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An advocate for patients might save your life in the hospital t

An advocate for patients might save your life in the hospital t


Child in Hospital Bed Getting Checked by Doctors with Concerned Mother

Become A Health Care Advocate - Patient Best

How a Patient Advocate Helps You Navigate the Medical System

Jacob Lund/ShutterstockWhat is a patient advocate?

For most of the 35 million patients admitted to U.S. hospitals annually, thiamine deficiency should be screened for and, if present, treated. (iStockPhoto)

A pillow is nice, too

Patient advocacy 'is invaluable anytime,' says Laurie Thompson, executive director of the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety. The first in a series of ...

It may take you a while to figure it out so here is some help. Here are some important Do's and Don'ts of Hospital Etiquette! At least this will apply to ...

Patient Advocates: The Coach in Your Corner for Taking on the Health Care System

Help Save a Life by Donating at the Next Red Cross Blood Drive

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't acknowledge how fortunate we are to have free access to healthcare – but I also wouldn't be honest if I didn't acknowledge ...

Have someone by your side

Your schedule sounds great on paper, but it's way more work than it looks like. People swear nurses have the best schedule ever.

Why Won't My Doctors Talk to Each Other?

A New Gene-Editing Therapy Would Benefit Kids Most—Here's Why They Won't Get It Yet - MIT Technology Review

Five Reasons to Consider a Career as a Home Health Nurse


More than a million infections happen while patients are in U.S. hospitals each year.

If your child were injured, would you want to stay with them while they received treatment?

A group of doctors walking into a patient's hospital room.

pre-hospice palliative care


There simply are not enough hours in the day.

In recognition of National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW), I am participating in a blog-a-thon to discuss the critical role vaccines play in protecting ...

Errors in the hospital. Patient in ward

Appendicitis: What Parents Need to Know that could save their child's life

Private patient advocates a growing, yet costly, trend in health care - Chicago Tribune

Patient Advocacy Matters: The Ultimate How-To Guide to Protect Your Health, Your Rights, Your Life and Your Loved Ones in Today's Era of Modern Healthcare ...

Request a full night's sleep

Dr. Keith Eaton, who survived leukemia, poses for a photo with his parents following his bone marrow transplant. He says he ran up medical bills of $500,000 ...

Nuala Close at the London Clinic

Meet the Journal To Save Your Life Team - the first free online art therapy app to treat anxiety and depression

... Patient Advocates really cares about me, my family and our health and well being. Because they aren't paid by insurance companies or by the hospitals, ...

6:30am, the day of my surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital in February 2006.

As a myeloma patient advocate, I would hope to think I have gained a fair amount of information about myeloma in the last 8 and one half years, ...

The Patient's Checklist: 10 Simple Hospital Checklists to Keep you Safe, Sane & Organized: Elizabeth Bailey: 9781402780585: Amazon.com: Books


Photo of Advocate Condell Medical Center - Libertyville, IL, United States. I named

GOP Obamacare replacement plan reaction from doctors patients - Business Insider

Philippe Wojazer / Reuters

Bring your own meds

The way the NHS and the courts are going about it is utterly disgusting and doesn't make me want to believe this is happening in a ...

Tips on How to Become a Health Advocate for Yourself & Those You Love - Libertyville Review

Refusing Care in an Emergency. man holding patient's hand in hospital bed

10 Medical Billing Overcharges

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OR Nursing. "

HOUSTON — Keeping the head elevated is the favored head position for acute stroke patients, but some studies have indicated that lying flat may improve ...

Less than 4 weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia's new policy to deny Emergency Room visits later determined not to ...

Spreading the word on healthcare violence at the Boston Health Fair June 8th, 2017

Female occupational therapist talking and listening to elderly man

Question every test

Intensive Care Hotline - Your Questions Answered

Can You Deduct the Cost of Your Patient Advocate?

Patient Advocacy Matters: The Ultimate How-To Guide to Protect Your Health, Your Rights, Your Life and Your Loved Ones in Today's Era of Modern Healthcare ...

Careers in hospice care

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A Life Interrupted: Hassan Rasouli's journey from an earache to a high-stakes battle over end-of-life decisions

Thelma Atkins tries to get comfortable in her hospital bed after walking around the unit. The staff focus on getting patients out of the bed as often as ...

How to Make Sure Medicare Really Covers Your Hospital Stay

Photo of Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health - Abington, PA, United States

Photo of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital - Park Ridge, IL, United States. 10th

hospital questions

Kristen Terlizzi was diagnosed with placenta accreta, a condition that can cause the placenta to grow out of control like a cancer.

Patient advocates use past experiences to change the future. October 2015. When visiting a ...

Thelma Atkins, 92, talks to Terri Middlebrooks, a nurse who manages the geriatric

young sick man lying in bed at hospital room after suffering accident having his worried and

ostomy, stoma bad, colostomy bag, ostomy, health care rights, patient advocacy

Patient Advocacy Matters: The Ultimate How-To Guide to Protect Your Health, Your Rights, Your Life and Your Loved Ones in Today's Era of Modern Healthcare ...

Lessons from my life-saving surgery that might save your life!

What Parents Need to Know About Appendicitis that could save their child's life

Intensive Care Hotline - Your Questions Answered

Brian Snyder / Reuters

Become A Health Care Advocate - Patient Best

Make sure you're actually admitted

John Burke, a leading anti-diversion advocate in the United States, has created the International Health Facility Diversion Association to combat the ...

Ask for a discount in advance

Lauren Lollini had no idea that when she went into hospital in 2009 for a routine surgery, her life would be forever changed.

So You Want to Be a Patient Advocate?: Choosing a Career in Health or

The full title for this piece is: How Hospitals Conspire to Kill Our Loved Ones and Conceal It Even From Themselves. It was a bit ...

Luke Allnutt: 'Radiotherapy was an option, but the doctor said it would be gruelling and might only give him a little more time.

Patient navigator Joanne Toussaint talks to a patient at the Chelsea HealthCare Center. Mass General Photo Department

NICU baby intubated IV holding mothers finger

Tom Patterson and Steffanie Strathdee visit John Willson, who received phage therapy in May at