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AnnaliseI don39t know y but I could totally see me on this unicorn

AnnaliseI don39t know y but I could totally see me on this unicorn


Annalise-I don't know y but I could totally see me on this unicorn instead of the cat but instead of shooting people destroying them with my awesome ...

HTGAWM Season 3 Finale Recap: Who Killed Wes?

HTGAWM Recap Season 3 Episode 11: "Not Everything's About Annalise"

Annalise Walker

Annalise Keating. Arrested?

My Favorite Crime and Mystery Solving Bi Characters

The Unicorn Scale: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

... Grey's Anatomy Episode 1117 Recap: They Always Come in Threes, Don't They?

Annalise Connolly

Annalise Nakoneczny

Annalise Ortiz

Annalise Mellor

You will love these Rainbow Unicorn Cake Ideas and we have found some incredible ideas that you will love. Check them all out now.

Annelise Collette

Annalise Rogers

A Message To The Men Who Tell Me I'm Not Bi

Me when someone says I don't believe in unicorns.

April/May 2017

Solange knowles

Major: "So far to me it sounds like all of our problems could be solved with condoms and rock salt."

Minus the comical stickers and a filter job this is Annalise (yes she does have a nose lol). After re doing my POF profile for the millionth time the other ...

Shahs MJ

Annalise JiffyCon Boston 1

Check out this product with the quote by Dr.Dorian "It's not a unicorn, it's a horse with a sword on its head that protects my hopes and dreams!

The pre-game can make you or break you.

People in Jersey City never cease to amaze me, the amount of talented people living and working here is really insane. I was asked recently if I would ever ...

You're striving to tell the stories of a culturally diverse group of women, many of them marginalized. Why is it important to you to focus on these women?

Annalise Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)

Can you tell me about some of the memorable women you've interviewed?

💜🖤Annalise Knostman 🖤💜

Did you know…

Fairies Unicorns Mermaids Rainbows Digital by HeartMadeByHome

... and Bisexual Characters for You Grey's Anatomy's 30 Gayest Moments To Celebrate Its 300th Episode

You've been a serious fan since 1977. Would you share some of your earliest Star Wars memories?

Libby Jackson

Best quality: Her positive energy.Notable quote: "No, I get

Annalise: "That's called losing. We don't do that." 5. Annalise: "Sharon hates you, Dale. You're a stalker, you're pathetic, and you're fired."

See more. Obsessed

A Dozen Facts you Should Know about Kate Brown Being the First Bisexual Governor and Why it Matters

Grey's Anatomy Episode 1103 Recap: All That She Wants Is Another Baby ...

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Kawaii Rainbow Carousel Unicorn Gold Hard Enamel Lapel Pin by MeganAllisonDesign on Etsy

I bought his costume on Amazon and people were crossing the park to shake his hand and not even noticing that I was dressed as Han!

8. Ellie Kemper wowed us in this blue 'redhead friendly' velvet one-shoulder number.

❤ ❤ ❤ #Transparents❤ ❤ ❤ | unicorn | Pinterest | Chemical imbalance, Unicorns and Depressing

The Unicorn Scale: Call Me By Your Name

You dreamed up “Looking for Leia” before Disney released “The Force Awakens.” Did the new generation of Star Wars films change the nature of the project at ...


W&HM: Where can people find more about you? Ashley: Instagram @ashwilkexo. Twitter @AshWilke

You're also promoting women in filmmaking by recruiting many of them to work on the series. Why are you taking this approach?

I'm not sure many people are even aware female Star Wars fans were marginalized in the past. Why do you think that is?

Annalise Basso looked absolutely stunning wearing this Bardot cross-strap gown.

You can see Klaudia's strikingly composed Pop! pics and follow her photographic exploits on her Insta, @geekoza. If you read Polish, you can also check out ...

I would like to think that by simply acknowledging the humanity of other people and their right to exist in ...

Here's Why The Scandal-HTGAWM Crossover Was Truly So Special

You're in a dimly lit club where everything you can see is tinged with purple. Dry ice is billowing about your ankles from a smoke machine somewhere, and ...

By the way, you can also see blue herons on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and yes, they are beautiful. If you're traveling through Virginia, do yourself a ...

Where are you originally from? I am from Miami, Florida.

The Unicorn Scale: New Girl

Claire spins around, “What the holy ever loving fuck are you doing here?” and he's all triumphant. “Don't' you see some grand cosmic design here?

I loved it, I was always interested in superheroes and sci-fi stuff, and I was just hooked. I used to watch it most weeks from then, which lead me on to “ ...

[Contains mild spoilers for various programmes and a significant spoiler for The Mist.]

The Unicorn Scale: Grace and Frankie

Annalise Basso looked absolutely stunning wearing this Bardot cross-strap gown.

The Unicorn Scale: Scotty And The Secret History of Hollywood

Best quality: She's played by bisexual icon, Carrie Brownstein.

Annalise Sandberg

Best quality: Loyalty. Notable quote: "Defy them, live your life


Did you cosplay when you went this year? Tell me about that.

Isla Fisher and Jesse Eisenberg interview: Isla talks about her near-death experience during filming

Click on photo to embiggen.

Park Ridge Dentist

You walked up, code black. Do the math. I'll bring some sage in." Rorish: "Do that. I'll tell you where you can shove it."

I felt it deep in my soul. I cannot divulge all the things that had me melting into a puddle of goo because that would mean ...

Electric Dreams is a sci-fi anthology series of ten epic, ambitious and moving standalone episodes, each set in a different and unique world – ...

Looking for Leia is in its second round of interviews and heading into post-production. What will this next phase look like?

Though at times these characters did have me wishing I was a unicorn so I could stab people with my head. Counts as a feeling right? Unicorn-stabby.

They go through the gardens talking about Jamie, and Annalise is really talking him up, saying that when she met him, he was an impetuous boy, ...

We spoke with recent graduate Lieselotte Siegenthaler, a consulting partner at Unicorn Strategies, to get the scoop!

... and it's the sort of song that lingers with you, prompting you to think wistfully about all the things you could do better next time.

6. Clarke Griffin (The 100)

It was the most beautiful sunny day! And UNT you guys, is pretty gorgeous on a cruddy day, so on a sunny day, it's like unicorn status.

The treehouse itself was absolutely amazing. It had everything you could ever need and more. One thing I did take into consideration when booking this, ...

You were inspired to make “Looking for Leia” after attending Star Wars Celebration in 2015. The 2016 election furthered your resolve.

Claire says, “Listen, there's something you can do to get into our good graces. Try to seduce young Simon and tell him what you think about guys who are ...

Moment Chart from Annalise Whenever you ...


There are way more bi women than bi men on television, and mostly it's about the gay men

“My bookshelf is grouped by read/ not read and then no two of the same color book touching. I was an obsessive sorter for many years so I don't know how ...


Annalise's Christening Day Love the interaction between Grandparents and Little Ones it's priceless to the see

He wants to come with Jamie to the Rising, to watch his back. All the ladies are against it, but Jamie agrees with the kid. He's going to have to follow ...

SIDE NOTE: Okay, don't get me wrong, I don't hate Dougal. He is, at heart, a patriot. All he wants to do is get the show on the road all during this ...

And Psssttt! I just looked and it's on sale!

How Can I Best Support My Bi Boyfriend?

We get to our seats and are SPEECHLESS. Literally like five feet above the sound booth, so when Taylor was raised we were practically at eye-level with her.