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And here we see a wild Avi in its natural habitat Avriel Kaplan

And here we see a wild Avi in its natural habitat Avriel Kaplan


Avriel Kaplan, incredibly gorgeous

This people, is the wild Avi, in his natural habitat. (some wild Avis are found onstage) This is my spirit animal. Find this Pin and ...

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Nada más dulce que Avi Kaplan. Find this Pin and more on Avriel " ...

Avi Kaplan - Pentatonix If I were younger and single!

Stephanie❤️Michelle on

Avriel Kaplan

Are those braids I see?

Can he be more happier! Love him!

And here we see a wild Avi in its natural habitat

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Esther Kaplan, now Esther Koop, on her wedding day with Avi and Josh, their brother.

"We've been walking hand in hand for a long time and I am

2018 goal: to be surrounded with love & joy

Avi Talks

Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

TV Review: THE BLACKLIST: Season 4, Episode 22: Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion [NBC]

We also spent time with old acquaintance Rudy Sarzo, who we knew back in his Quiet Riot days and has since gone on to play bass with everyone and anyone–at ...

Avriel & the Sequoias - "Fields and Pier" (video) (premiere) - PopMatters

Ex-Pentatonix Singer Avi Kaplan Returns With Bluegrass Version Of Outkast's 'Hey Ya!'

Avi Kaplan

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Jeff Kaplan explains why the 'Rate this Match' feature was removed from Overwatch 1.12 PTR

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Oprah Winfrey had a scary run-in with an African elephant while on a recent vacation with her beau Stedman Graham in Tanzania.

Davy Jones Public Memorial Set for March 10


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Eminem, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks Offer to Mentor Justin Bieber

Understanding The Jews 242

The Todd Glass Show #302: Myq Kaplan

Have You Met?

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ESRA Magazine Issue 193

People Magazine & The Mac Wire Pay Tribute To Monkees Star Davy Jones

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Jeff Kaplan explains why the 'Rate this Match' feature was removed from Overwatch 1.12


As I walk above the pavement, I can feel you walking with me carrying me. And I hear above the silence all these voices screaming loudly at my ear

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All of that changed after the first hangout. Many more people believe in the event now, and the enthusiasm is high.

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Esra 183 Feb March 2016


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... the Half Step, leading call-and-responses (after explaining what they were), singling out audience members to find out their favorite car, and the like.

Avriel Kaplan, incredibly gorgeous

And here we see a wild Avi in its natural habitat

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

HE LOOKS LIKE A PAINTING #avikaplan | Avi Kaplan | Pinterest | Pentatonix, Paintings and Pentatonix avi

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Único Kaplan

Be still my heart....#AviKaplan #Pentatonix

Find this Pin and more on Avriel and the Sequoias!! by RocketDiva101.


Avi Kaplan of PTX - Pentatonix - Bass Vocalist ♥♥♥. Find this Pin and ...

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Stephanie❤️Michelle on


Avi Kaplan

HIS SMILE is everything #avikaplan #pentatonix

Nada más dulce que Avi Kaplan. Find this Pin and more on Avriel " ...

PTX | Avi Kaplan

Find this Pin and more on Avi Kaplan ☺ ♥ by Linh Tâm Đỗ.

ha here too! Love the face! Avi Kaplan with PTX Vol. III 2014

Are those braids I see?

Avi Kaplan love ♡ ♡ ♡

I am having a situation over how attractive this man is. Find this Pin and more on Avriel ...

PTX - Avi

avi-kaplan-2014-american-music-awards-01.jpg (868×1000)

Pentatonix - London April KaplanPhoto by. Find this Pin and ...

Avi Kaplan

Avriel Kaplan

*Avi: "Its so long now, it just doesn't look good down anymore" *EVERY FANGIRL ALIVE: WHY HAVE YOU HIDDEN THIS MAJESTIC MAME FROM US FOR SO LONG BABE??

Why he is so cute From Esther's Snapchat Avi Kaplan

Oh my God Avi Kaplan please could you just don't staring at me like thaattt? Find this Pin and ...

Avi Kaplan of PTX - Pentatonix - Bass Vocalist

Handsome Avi

Aki on

And here we see a wild Avi in its natural habitat | Avriel Kaplan | Pinterest | Pentatonix, Pentatonix avi and Harry potter

Avi Kaplan in cheerleader <3

causewevegottomorrow: “ "All About That Bass" Avi Kaplan ft. Mario Jose and

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Look at himmmmmm.

Find this Pin and more on Avriel "Avi" Benjamin Kaplan ...

avi kaplan - Google Search

Avi Kaplan

British Men, Pentatonix. Find this Pin and more on Avi kaplan ...


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PTX | Esther Koop and Avi Kaplan

Avi Kaplan 💜

Review: Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix covers smash hit 'All About That .


I ask myself how does one simply sleep like that but then I remember it's Avi Kaplan.

Avi Kaplan love no cabeleireiro lindo. Find this Pin and ...

Avi and his equally handsome brother Josh at their sister Esther's wedding.

Avi in Ireland, lovely beard!!!

Birthdays - Avi Kaplan (Pentatonix) Imagine - Birthdays - Avi Kaplan…

Avi: "Doll face".

《 he looks like Ryan Gosling. Find this Pin and more on AVRIEL BENJAMIN KAPLAN ...

Avi from Pentatonix! So attracted to his voice...and everything else about him. Look at that smile! And he can dance!

Screenshot of Avi Kaplan from Radioactive Cover Video.

Avi Kaplan!

Here's a behind the scenes look at filmed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Can't wait to share this with you tomorrow! until is released!

Avi kills it again

Younger Avriel Kaplan

(2) Twitter

Find this Pin and more on AVI KAPLAN by pauljojennings.

no words to describe my feelings for Avi Kaplan. Find this Pin and ...

まふ韻(Mafuin) on

Avi Kaplan chopping wood. No explanation required.

Love eat ❤ Avi Kaplan

Perfección Kaplan

Esther and Avriel Kaplan (brother and sister) saying how proud she is of Avi on twitter after the Grammys. :)

When I get my PTX Beanie, I am just gunna refer to it as my AVI beanie:)

Avi Kaplan

avi kaplan 画像 - Yahoo!検索(画像)


Eingebetteter Bild-Link

Creature of light

This is what sexy is, boys and girls. Avi Kaplan.

Avi Kaplan

"Black is the colour of my true loves hair." Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix. Find this Pin and ...

Avi. See more. La la latch

Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix he has the (very,very,deep) voice of an angel! Find this Pin and ...

... and more on AVI KAPLAN by pauljojennings. See more. Embedded image

Immagine di pentatonix, avi kaplan, and ptx

Avi Kaplan #pentatonix

avi kaplan and his family - Google Search

I feel like if I ever met Avi, I would either be really quiet and not know what to say, or I would hug him and not let go until he agreed ...

And here we have jedi Avi with a beard

Pentatonix. Find this Pin and more on ♥Avi Kaplan♥ ...


Gosh,Look at him 😁

Avi Kaplan

the man is just unbelievable! Find this Pin and more on avi Kaplan ...

Community Post: Times When Avi Kaplan Swept You Off Of Your feet: All About That Bass! Find this Pin and more on Avriel " ...

BABE #avikaplan


Avi Kaplan

"Thank you to my brother Avi Kaplan for making my birthday so special & always being by my side. I love you so much!" - Esther Koop | 6.8.16. "

Beard game is strong as ever.