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Ameen sa t Islam Allah and Islamic

Ameen sa t Islam Allah and Islamic


Ya Allah, pls help me today (and every day) not to be careless about YOU, ameen.

In sha Allah.... Ameen.

If something doesn't work out for you, don't lose hope, instead be grateful, for Allah has better plans for you.

Ameen...My husband talks about fearing Allah.

Subhanallah...Our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu-alaihiwasallam. May we meet you in Jannah ya Nabi ALLAH! Ameen!

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It doesn't matter if they're Muslim or not, be good to them and ask God to guide them!

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Ameen Ya rabbal Aalameen

O Allah forgive my major as well as minor sins which I've commited intentionally or unintentionally (Ameen)

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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: Never hate each other; never be jealous of each other … ya ALLAH soften my heart ameen


Ya Rabb, don't misguide us after you have guided us.



Ya rab please save me Ameen

May Allah bless each one of you that read this! Ameen!

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In sha Allah

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ISLAMIC Teachings(Food of Prophet Muhammad(May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him)

O Allah! Do not make us dependent on anyone besides You! Ameen.

Allahuma ameen (beautiful dua)

May we all go one day! Ameen! #Makkah #Kaabah #Islam

Tag friends,family and anyone that can benefit. The prophet Muhammad peace be upon

Don't hate, smile, expect goodness, live simply, be generous and combat worry by having hope.

Ya Allah, strengthen my Imaan. AMEEN Sponsor a poor child learn Quran with $10, go to FundRaising http://www.ummaland.com/s/hpnd2z

Aoothibillah....may Allah protect us from anything and everything that has the potential to harm us in this life and the afterlife Ameen

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By Shaykh Amin Kholwadia

Allah'umma Ā'ameen 🌼 _ The Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said: “The one who guides to something good has a similar reward to that of it's doer.


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I don't ask for much, only for allay to make me a better Muslim right now or in…

Oh Allah.. Please guide me.

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Allah humma Ameen

For sure we have to leave this worldy life. May Allah keep us close to

Find this Pin and more on My life My ALLAH S.W.T & My PROPHET MUHAMMAD S.A.W. by rajamuizz40.

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Aameen...meri sweety k b:)

Recite this Dua to gain knowledge. May Allah Azza wa Jal guide you and grant · Muslim ...

OCD - Islamic Solution

Muslim Ummah United, for the sake of Allah.(HD) Ameen.


10 Islamic Quotes For Husband and Wife - Best for Muslim Wedding Cards ~ GoZiyan.

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~Mariam Mababaya; 58.

~Mariam Mababaya; 27. 27 Allah ...

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Our parents are blessings, don't delay showing them love. We don't know how long we have this blessing for. May Allah grant our parents with the highest ...

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Islamic Thank you card - Jazak'Allah Khair.... May Allah reward

Tirmidhi, Hadith Hasan

~Mariam Mababaya; 79.

NSCIA on Twitter: "1438AH 'IDUL ADHA MESSAGE https://t.co/nzXu7G4CFu #Eid #Hajj #Arafat #Nigeria #Muslim #Islam… "

~Mariam Mababaya; 53.

May Allah azzawajal guide you, your love and the entire ummah. Ameen

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7 Things to Do to Increase Your Tawfeeq

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Ashura of Muharram – A Shia and Sunni Muslim Observance

Don't lose hope. Be patient... . . There is a

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent

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Rahmat Ashrafi islamic page

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Loving Allah in Islam and Quran

ICK Open House – College Scholarship – March 03, 2018 (Sat) – 2:00 to 3:30 PM

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May Allah keep us firm on islam and help us guard our iman. Ameen.

AMEEN ❤❤❤.

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