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Approach of the Second Sun AKH Amonkhet Masterpiece Inovations

Approach of the Second Sun AKH Amonkhet Masterpiece Inovations



Amonkhet Card List: Gold & Split Cards

Invocations (Not Standard Legal)

Throne of the God-Pharaoh $ -

Ahn-Crop Champion, Amonkhet Uncommon

Droppin' Baums - W/U Approach (Videos) by Corey Baumeister - Magic the Gathering (MTG)


Outside the scope of godly decks, we do also see lots of innovation on other fronts. The format now has multiple playable Legion's Landing decks (Blue-White ...

Cloudstone Curio {3}

Ominous_Sphinx (1)

Stitcher's Apprentice ...


Behold the Beyond {5}{B}{B}

Amonkhet: Kefnet the Mindful

Drown in Sorrow {1}{B}{B}


Threads of Disloyalty - Foil - Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations:

Hazoret the Fervent - Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations



Chas shares the secrets of Bolas's success to help you devastate your opponents like the Elder Dragon himself.

Invocations (Not Standard Legal)

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I'd like to see more of these cards in current sets.


View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO MtG Tribal Standard.jpg, ...

Cloudform {1}{U}{U}

The red and green colors don't contain many answers to The Scarab God (and Rekindling Phoenix for that matter), but Struggle // Survive found some ...

Invocations (Not Standard Legal)

Elenda, the Dusk Rose [RIX]

As it stands at the moment I'm pondering my next deck, we have roughly half of Amonkhet to work ...

And at other times they have been chase commons and uncommons with beautiful art, and occasionally cards not otherwise available in foil.

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Oketra the True (mythic rare). Neheb, the Eternal (mythic rare). Fun budget RED WHITE BOROS AGGRO Amonkhet Block Magic the Gathering card theme deck.

My in-game approach with this deck was to pile on the pressure early then use the card draw and recurring creatures to eventually go over the top of the ...

Extraplanar Lens {3}

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This card is terrible, yet banned in Legacy and restricted in Vintage, because of the Protean Hulk combo. If you have Hulk in hand, Flash resolving almost ...

Green-Red variants were the other archetype that improved their percentage in the tournament, not only because it was the eventual winner, but also because ...


Magic the Gathering: Amonkhet

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Four-sided "lazotep" counter

1x Shardless Agent NM-Mint, English Planechase 2012 MTG Magic

-1 / -1 counter extravaganza

Crested SUNmare Deck Rotation Proof!


Not a spell, not an attack: Channel is an activated ability.

The trick here is that there are multiple ways to fit these gods into your deck. Hazoret the Fervent is found in Mono-Red, Black-Red Aggro, ...

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Jund Aggro Human For Amonkhet Gameday

Order of the Ebon Hand was an example of a Constructed-playable creature that wasn't considered broken, just solid.

Post-Ban Abzan Constrictor Deck Tech for Standard


66KiB, 540x960 ...


Metallurgic UB Control For Standard

The red and green colors don't contain many answers to The Scarab God (and Rekindling Phoenix for that matter), but Struggle // Survive found some ...


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1x Beetleback Chief NM-Mint, English Planechase 2012 MTG Magic

and I tried to target Wasteland Scorpion in order to prevent him to block this turn, but it didn't allow me and I had to select a Dune Beetle that was ...

Anonymous Sun 30 Apr 2017 14:10:04 No.52988998 Report

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 2018-03-08-15-55-02-554.jpg, ...

Anonymous Sun 30 Apr 2017 11:06:33 No.52985451 Report

GODlike UR Control (Rotation Proof) Standard Deck

Temur Energy is nowhere to be seen, as the loss of Attune with Aether also meant the death of Longtusk Cub so now there is no reason to be green.

New FNM is intended to be a much more casual event, precisely because there are only tokens on the line, not popular cards. Responses from casual players ...

4x FOIL Unwavering Initiate** AKH MTG Amonkhet Common MINT white

Reanimation: Allowing Players To Ignore Mana Costs

One of the strongest forces in this deck.

Hidden gem for bears decks.