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Armed KIOWA Chief AdoEete Big Tree by Will Soule t

Armed KIOWA Chief AdoEete Big Tree by Will Soule t


A Kiowa war chief, Big Tree (Ado-eete), born 1850 somewhere

1850–1929) Big Tree (Ado-Eete), Kiowa warrior, chief, and cousin of Satanta, was born somewhere in the Kiowa domain at the time when pressures from the ...

Big Bear (The Son Of Satanta Or White Bear) - Kiowa - Ca 1870

Big Bow … renowned Kiowa warrior and chief, he often lived and traveled with the

Big Tree - fearless Kiowa warrior who played a key role in numerous engagements against the

Armed KIOWA Chief Ado-Eete (Big Tree) by Will Soule Fort Sill Indian

Chief Big Tree was a Kiowa sub chief. He was became a prisoner of war

Bragging leads to chains and a trial for Satanta and Big Tree, Satank opts for death[edit]

Frizzle Head, Kiowa, in Indian Territory - Kansas Memory

Apiatan (Wooden Lance) - Kiowa 1894

apache indians | Florida Memory - Kiowa Apache Indian chief named Pacer - Fort Matanzas .

Kiowa Chief

Kiowa William S Soule 1867 Kiowa-Apache

Enoch Smoky, Kiowa Boy by William Stinson Soule

Kiowa. ca. 1890. Photo by G. A. Addison of Fort Sill,

Satanta War Chief - Kiowa Tribe (c: 1820 - 1878) The first American

Maryetta Big Tree (the daughter of Ado-eet-te or Big Tree & Ome-bo) - Kiowa - circa 1898

Comanche Warrior in Winter Dress by William Stinson Soule | Sacred * Tattoo * Scars * Tribal | Pinterest | Intialaista,Talvi ja Soturit

Kiowa family: Lone Bear and his wife Toemety, no date

Kiowa Boys,Fort Sill..1890

Big Tree, Kiowa Chief, photographed by W. Bliss, Portrait and View Photographer, ca. Part of the Lawrence T.

Lenny and Sawyers Boudoir Photograph of the Son and Daughter Ah-do-ette (Big Tree) , Kiowa, Western & Historic Americana, Dec and

Wooden Lance aka Apiatan - Kiowa Chief - No date - Photographer unknown. --

Sister of Big Tree - Kiowa - circa 1870

Native American - Kiowa man

Satanta, Kiowa chief . Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty

Armed KIOWA Chief Ado-Eete (Big Tree) by Will Soule Fort Sill Indian Territory C 1870s. See more. Pohd-Lohk (aka Old Wolf, aka Kiowa George, ...


The town of Satanta [Kansas] was named after Chief Satanta, a chief and warrior…

Chaddle Conky (aka Charley Chaddleconkey) near Medicine Lodge, Kansas - Kiowa - 1932

Kicking Bird, Kiowa Chief by William Stinson Soule

Only Child of Great Kiowa Chief to survive him. Topin w/ First Group of Native American Children sent to Carlisle Indian School in

Kiowa girl - no date; Daughters of Big Tree - Kiowa - no date

Comanche Warrior in Winter Dress by William Stinson Soule

James Auchiah (1906–1974) was a Kiowa painter, one of the Kiowa

Wooden Lance (Apiatan), Kiowa Chief, by George W. Bretz, Fort

Another photograph of Chief Satanta's favorite son Tsa'lau'te. Kiowa. By

Kiowa Chief Satanta (White Bear) Will Soule, Fort Sill, Indian Territory c

Bruce John Poolaw, (the son of George Poolaw & his wife Tsomah Poolaw, and the husband of the Penobscot woman known as Lucy Nicolar-Poolaw) - Kiowa - circa ...

Guipago, Lone Wolf ("the elder"), Principal Kiowa Chief of the Kiowa Tribe. Medal was presented to Old Chief Guipago by President Buchanan.

A Kiowa Photographer's Beautiful, Decades-Long Record of His Community and Family

1820 – 1878) was a Kiowa war chief. One of

With Big Tree during their incarceration

Kiowa Indian Chief Ahpeatone & Indian Woman

O-o-be (aka Oyebi) - Kiowa - circa 1894, how wonderful. She's smiling...you don't see that from the old pictures.

Bird Chief, Kiowa Warrior by William Stinson Soule, no date or location

Gladys Komalty (the daughter of Paul Komalty & Nellie Ahtone-Komalty) at Medicine

O-o-be (Kiowa) girl elk teeth dress

Powder Face - Arapaho - 1867 Yellow Bear - Arapaho - 1867 Bird Chief - Arapaho - 1867 Arapaho men - 1867 Big Buffalo Cow - Arapaho - 1867 Little Raven ...

