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Anime VLX Sticks t Anime


Favorite Anime Moments in 2017 (Part 2) | 12 Days of Aniblogging (Day 8)

Anime Series Review

A Guide on Writing About Seasonal Anime by a Blogger Who Struggles with Writing About Seasonal Anime

drill anime into your brain

Should Dessert Go First or Last When You're Watching Anime?

5 Best Anime OP (IMHO)

Or you can just look at this photo I took before putting the stick together. Don't be shy. I won't tell anyone that you did. ^_^

The Obsession with Originality and the Dominance of Reductionist Criticism. Anime ...

When Blassreiter started airing in April, I suppose I wasn't the only one to ignore it, but why is that? Wait, isn't it obvious? Just two damn words are all ...

The disappearance of Hatsune Miku

Today on r/anime waifu wars, oldies but goodies vs newbies.

Ponytail day? why this isn't some sort of hollyday or suggested custom for ladies in japan?

Produced by Trigger who had made mixed rated animes like Kill La Kill, to that dramafest of a snooze called Kiznaiver (OP is fantastic though); ...

Last Week in Two (Weekly Review for Winter 2018 Anime #1)

ewink's Funkdafied slightly belated winter anime recommendations


No way,didn't notice this earlier

Konohana Kitan – Anime Series Review

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is a Poorly Directed Anime

Anime Girls

5 Ways to Help You Keep Watching an Anime Series You Hate

... Shot 2017-09-04 at 1.01.2 (.

In art and media, there is a term that is used for something that, logically, you know you should despise, but otherwise can't help but derive some ...

Monthly Manga: Sword Art Online Girls Ops

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 1482073083820.jpg, ...

Alien 9

Anime Team

Anime Review: True Tears Made Me Cry Tears of Frustration

If the last couple years in the anime realm have taught me one thing, it's that one needs a strong wallet to be able to gather up as much of it as ...

It started very strong with me since KyoAni is behind this. Adding the fact that the first episode screams a potential being that it is set in a war-ravaged ...

Even Shakespeare is bored in his own anime


I just watched the last episode of Petopeto-san, and while it wasn't exactly the ending I expected, it was definitely a fun series to watch overall.

Ponytail Maika Stitch

5 Events That Happen in Almost Every Summer Festival Episode. Anime ...

Log Horizon Large Mouse Pad 60x35cm Anime Desk & Mouse Pad Table Play Mat (11

One Piece, or when the anime is better than the manga

Apparently in this bizarre universe ...

One of the most well-known anime of the Magical Girl genre, Cardcaptor Sakura returns in a brand new series, which is a direct sequel to the show and manga ...

VLC screenshot: In any case, this file is standard definition. So, I should see a big difference when I use up-scaling with madvr, but I don't.

Screencap of the day: ...

Mawaru Penguindrum, a 26 episode series, created by Kunihito Ikuhara is anime trying to make a modern myth about fate. There's avoiding fate, finding fate, ...

91 Days Anime Review

The default opinion, amirite?

If they make a Fate/Extella anime they can correct this, Hakunon x Altera surely will be great.

What are some of the best and worst examples of weapons and armor designs in anime ? : anime


But I wouldn't avoid a good series just because of that. If you feel like you should watch it, do it, you will most likely get used to it pretty quickly.

She…umm He..wait umm. This person makes this list simply because of how epic she/he is (we will go with she for now) Introduced fairly late in the series Ed ...


Animation - Steins;Gate Fuka Ryoiki No Deja Vu (Theatrical Anime) (English

After being forced to change, Sera says "I joined under the condition that I don't have to wear a skirt at school.

Haven't we met in other anime?

In my middle school we didn't have a uniform, so I didn't have any contact with this frilly stuff until high school".

On the other hand, Slayers was the kind of anime that I remember fondly and wish still had more of a presence in the medium. It was a raucous fantasy comedy ...

I asked the craftsman if he could do it in this “strange” form. And he said yes. He'll be printing the artwork as well. This one was fun to make.

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO vlc.jpg, ...

If you like murder mysteries, you may enjoy PERSONA 4: THE ANIMATION

My second beef with the anime was the lack of each girl's unique drive to be a magical girl. They just sort of accepted the role because of the club's ...

(WARNING: If you are presently watching “Yuki Yuna is a Hero” but have not watched the most recent episode, or if you aren't watching it but think you might ...

I didn't see this coming but I liked it!

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou – Anime Series Review



Like kunai in the throats of our hearts, these are the days of our.

Anime Team

[Poetry] When an anime uses CGI to save money during a battle scene : youtubehaiku



Noblesse 07

Image Unavailable

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation—Aaaannnnd we're back to Danganronpa hunting, this time for a game-turned-anime series about kids fighting against a ...

one piece mugiwara

Dat ponytail


Plot of Punch Line


Learning Japanese through Anime: hearing Japanese without subtitles

Pretty fun episode. Finally we have a bit more of ...


I ...

Bad anime will make you sit there and wonder why your watching it. Unable to get absorbed into the characters, you fail to buy in, and ultimately just don't ...

my name is micah and pronounced the same way so ...

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The first image you used to get when you typed anime into google images. I

Blade and Soul Episode 5 Subtitle Indonesia

"Can't have a fantasy anime without twin maids!"

Britain's poem is nice.

Back ...

Sundance Kid pose


Visual Novel Shot

and yes.. ice cream is best in all forms, especially on an ice-cream stick!!