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Ashgabat by night Turkmenistan CANADA t

Ashgabat by night Turkmenistan CANADA t


Turkmenistan: Ashgabat at Night

Turkmenistan. Ashgabat—all white and light at night.

Turkmenistan: Ashgabat at Night

The Wedding Palace Dan Lundberg on Flickr (Creative Commons)

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Approach to Ashgabat International Airport... shaped like their national bird, the Falcon

Turkmenistan delivers breathtaking 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

Gambling in Turkmenistan

Ashgabat by night Turkmenistan ...

That's it! You've been a wonderful audience!

Ashgabat at night

Turkmenistan's new International Airport, built by Turkish construction company Polimeks opened to the public on the 17th September.

... young Canadian behind, I asked why they visited Turkmenistan. American replied, “You come here before you die so you can say you've been everywhere”.

Laundry time Ashgabat at night

One ...


Ashgabat is ready

The Wedding Palace Polimeks Architects

Ashgabat Independence Park Turkmenistan is a country in South-Central Asia with a population of about 5 million, and an area around half a million square ...

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Ashgabat International Airport - Turkmenistan (Spectacular architecture)

The "Palace of Happiness", where wedding parties go to have pictures taken

Ashgabat International Airport #Ashgabat #Asgabat #Turkmenistan #Polimeks # Ashgabad #Airport #aeropic.twitter.com/GKKtARyIfJ

Best Time To Visit Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - October 15, 2014: Modern architecture of Ashgabat. View on

Pedestrians aren't allowed to walk around it, and cars aren't allowed to drive adjacent to it either. (I somehow managed a few quick photos before being ...

Arch Of Neutrality, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan : Stock Photo

Travelling Turkmenistan - Tours and Trips in Turkmenistan

3:03 AM - 8 Oct 2016

Turkmenistan: Ashgabat at Night

Memorial to the infamous book, surrounded by water fountains (WikiCommons) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ruh... (Creative Commons)

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Ashgabat International Airport #Ashgabat #Asgabat #Turkmenistan #Polimeks # Ashgabad #Airport #aeropic.twitter.com/GKKtARyIfJ


... Celebrating Semana Santa: Easter in Spain

2:35 AM - 17 Sep 2016

The Kipchak Mosque, built by the dictator outside the capital.

Ashgabat Turkmenistan.

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2:35 AM - 17 Sep 2016

Ashgabat 2017: Ambassadors promise warm welcome amidst fierce competition

They don't like you taking pictures of government buildings in Turkmenistan, or even using sidewalks in front of the most important ones.

Ashgabat Turkmenistan ...

Palace of Knowledge

Pedestrians aren't allowed to walk around it, and cars aren't allowed to drive adjacent to it either. (I somehow managed a few quick photos before being ...

26, 2017, an esports competitor takes part in the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Including competitive computer ...

The #luxury Yyldyz Hotel in #Ashgabat #Turkmenistan is bathed in light at night

Ashgabat gears up for Fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games | Euronews

Fear and Loathing in Ashgabat

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in pictures

Wow, seriously? Yes, seriously. This is where we stayed, the Wedding Palace “Bagt Koshgi” (Palace of Happiness).

Tribute to Turkmenbashi.

Turkmenistan → Inhospitable deserts, but warm & friendly people. Just watch for "vodka terrorists". Read this to find out more.

FlyDubai has a small lounge now in Dubai T2 and I spent maybe five minutes there to grab some water before the flight. The best part, however, is that there ...

Memorial to the infamous book, surrounded by water fountains (WikiCommons) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ruh... (Creative Commons)

The City of White Marble: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - Welcome to explore the amazing architecture of the city at HobbyEarth!

"Chocolate"Club Turkmenistan.Ashgabat. "

ashgabat turkmenistan | Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

I'm sure many dictators in the world would love to build a city like Ashgabat, but Turkmenistan is unique in that it has (a) a spectacularly eccentric and ...

Top athletes from Asia and Oceania launch world-class Ashgabat 2017


Officially the statue no longer rotates and was moved in 2010, but it's still in Ashgabat. Turkmenistan photos ...

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Golden Statue of Niyazov in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan | Kathy Kostos

Central Asia's largest mosque, Turkmenbashi Ruhy, near Ashgabat | Kathy Kostos

Independence Monument, Ashgabat, Ashkhabad or Asgabat, Ahal Province, Turkmenistan : Stock Photo

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Passing the centre of the new city on approach…Ashgabat is known as the “City of White Marble” for a reason apparently:

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With all of these extremely lavish buildings, it's clear that Turkmenistan has the capability of earning a lot of money — oil and gas are their bread and ...

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e-Sports is held as a demonstration sport at the 5th Asian Indoor & Material Arts Game at Ashgabat. @Ashgabat_2017 #GAMEONpic.twitter.com/DDTmOmQ4n3

View in Ashgabat Turkmenistan. Night view of the new boulevard. Stock Image

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Download The New Park In The Mountains. Ashgabat. Turkmenistan. Stock Photo - Image

Turkmenistan Ashgabat ...

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

We had recently posted a blog on 14 reasons to visit Turkmenistan . We never imagined

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Yyldyz Hotel Ashgabat Turkmenistan - pure luxury 5*

Let us out of Turkmenistan!! – Syazwani Baumgartner – 105 countries and counting

Ashgabat Turkmenistan ...

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ak atlyn hotel ashgabat

A beautiful fountain in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

I had arranged for visa on arrival, and the process was a bit confusing…..since the office marked “Wisa” in the arrivals hall was dark when I arrived I ...

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I did not make reservations for the Secret Police Hotel. I end up there because it is the only place that cops to having vacancies, and also because I am ...


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Yyldyz Hotel - UPDATED 2018 Prices & Reviews (Ashgabat, Turkmenistan) - TripAdvisor

Arch of Neutrality, Ashgabat. This sculpture is now defunct. It used to rotate all day to constantly face the sun. It was built by Turkmenbashi himself.