A Kiowa Woman And Her Baby Lying In A Cradle Board - Oklahoma - 1901-

John Brown daguerreotype, On Oct. hoping to start an armed slave revolt, American abolitionist John Brown led a raid on the Harpers Ferry Armory in Harpers ...

Chief Lone Wolf,Kiowa.1890

Studio photograph of Kiowa-Plains Apache Chief Pacer, also known as "Peso" or "Essa-queta." Photograph taken by William Stinson Soule in Fort Sill, ...

USA 1907 KIOWA Squaw "Havta" Native American Indian Woman Postcard | eBay

mixed black ashes of a burned out fir, charcoal, knife, A superb portrait of Big Tree, Kiowa Chief.

Kiowa Brave by William Stinson Soule

Kiowa Man 1898

Sitting Bear - Leading Chief of the Kiowa. Known as one of the ten bravest

Richard Aitson (born is a Kiowa-Kiowa Apache bead artist, curator, and poet from Oklahoma. Aitson's Kiowa name means "Buffalo Rider.

Share Tweet Pin Mail In early times both men and women of the Omaha/Ponca had their ears pierced for the first time at a .

Gros Ventre Chief Wolf Voice

Big Bow - Chief of Kiowas - 1867

Genocide American Indians, 100 Million Native American Indians the biggest genocide in human history didn't occur in Nazi, Germany, ...

Kiowa Group, Including Chief Big Bow, Satanwu, and Porose. The Denver Public

Comanche Chief Big Tree 1871

Kiowa Women - between 1880 and 1910? one woman is Big Trees sister.

Eonah-pah (Trailing the Enemy) and wife - Kiowa - 1870 Stumbling Bear - Kiowa - 1870 Gui-Kati (Sleeping Wolf) - Kiowa - 1872 Guipago (Lone Wolf) - Kiowa ...

Kiowa Indians and Geronimo. 15 Fine photographs of North American Indians, 14 of the Kiowa tribe (including two of Chief Lone Wolf) and one .

Comanche man - By Collins, circa 1880.

Big Looking Glass (Comanche), Kookazachy (Kiowa Apache), Apiatan or Wooden

Pa-gya-gop (aka Etta Mopope), the wife of Mopope (

What a great man, Charlie Little Coyote. Part of my hometown history.

Daughters of Kiowa chief, Big Tree, mid 19th century.

[Au-Pia Goodle or Red Otter, Kiowa Medicine Man and Wife] :: Lawrence T.

Emily Warren Roebling, the Woman Behind the Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge

Ahpeatone, Chief of the Kiowa and his wife ca 1910 Ryder Ridgway Photographs

64 Satanta was a Kiowa .

KIOWA DUTCH ... white captive known as Boin-edal (Big Blond) by the Kiowa. Little is known about this unfortunate white captive, other than he was 8 yrs old ...

Kiowa Brave in War Dress

Chief White Eagle of the Ponca Tribe (ca. White Eagle was the hereditary chief of the Ponca Tribe.

Kiowa Apache. Photo from 1867-1875 by William S. Soule

George Armstrong Custer commenced a controversial military operation against the Cheyenne.

Standing L-R: Haw-taudle (aka Poor Buffalo), Odl-Kaun't-say-hah (aka Short Greasy Hair) Sitting L-R: Kaw-tome-te (aka Buffalo Chap, aka Hair Portion of Leg) ...

Kiowa man near Fort Sill in Oklahoma - no date:

Chief Crazy Horse

Big Tree and Satanta - The Trial of Satanta and Big Tree occurred in May 1871 in…

Morning beauty ;-)

1867: he joined a war party of Comanches & Kiowas on a revenge raid against

Big Tree, Kiowa leader. After his arrest for his role in the Warren Wagon Train massacre, the chief was sentenced to hang at Jacksboro, along with Satanta, ...

[Au-Pia Goodle or Red Otter, Kiowa Medicine Man and Wife] | Indian territory, Otters and Forts

Chief Satanta's ghost is rumored to be hunting the closed-down East and South Wings

Kiowa medicine man, Au-Pia Goodle or Red Otter and his wife. Part of Lawrence T.

KIOWA , circa 1874

Kiowa Indian Chiefs and Leaders

Tsau lau te (Cry of the Wild Goose), son of Chief Satanta,