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Ascension miniseries Google Search Ascension t


Ascension (miniseries) - Google Search

Syfy forgot to add any science or characters to character-driven science-fiction show Ascension, a space drama that failed to launch.

Ascension Poster. Trailer

Another lead character is the XO, Aaron Gault (Brian P. Bell), who is tasked with investigating the Ascension's very first murder: that of a young woman ...

Ascension (miniseries) - Google Search

SyFy's Ascension tv series

Ascension (miniseries) - Google Search

ascension Syfy has become known as the network of low-budget, badly written movies with crappy effects and wrestling. It's a shame because I remember when ...

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A promotional photo of Ascension's cast

Ascension Poster

Ascension (miniseries) - Google Search

Ellie O'Brien in Ascension

Ascension is a six-part miniseries that aired on Syfy in 2014. I didn't catch it back then, but I watched the entire thing on Netflix last week.

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Ascension (miniseries) - Google Search

A shot from the Ascension mini-series

Ah, American television in December. The broadcast networks are all snug in their winter hiatuses, visions of pre-VOD, pre-internet, and pre-cable boom days ...

Trio Join Syfy Miniseries 'Ascension'

Alberta's Tricia Helfer returns to sci-fi with Ascension

Ascension Official Trailer 1 2014 HD - Syfy Mini-Series - Video Dailymotion

Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: Detective Accuses ex-PM Gordon

Ascension residents Nora Bryce and Presley Delon (Source)


Tricia Helfer in Ascension


Early Review: SyFy's Ascension

Ascension After Show Season 1 Episode 3 "Night Three" | AfterBuzz TV

Photo Credit: Diego Uchitel/Syfy)

Ascension - Season 1

Ascension - Season 1

Ascension After Show Season 1 Episode 2 "Night Two" | AfterBuzz TV - YouTube

We Are Ascension

I speculated for awhile that the Project's endgame was to launch Ascension at some future time when technology made it possible -- but no.

Ascension Day “Charade”? – The Puzzling Exit of Jesus

A shot from the Ascension mini-series



Tricia Helfer (top) and Brian Van Holt at NBCUniversal's 2014 Summer TCA Tour on July 14, 2014


'Ascension' Episode 2: Dig it or Bury ...

Aliyah O'Brien Talks Her Role In New Syfy Mini-series 'Ascension'

The "ship" in Ascension

There's a lot of potential circulating through Ascension, from opportunities to twist social conceptions to opening the doors for a range of complex ...

Where can you find a 1960s soda fountain in 2014? The USS Ascension.

Tricia Helfer in Ascension. Syfy / Diego Uchitel/Syfy

ASCENSION — Episode 101-102 — Pictured: Andrea Roth as Dr. Juliet Bryce — (Photo by: Jan Thijs/Syfy)

Ascension alternative cap

God of War: Ascension

Ascension (miniseries) - Google Search


Comments by the cast and crew[edit]

Ascension After Show Season 1 Episode 1 "Night One" | AfterBuzz TV

ASCENSION, Syfy's three night event miniseries, premieres Monday, December 15, at 9/8c, and I'm here to say that you really should tune in.

Al Sapienza as Counsilman Rose

The USS Ascension. The interior of the Asension.

"Put Your Clothes On!" (Ascension: Season 1)

Cosmic Disclosure Season 5 - Episode 5: Spiritual Ascension vs. Technology - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Stillness in the Storm

Photo Credit: Diego Uchitel/Syfy

Photo Credit: Diego Uchitel/Syfy

First Impressions of Intelligence and Killer Women

Ascension - Season 1

Finale | Ascension Season 1 Episode 3 - Episode 3 watch live stream - Video Dailymotion

Ascension - Season 1

Hannah John-Kamen on Why Ghost Is Not a Villain

Gil Bellows as Harris Enzmann, the man behind the curtain at the Ascension project.

Ascension - Season 1

We Are Ascension. SOC Banner DrMisera 1200x255

Ascension - Season 1


David Wilcock | Spontaneous Ascension: Stunning New Evidence - Stillness in the Storm

Reflections for Sunday, May 13, 2018: Ascension of the Lord | Catholic Lane

Ascension - Season 1

Alberta's beautiful 'Cylon' Tricia Helfer returning to space for Syfy's Ascension

But of all the post-Smallville properties, the BBC's Merlin is undoubtedly among the best. For some fans, Colin Morgan's depiction of the legendary Merlin ...

Photo Credit: Pana Pantazidis/Syfy

Comic Con 2014 Ascension - Tricia Helfer

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Space Hulk: Ascension assaults the PC and Mac this month

Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church


A U.S. defence project, codenamed Orion, planned to send a rocket (pictured in

Ascension Parish Jail

Ascension Parish Courthouse

The Prophetic Ascension Is The Place To Be - Bringing Change And Transformation To A Life Near YOU!

Explore Ascension Parish Louisiana

ASCENSION — Season:1 — Pictured: P.J. Boudousqué as James Novack — (Photo by: Diego Uchitel/Syfy)

Space Hulk: Ascension assaults the PC and Mac this month


Ascension Crystals