.

11:00 PM - 15 Oct 2015

Beautiful Dua: Allahumma Bismika Amutu Wa Ahya. Oh Allah with your name I die & I live

dua Allah

Masnoon Duas for Finding a Job

... quranandsunnah- Ameen - Islamic Quotes, Hadiths, Duas ...

2. In the last portion of the night.(tahajud time) 3. After every fard/compulsory namaaz 4. Whilst it is raining 5. After the tilawat/recitation of the ...

... the-mercy-of-ramadan-blog-img



9ol amin ya rab

dua quotes from quran

Dua for Protection from Hell. ''


O! الله humma inni asalooka Rahmatam min indika tahdi bihaa qalbi wa tajmaoo biha amri wa talummu bihaa shashe wa tuswlihu bihaa deeni wa taqdhi bihaa dayni ...

A series of articles on verses of the Quran.

Ya Allah, please Syria 🇸🇾 and all the muslim ummah around the globe. # Ameen

dua to Allah give us respect

This Dua Will Complete All Your Wishes & Needs Insha Allah ♥ ᴴᴰ - Listen Daily !

Rabbana Atina Fid Dunya Hasanah Dua

Dua needed

By Asma Naeem

Ya Allah, you blessed me with Islam and I didn't ask for it. Ya Allah, bless me with Jannat-ul-Firdays, and I am asking for it | Imam Ash-Shafa-i

SAHIH MUSLIM Volume 7 hadith no 6895

Muhammad Jibreel Dua with English translation

Du'a for Travels & Journeys (Dua Safar) سُبْحانَ الَّذِي سَخ

This dua is quite long . So @ me if you want it . I'll forward it via dm .pic.twitter.com/A52XGoHjS5

Rabbana Atina Fid Dunya Hasanah Dua Quran

Dua For The Well Being Of Our Parents - Urdu Translation - Surah Israh, Surah No. 17 : Ayah No.23-24