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An excellent example of recruiting posters aimed at women during

An excellent example of recruiting posters aimed at women during


An excellent example of recruiting posters aimed at women during the First World War (1914 - 1918), suggesting that in helping defeat Germany, ...

War Poster / Print: I want you for the ...

National League for Women's Service.

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | WW1 Red Cross Posters Page 5

Join the Marines. American WW1 Propaganda Posters · Women in ...

Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary poster

1poster. This 1943 recruiting poster ...


WW 1 Australian recruitment poster with an emotional hard sell

English version of World War I recruitment posters directed at Canadian Jews.

I Want You Poster The ...

Cartoons of the time period show how women's roles were expected to change, and then to revert to pre-war roles when the men came home.

I'm In This War Too!

World War 1 British enlistment poster #UpscaleYourWalls with ruemarcellin.com Orginal #Vintage #Posters and #Prints

U. S. Marine Corps Women's Reserve. WWII U.S. Marine Corps Women's

"This picture speaks to the women during world 1 who want to serve their country

Request for war bonds and war loans

Woman in Navy outfit

little girl

Are You in This?

The most famous and enduring recruitment poster image from WW1. Designed by Alfred Leete.


21 World War I Recruitment Posters From Around the Globe

as you see from the two examples above, some posters sought – through colour, and various emblems and devices- to emphasize the “Irishness” of the ...

'Uncle Sam' points an accusing finger of moral responsibility in a recruitment poster for. '

Image most commonly associated with Rosie the Riveter by J. Howard Miller. Courtesy Virginia Historical Society

Women of Britain: Come Into the Factories. posters

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | British WW1 Propaganda Posters Page 96

World War I recruiting poster

It's interesting to see the ...

A group of WAACs wear gas masks during training in Daytona Beach, Florida, just prior to sailing for Europe in November 1942. (National Archives)

Recruiting poster women in the navy

Did you know that has a huge number of documents from World War II about the Women's Army Corps (WAC), including hundreds of photos?


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Columbia calls--Enlist now for U.S. Army

U.S. Women's Land Army recruitment poster, 1944. (Special Collections, National Agricultural Library)

Spirit of 1917--Join the United States Marines and be first in defense on land or sea.

I wish I were a man, I'd join the Navy Be a man and do it - United States Navy recruiting station. LOC Summary: Poster showing a young woman in a ...


Every Fit Woman Can Release a Fit Man

Image Source

... in many of the rationing advertisements directed at women. Several poster s ...

a women's war-effort recruitment poster

be a marine, free a marine to fight, world war II, poster,

British recruitment poster focusing on atrocities committed by the German Army in Belgium during 1914.

A compilation of recruitment posters

Women, Gender, and World War II - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History

British World War I recruitment poster. Published by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London, 1915.


Despite the bombing and fighting, women were regularly portrayed with big smiling faces to make war work seem like the best thing ever.

Poster: Will You Have a Part in victory?

Poster for Ringling Brothers (circa 1899) featuring Madam Ada Castello and her horse Jupiter

american red cross, world war II, recruitment poster

Figure 5.3 “Women of Britain say, 'Go!,'” poster, World War I. [Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London.]

World War One recruitment and war effort posters | State Records of South Australia

Recruitment poster for the ATS catering corps

Recruitment of women to enter the workforce

Recruiting poster aimed at farmers for western Canada, ca. early 1900s. Publisher: the Federal Minister of the Interior is W. J. Roche.

Men of Britain! Will you stand this? 78 women & children were killed and 228 women & children were wounded by the German raiders

Recruitment posters for the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps later known as the Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary

Colour poster with illustration of a female and male soldier marching together. Inset at bottom

WAC recruting poster. Poster recruiting women for ...

Women's Army Corps, 1945. Women in the ...

A 1914 recruitment poster shows a Scottish soldier in Belgium, in response to Germany describing the Treaty of London, which protected Belgium's ...

Canadian Grenadier Guards, Now Recruiting - Vintage War Military Poster


The finished poster, used to recruit young men for the U.S. Marine Corps

In ten days 9,800 copies of the new posters were printed and soon were seen throughout the city and country.


Red Cross, circa 1917. One of the most famous Red Cross posters during ...

The Marine's WANTED poster (image 4) shows a minority woman who is strong and assured. She is also photographed at an angle that is below eye level, ...

... http://www.history.army.mil/art/Posters/WWI/Your_End.jpg ...

A propaganda poster from 1942 encouraging unity between labor and management of GM

The navy wants men · Columbia calls. Vincent Aderente, 1916.

Helping Hoover in our U.S. school garden. LOC Summary: World War I public service poster showing two bare-foot children with a wheelbarrow full of ...

The Eagle and the Harp Irish recruitment poster Civil War

To the women of Britain. ... Won't you help and send a man to join the army to-day?. Date Created/Published: London : Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, ...

The propaganda poster ...

Fourth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers Concord, New Hampshire 1861

13. Ning Hao: China, (1954).

Wartime recruitment strategies in the US[edit]

Infographic: ...

U.S. Navy--"Here he is, sir"--We need him and you too! Navy Recruiting Station.

Clothes ...

National Service Women's Land Army, 1917

This recruitment flyer from the Vaccine Trials Unit has a clear hierarchy, bold colors,

A Forces recruitment poster for the ATS. It illustrates a smiling young woman in ATS uniform. The backdrop is of uniformed soldiers surrounding an ...

First World War propoganda, Australian recruitment poster

The use of posters as propaganda took off during World War I, and some of the most iconic images from this era are still in use today. For example, the ...

Britain was already producing recruitment posters, and a number of these were sent as examples to Australia. Soon it was realised that the Australian ...

This poster features a middle-aged man in silent repose in his postwar armchair – likely overcome with shame – his son playing with toy soldiers on the ...

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